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“What you said does make sense.

The biggest reason why Chu Feng was able to be so invincible previously was that most of the people there only had A-rank beast tamer talents.

However, this is the Overlord Reserve Camp.

There are no A-rank talents here.

Even those with the lowest ranking talents have S-rank talents.

Theres a huge difference between A-rank and S-rank talents.

Chu Feng himself has an SS-rank talent, though,” Zhu Ziqian looked at Chu Feng and analyzed.

“But I think Chu Feng is very shrewd.

From the fact that he collected 500 points as an admission fee to watch his match, its quite apparent that he wouldnt do something he wasnt sure of.

Since he dared to take the challengers all at once, he must have some trump card,” Mu Yao said.

“I heard…” Luo Heng suddenly opened his mouth.

“What Tell us about it,” Mu Yao was instantly interested and asked curiously.

“Some time ago, no, just yesterday, Senior Fan Zhengqi asked Chu Feng to go to his residence,” Luo Heng opened his eyes and said slowly.

“Fan Zhengqi Um, Fan Zhengqi, that Dragon King, Fan Zhengqi I heard that the dragon race is going to hold a competition among the younger generation.

Could it be that the Dragon King wants to introduce Chu Feng to them Thats the dragon race, and they are all royalty at that.

They have, at least, an advanced overlord bloodline,” Zhu Haoqian exclaimed in shock.

“I didnt expect even the Dragon King to think so highly of Chu Feng.

What else is there about Chu Feng that makes him worth the investment Thats a dragon with an advanced overlord bloodline! If he has the help of the Dragon King, then it wouldnt be a problem for Chu Feng to even want to bond an advanced overlord dragon race,” Mu Yao was also very surprised as she spoke.

They, the top three, hadnt received such treatment, yet Chu Feng, a newcomer who only had a little prestige, would be brought to meet the dragons personally by the Dragon King.

Did Chu Feng really have such potential


Chu Feng is too dazzling now.

Even a top-level overlord who simply took a look at Chu Feng would value his talent.

Since his talent can make him shine, he may be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with us soon,” Luo Heng said slowly.

At the same time, Mu Yao and Zhu Haoqian agreed.

The reason they came to watch the battle was because they had already begun to put some importance on Chu Feng.

Otherwise, why would they come to watch a rookies battle It was entirely because Chu Feng had the strength to stand with them.

At this moment, rows of words appeared on the screen of the dueling zone.

[The rules of the battle are 1V1.

The stakes are 10000 points.]

/ please keep reading on MYB0XN0VEL(d0t)C0M.

10000 points were nothing to Chu Feng.

After all, he already had more than 10 million points, but still, no one would complain about money.

Right now, Chu Feng and Wang Hongzhi were standing at opposite ends in the dueling zone.

He had never sparred with anyone in the Overlord Reserve Camp.

All this was quite new to him.

Without thinking much about it, he asked the Wild Bear to fight, while Wang Hongzhi summoned his beast as well.

Wang Hongzhis beast was a huge spider thats every strand of hair could be seen clearly and had shocking patterns on its body.

The spider itself could make ones scalp go numb, not to mention that it was of such a huge size.


Moreover, the eight legs of the spider seemed to contain an endless amount of poison within it.

The poison seemed to be extremely powerful, evident by the corroded ground when the poison dripped onto it.

Though the ground quickly healed itself.

[Sky-sea Spider]

[Level: Commander Level 10]

[Bloodline: Elementary Overlord]

[Talent: super poison talent, top-level water talent]

[Skills: Sky-sea poison, poison water cage, poison domain, demonic poison strangle…]

This Sky-sea Spider had quite a number of skills.

With a glance, one could tell that they were carefully combined.

Ding! The battle soon began.

“Awoo!” The Wild Bear let out a roar and charged forward.

At the same time, its body grew larger and its wild aura continued to strengthen, instantly spreading out and pervading the surroundings.

50 times great transformation, 50 times wild body, and 50 times wild domain.

With the addition of 20 times divine strength, the Wild Bears aura had become thicker and stronger.

Its strength was almost comparable to a desolate-type beast at the king level, or rather, even stronger.

In an instant, the Wild Bears speed was increased by 50 times.

In the next moment, with a bang, the Wild Bear appeared in front of the Sky-sea Spider in a flash.

Then, it slammed its claws.

Being prepared, the Sky-sea Spider immediately retreated to dodge this attack.

Following that, the sounds of an earthquake could be heard, and the ground split open layer by layer.

However, very quickly, the ground automatically repaired itself.

The Wild Bear continued to pursue the opponent relentlessly, activating its hundred times great strength! Seeing this, Wang Hongzhis entire face instantly stiffened.

His entire face was pitch black, and his brows were tightly knitted.

Soon after, he saw the Wild Bear suddenly begin to grow in size once again.

Following that, the Wild Bears speed got so fast that it was almost impossible for the naked eye to discern.

The Sky-sea Spider couldnt find where the Wild Bear would appear either, so it immediately panicked.

“Its so fast!” Wang Hongzhi was stunned.

He had the heart to ask the Sky-sea Spider to retreat, otherwise, it would be very dangerous.

It was originally very difficult for a physically powerful beast like the Wild Bear to deal with the Sky-sea Spider, but he didnt expect the former to be so fast.

However, it was already too late for them to retreat.

The Sky-sea Spider simply couldnt dodge in time.

The Wild Bear had already leaped high into the sky, but the Sky-sea Spider hadnt noticed it at all.

While it was still searching for the Wild Bears position on the ground, the Wild Bear charged down while waving its fists.

By the time the Sky-sea Spider did react, it was already too late.

With a “boom”, the Sky-sea Spider was directly sent flying.

Soon after, the Sky-sea Spiders body was sent flying to the rocks.

Then, the rocks began to recover, and the Sky-sea Spider slowly slid down.

At this moment, the Sky-sea Spiders body was already covered in blue blood and it was no longer able to move, completely unable to fight.

[Chu Feng, Victory!] An emotionless notification rang out slowly after the Sky-sea Spider was unable to move.

The Wild Bear roared as if it was celebrating its victory in battle and was cheering happily.


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