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“Two hundred years ago, the alternate dimension opened up and boundless spiritual energy poured into the earth.

Animals underwent mutations one after another, turning into the ferocious beasts of today.”


“One hundred and eighty years ago, when there was almost no room for humans to survive, the first Beastmaster appeared and mankind gradually rose to prominence!”


“One hundred years ago, many base cities were established through the Beastmasters exploration.

As a result, the Beastmasters talent awakening system improved day by day.”

“Now, everyone in the world has the chance to awaken their beast tamer talent at the age of seventeen!”


“Your future will be decided by your beast tamer talent!”

The field was divided into different areas according to the classes.

At the front was the dean for the high school second-year students, Wang Ping, who was excitedly narrating the history of beasts.

Chu Feng stood in the line and listened with great excitement.


“After transmigrating for such a long time, I can finally awaken my beast tamer talent!”


Thats right, he was not originally from this world.

In his original world, he was studying at a university.

He managed to become an undergraduate after some hard work.

However, as he was studying all night, he was directly transported to this place and ended up becoming a primary school student instead.

After enduring for so many years, he finally reached the age of seventeen!


Only after awakening the beast tamer talent could one form a contract with a pet beast and become a Beastmaster.

In the current world, the status of a Beastmaster was extremely high! Although he was extremely excited, he didnt show it on his face.

His expression was calm.

After all, he was a well-informed time-traveler!


He had endured so much and now, it was finally his turn.

“Grade 12 Class 8, Chu Feng!”


Chu Feng stepped forward.

The teacher had confirmed his identity and indicated for him to touch the awakening stone on the table.

The teacher reminded him, “After you awaken your beast tamer talent, the Voice of Heaven will remind you what kind of talent you have awakened.

Then, you can tell me and I will register it for you.”


“Okay.” Chu Feng nodded and touched the awakening stone with his right hand.

A cold feeling came from his palm and then a wondrous airflow entered his body.

“You have awakened the B-rank beast tamer talent, [skill enhancement]!”

“[Skill enhancement]: through the use of treasures, the pets skills can be slightly enhanced.

The upper limit for skill enhancement is Level 10.”

“Ding! Mysterious airflow detected.



The originally cold Voice of Heaven suddenly became more and more intense!

“The B-rank beast tamer talent [skill enhancement] has undergone a mutation.

The talent has advanced!”

“SSS-rank beast tamer talent [unlimited growth]: through the use of treasures which contained various forms of vitality, it is transformed into [enhancement points] to strengthen the pets talent and skills.

There is no upper limit to the enhancement of skills!”


[Current enhancement points: 0]

Chu Fengs heart was shaken! SSS-rank beast tamer talent!

Ever since humans awakened their beast tamer talent, as far as history went, SSS-rank beast tamer talent had only appeared twice! Each time they appeared, they laid the foundation for humanitys supreme status!

Up until now, Beastmasters who had awakened their SSS-rank talents in the past had all become the strongest humans.

They guarded the northern and southern hemispheres respectively, commanding the entire territory and intimidating all the other races!

Chu Fengs awakened SSS-rank beast tamer talent was also an extremely precious existence! Unlimited growth! In other words, if he had unlimited resources, his pet beast would have no upper limit!

“Student Chu Feng”

The teacher asked in a warm voice, “What is your awakened beast tamer talent”

Chu Feng pondered for a moment and said, “Teacher, Ive awakened a B-rank talent [skill enhancement].”


He thought carefully and decided not to reveal his true talent.

Even though many powerful Beastmasters had appeared in the human race, the humans were not considered safe.

The foreign races that had lived in the alternate dimension two hundred years ago had always dreamed of replacing humans.

Even the beasts in the wilderness posed a great threat to humans.


If he didnt want to lose his freedom, he couldnt reveal his true talent after being in seclusion by the side of the strongest expert for more than a hundred years.

This was because once his SSS-rank beast tamer talent was revealed, the powerhouses of other races and beast overlords would come and assassinate him!


Hiding his true talent was the most advantageous choice for him at the moment.

The teacher was gratified.

“Youre quite lucky.

Your B-rank talent is also very powerful.

However, your beast tamer talent belongs to the rare nurturing type.

The B-rank beast tamer talent [skill enhancement] is a talent that requires a lot of resources.

After this, you should have a serious discussion with your homeroom teacher and family to see how this talent can be used.”

“Alright, teacher.” Chu Feng nodded.

He was aware of this for a long time.

Whether it was the B-rank beast tamer talent [skill enhancement] or the SSS-rank beast tamer talent [unlimited growth], they all required a large number of resources to support.

This type of beast tamer talent that required resources to have an effect was known as the [nurturing type].

Other than this, the beast tamer talent could also be divided into categories such as [strengthening type], [elemental type], [fusion type] and [weakening type].

[Strengthening type] beast tamer talents were the most common type.

Any beast tamer talent that could directly strengthen a beast was categorised under the [strengthening type].

People with [elemental type] beast tamer talents were similar to superpowered people.

They could resonate with their familiars of the corresponding attributes, thus bringing out greater power.

[Fusion type], as its name implied, could merge with the beast and borrow the power of the beast.


[Weakening type] was even more obvious.

Weakening the opponents beast was equivalent to strengthening ones beast.

There were many types of Beastmasters talents.

In the “Catalogue of Beastmasters Talents” published a hundred years ago, there were already more than 10,000 types of talents.

Chu Feng returned to his class.

Now, many students of Grade 12 Class 7 were sitting there with their eyes closed, allowing the strands of spiritual energy to flow out.

At times like this, no one would disturb them.

This was because Beastmasters were cultivating!

The students from Grade 12 Class 7 had just stepped into the realm of Beastmasters.

The first step was to open up the beast space!

Chu Feng also sat down and began to channel his energy into his diaphragm.

According to the method given by his teacher, he would open up the beast space by relying on his beast tamer talent.

Why was the future of a Beastmaster determined by his beast tamer talent To put it simply, if the lowest rank, the E-rank talent, was awakened, a beast space opened by the Beastmaster could only speed up the growth rate of his beast at twice the speed.

If the awakened talent was D-rank, the growth rate would be four times faster.

According to this method, if the awakened talent was B-rank, the growth rate would be sixteen times faster! As for the SSS-rank, it was 256 times faster! In other words, a pet beast that originally needed 100 years to grow to its peak would only take less than half a year in the SSS-rank beast space!


“Ive finally succeeded!”


Chu Feng sensed a small space within his body that was 10 meters in length, width and height.

He sighed in his heart, “I didnt expect my beast space to start at a thousand cubic meters!”


Generally speaking, even with an A-rank beast tamer talent, the first opened beast space was only one cubic meter.

As the Beastmaster continued to cultivate, the beast space would continuously expand.

But Chu Feng had started with a thousand cubic meters of beast space! The difference between the two was a thousand times!


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