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Demon King Zedan has come to visit us again after a long time, along with Demon Queens Mrs.

Astres and Mrs.


“Miss Astres!!!”

Our farm has deep relations with the demon royals, particularly the demon duo Batemy and Belena, who once served Mrs.

Astres as her aides during her time as a Heavenly King, so they’re like family to us now.

“Miss Astres! Miss Astres!!!”

Belena has been crying her eyes out in Mrs.

Astres’ arms for a while now.

“Miss Astresssss! I’m so happy to see you againnn!!!”

“I’m happy to see you too, Belena…”




“…Aren’t you crying a little too much”

Lately, Belena’s emotional instability has been a matter of concern.

We need to have a serious discussion about this at some point.

“Long time no see.”

“Indeed, Batemy.”

Meanwhile, Batemy is totally chill!

Are you really fine addressing your former superior, now Demon Queen, casually like that, Batemy!

“I apologize for haven’t been keeping in touch as of late.”

The Demon King is as polite as usual.

They even brought a lot of souvenirs with them.

“Where should I start… First…”

The Demon King surveyed the farm around him.

“There are even more people now.”

He gave his honest opinion.

I did plan on informing him about it, but…

It’s the elves.

“I heard they’re a famous bandit of thieves.

However, they’re working for us at our farm, so I would like to ask for your consideration…”

“Don’t worry.

I have faith in you, Lord Saint.

No matter what kind of heinous crimes they may have committed, as long as they’re under your command, I believe everything will be all right.”

Thank goodness he has full trust in me.

“Moreover, as stated in the report, the demon nobles and merchants who fell victim to the “Thunderstorm Stonecutters’” thievery have long been purged in the previous reform.

We can’t accuse them now even if we want to.”

Oh, I see.

It’s a good thing that Aileron and the others are chivalrous thieves who only target the greedy.

People like them deserve to be ruined by the Demon King’s reform.

“They stole not only from the Demon Kingdom but as well as from the Human Kingdom.

However, that very same kingdom has now been destroyed by my army.

Therefore, there is no one left to press charges against them.”


“The purpose of our visit today is to report to you about the downfall of the Human Kingdom.

I was able to fulfill my promise with Hades.

I am forever grateful for your help as always, Lord Saint.”

He casually blurted out something serious like it was nothing.

The Human Kingdom has finally collapsed, huh…

That sounds like a rather important event.

If I were to apply typical fantasy elements to it…

“Humanity has fallen.”

“It’s the end of the world.”

“Game Over.”


“Start over”

It makes it sound like it’s something to be deeply concerned about.

 But for some reason, I don’t feel anything at all.

I wonder why

“Our spy told me that the Human Kingdom’s ruler is a fool, but he willingly surrendered himself when his defeat was inevitable.

He said that he wants us to secure the safety of his people in exchange for his life.”

“Witnessing his act made me realize that one’s value is determined during their final moments.

He was a king who deserved to be criticized for his inactivity which led to his defeat, but he managed to fulfill his responsibility at the very last moment.”

“A lanky imbecile like him was never fit to be king, to begin with!!!” says Mrs.

Glasya, who has now become the second Demon Queen.

It may be because she is now officially betrothed to the Demon King, but she looks prettier now than when she first came here.

“A true king must have wisdom and courage just like Lord Zedan! The humans don’t have those!”

“I wish that was true, Glasya.

I believe that the true qualifications to be king are much simpler than that.

Isn’t that what he showed during his final moments”

“His actions made me deeply realize all sorts of things as Demon King.

I will continue to govern his people, not as his successor, but as his aggressor.

That is why I must heed caution all the more.”

In order to become superior to the human race, I see.

With that belief in mind, the Demon King brought his speech to an end.

Maybe it’s precisely because he’s the Demon King that I don’t feel bad at all even with the Human Kingdom collapsing.

“Worry not!” exclaims Mrs.

Glasya gallantly.

“After investigating the Human Kingdom, we found out that the injustice caused by the nobilities and the church is widespread.

Not only were the populace angry, but so were the feudal lords!”

So, this is what Mrs.

Glasya suggested:

“Lord Zedan should rid of their past misdeeds as their new ruler, arrest the king’s relatives who committed fraud as well as the members of the church and execute them all! The people will become more accepting of Lord Zedan as their reformer after that!”

“Of course, I will correct any and every injustice there is.

However, the reputation I get from the people is not directed at the true me.

I would like to gain their trust and rule over them the demon-way while my ‘blessings’ are still in effect.”

I’m not worried one bit about leaving this up to him.

Maybe the human race will become happier being ruled by the Demon King

“…I apologize, Lord Saint.

We’ve only been talking about our circumstances this whole time.”

Not at all! It was very useful information!

Gosh, this king is incorrigibly courteous!

We can just leave the world to the Demon King! If he takes over the world, we’ll all be at ease!!!

“After gaining control over the Human Kingdom’s capital, the circumstances have made it difficult for me to find the time to come here with all the governance work that I had to do.

In the end, we could only pay a visit after winter.”

“Please don’t worry about that!’

Then again, Prince Arowana has been wanting to play sumo with the Demon King for some time now.

Conquering the Human Kingdom on one hand, and then forming a good relationship with the Mermaid Kingdom’s future king on the other.

What a busy bee!

“I know this is sudden of me, but I would like to ask you something, Lord Saint,” said the modest Demon King hesitantly.

“I would like to report our victory to our god.”


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