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Early the next morning.


Shi Yunnan was sitting in the waiting hall of the Civil Affairs Bureau, and his mood was somewhat subtle.

He did not expect that the first time he got a certificate in his life would actually be this kind of situation——


He made a flash marriage agreement with someone he met for less than two days.


Today’s society was very open.

Both the opposite sex and the same sex were legally allowed to marry.

Even the procedures for obtaining the certificate were so simple that you only needed to show up with your ID card.


Today was not the weekend, nor was it a day with special meanings, so there were not many couples rushing to get the certificate.


Luo Lingsheng sat in a wheelchair, “Very nervous Now there is no room for regret.”


Shi Yunnan shook his head fearlessly, “I picked up a handsome and wealthy marriage partner, what can I regret”


It was just a fake marriage, he wouldn’t lose a piece of meat.


The closed door opened, and the staff in charge of leading the process shouted, “The next couple can come in and take pictures.”


In the next second, her gaze was fixed on Luo Lingsheng’s body, and her face alternately surfaced with surprise and regret——


In a wheelchair


Such a fine-looking gentleman, why did he hurt his leg What a pity.


Shi Yunnan had long noticed her gaze, and reminded out loud, “Miss, is it our turn yet Number fourteenth.”


The staff moved their gazes to the side, and when they saw Shi Yunnan’s face, they secretly lamented——this pair was so handsome, they could still get married with the inconvenient legs.

It was undoubtedly true love.


“Yes, come in, take a picture and fill in the information.”


Luo Lingsheng heard the words and maneuvered the wheelchair into the room by himself.

Shi Yunnan sensed his declining mood and followed him in with a flash.


The layout of the shooting platform was very simple, with a big red curtain hanging on the wall as the background, and even the camera position was fixed.


When the photographer saw Luo Lingsheng’s situation, he took the initiative to remove one chair, and then adjusted the other chair to the same height as the wheelchair.


Luo Lingsheng didn’t say anything throughout the whole ordeal, but his complexion didn’t look good.


Assistant Qin Jian and bodyguard Yuan Meng who came along, looked at each other, and felt nervous at the same time——


The patriarch hated ‘special treatment’.

This photographer had good intentions, but he stepped on landmines everywhere.

It was as if he was saying, ‘Because your legs and feet are inconvenient, we prioritized and cooperated with you’.


Shi Yunnan really had no experience in this kind of thing.

He sat down and asked, “Shall we sit and shoot side by side like this”



But this gentleman, you’d better tie your hair up a little bit, so it won’t block your face.” The photographer suggested that the length of the youth’s hair wasn’t really in the way, but his face was delicate, and it looked better with all of it exposed.


Shi Yunnan nodded, and fumbled out a small rubber band from his trouser pocket.

He glanced at the stern-faced Luo Lingsheng.

Before the staff handed over the mirror, he came up to the man.


Shi Yunnan pulled the wheelchair backrest, clearly hiding some amusing ideas, “Wait, you don’t move.”


The distance between the two of them was suddenly shortened, so close that their warm breath was quietly curling up.


Luo Ling Sheng’s back hidden under his clothes hit the back rest, “What are you doing”


“Use your lens as a mirror, it’ll be quick.”




Luo Lingsheng looked at the face close at hand and acquiesced to his behavior.


The youth’s skin was transparently white like no other, his almond shaped eyes were crystal clear, and his nose was straight and beautiful.

Further down, his light-colored lips opened slightly, and he seemed to be able to see the pink tongue.


The open collar was like a silent seduction, bewildering the eyes of onlookers to probe down.


He obviously didn’t do anything, but it seemed like he had planned all of this.


“Luo Lingsheng, what should I do” Shi Yunnan who finished tying his hair murmured his name, the bottom of his eyes were full of slyness after getting his way, “Your eyes are full of me now.”


Luo Lingsheng stared at Shi Yunnan, his face did not give away any extra emotion, but when the other party was preparing to retreat triumphantly, he made a move——


Luo Lingsheng clasped the wrist of the person in front of him, his voice deep, “You don’t move either.”


Shi Yunnan was startled, “What”


Suddenly, Luo Lingsheng reached out to his collar and slowly fastened the two unfastened buttons.


His fingers were long and slender, but his fingertips had a thin layer of calluses.

When he occasionally touched the skin under his clothes, the fleeting coolness and numbness caused Shi Yunnan’s breathing to mess up. 




Shi Yunnan subconsciously wanted to hide, but Luo Lingsheng followed his movement.


A dark light flashed across his calm eyes, as if he was staring at the unbridled prey in his territory, “Only you are allowed to fool around, but I can’t even make a slight move Second young master Shi, you have no sense of propriety.”




Shi Yunnan was blocked by his words, showing a rare two seconds of obedience.


This time Luo Lingsheng was satisfied and withdrew his hand, “Okay, we can take pictures now.”


“Wait a little longer!” Shi Yunnan, who had recovered his senses, was not willing to be outdone.


He quickly took off Luo Lingsheng’s gold frame glasses, his fingertips intentionally traced along the crest of his eyebrows to retrieve his home court, “Mr.

Luo, I think you look better without glasses.”


The photographer who was the closest blushed at the sight——


What tricks is this stinky couple playing


This you won’t let me, that I won’t let you, but the sticky flirting atmosphere was almost blind people!


Shi Yunnan didn’t see the photographer’s reaction, and continued, “This is our first photo together.

We have to show our best state.

Maybe I will show it off in the future.”


He winked at Luo Lingsheng, as if the two were not faking their marriage, but really intended to rely on this certificate for a lifetime.


Luo Lingsheng did not refuse, “Okay, let Qin Jian hold it first.”




Qin Jian, who was called, quickly stepped forward, took the things, and then stepped back, “Did you notice The Patriarch’s mood has improved.”


Yuan Meng beside him didn’t say a word, only nodded.


As Luo Lingsheng’s personal assistant and bodyguard, the two knew how to read faces.


Compared to the moment when he first entered the room, Luo Lingsheng’s mood obviously changed from cloudy to sunny, and it was all because of second young master Shi It’s really strange.


Half an hour later, the two men had the red book in hand.


Shi Yunnan slowly walked out of the Civil Affairs building, and stuffed a toffee into his mouth.

In order to express their congratulations, every new couple who received the certificate could get a wedding candy from the bureau.


It was sweet and creamy.


On the side, Luo Lingsheng used his strength to return from the wheelchair to the car, and wordlessly signaled Qin Jian with his eyes.


Qin Jian reacted and took out a gold stamped VIP bank card and handed it to Shi Yunnan, who had not yet boarded the car, “Second young master Shi, this is prepared by the patriarch for you, the password is your birthday.”


The two signed the ‘fake marriage’ agreement contract early this morning, and what they were doing now was just fulfilling their respective rights and interests.


Luo Lingsheng added, “This card has no limit, but the consumption flow will be passed to me in real time.

As long as you don’t break the law, how you want to spend it is your business.”


Shi Yunnan looked at Luo Lingsheng, and then at the bank card handed to him——


Thanks for the acknowledgement.


Is this what it feels like to enter a rich family


Shi Yunnan accepted it without any burden and smiled brightly, “Using a red book to exchange for an unlimited bank card, it seems that I’m quite valuable.”


Luo Lingsheng got used to the jokes that came out of his mouth, and only asked, “I’m going to a meeting at the company now.

Is it okay for you to take a taxi home alone I’ll arrange you an exclusive driver in two days.”


Shi Yunnan shrugged, “Nope, as long as you’re not afraid of me running off midway.”


Actually, Shi Yunnan preferred the freedom of self-driving, but he didn’t mention this in front of Luo Lingsheng, so as not to poke the other party’s scars again.


A minute later, the car drove away.


Standing in the same place, Shi Yunnan looked at the bank card he had just received, and sighed with emotion.


He had lived for 25 years.

In the first seven years, he was spoiled and grew up as a privileged second young master.

The rest of his life went from loneliness and helplessness, to being accustomed, then to being completely heartless.


Shi Yunnan could save up when he had no money, and he was willing to spend when he had money.

He was not obsessed with getting rich, and felt even more indifferent toward the Shi family property that others value.


Now he had entered the Luo family by mistake, and his legal partner was Luo Lingsheng, the head of the family.

When this matter spread out, there was no telling how many people would be jealous and how many people got their road blocked.


“After living for so many years without fighting back, I still ended up being plotted by that mother and son” Shi Yunnan sneered, and curbed his usual joking look.


Since this was the case, then he would stir this muddy water.


As for the **ty ending in that dream Roll as far as you want!




Shi Yunnan was not in a hurry to return to Luo’s house, but took advantage of his free time to visit the stores at the mall.


This time he had returned to the country very suddenly, and getting a marriage certificate was even more sudden.

Since he chose to stay in the country to observe the situation, he had to buy some personal daily necessities.


Shi Yunnan was accustomed to living alone and handling things in an orderly manner.

He bought all the items he needed, and directly asked the delivery staff to help send them back to Luo’s house.


Suddenly, the WeChat app rang, it was still the same familiar name.


——Fu Ziyu.


Shi Yunnan remembered something and hurriedly picked up the phone.


On the other end, Fu Ziyu opened his mouth and complained, “Ancestor, where the hell are you I waited at the airport until the daylily turned cold1.”


“Sorry, I forgot to tell you that I temporarily changed my plan yesterday and didn’t fly back.”


Fu Ziyu on the other end was gnashing his teeth.

There was nothing he could do about him, “Fine, you win.

Let’s talk, what plan has changed Old man Shi doesn’t force you to get engaged or married anymore”


“No, but I’m married, and I just got the certificate this morning.”


The voice on the other end of WeChat froze for a few seconds and flew into rage, “Shi Yunnan, is there something wrong with your brain You’re jumping into the grave for what good reason I’ve helped you ask around, that Luo family’s young master, Luo Yanchuan, is not a good thing.

He is addicted to wine all day long, and not doing any proper work…..”


“Ziyu, I didn’t get the certificate with Luo Yanchuan.”


“Huh Who was it then”


“It’s a long story.” Shi Yunnan couldn’t explain anything in a few words, “Why don’t we talk about it later when we meet”


“Okay, I happen to have some business in China in the near future.

When we meet, you better give me a good confession!” Fu Ziyu gritted his teeth and demanded, “Letting go of your career abroad and returning to the country to have a flash marriage Shi Yunnan, you are really capable.”


Shi Yunnan chuckled twice while receiving complaints and ridicule from his friend.


When the two hung up, Shi Yunnan found a restaurant with high-end decoration.

He chose a seat by the window and ordered some of his favorite food.


At three o’clock in the afternoon, it was the time when the customers flow was the least.

There were not many guests in the lobby on the first floor, but there was a lot of noise on the second floor from time to time, which was really a bit disturbing.


Another ear-splitting uproar rang out.


Shi Yunnan frowned, subconsciously raised his eyes to look at the second floor, and was caught off guard when he bumped into a figure——


At this moment, a young man was leaning against the railing of the box on the second floor and sizing him up.

The other person belonged to the handsome type like Luo Lingsheng.

His facial features were very deep, and his long, narrow eyes revealed the lingering charm of a romantic.


Shi Yunnan’s expression was slightly condensed, but his eyes did not dodge nor hide.


Just then, someone hit the young man’s shoulder and followed his gaze toward Shi Yunnan’s position, “Yanchuan, what are you looking at downstairs”




Shi Yunnan heard this familiar name, and his heart shook.


In the next second, his friend recognized him, “F*ck, is that man downstairs the Shi Yunnan who wants to marry you How did he follow you here2”


This word happened to float into Shi Yunnan’s ears, enough for him to confirm the identity of the young man on the second floor——


Luo Yanchuan, the young master of Luo’s second house.


He was Shi Yunnan’s original marriage partner.

He was also the protagonist gong of the original work in his dream.

The author has something to say:

#Ding, a new character has come on stage!

The fastest pair ever to get a certificate under Ah Si3’s pen! The patriarch appeared in only four chapters before he abducted the little fox who voluntarily took the bait!


A metaphor meaning very late or too late.


陰魂不散[yīn hún bú sàn]: The soul of vengeful ghost that was unwilling to leave.

A metaphor meaning that bad thing is hard to eliminate.


Author’s name.


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