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Ten minutes later, all the designers, including Shi Yunnan, left the conference room.

“What’s the matter with changing the leader before the project even starts”

“Who knows But then again, Yuan’s cooperation contract is quite generous, not to mention that their jade materials are indeed famous.

As long as Yuan pays according to the contract, I’m willing to design.“

“That’s right, but long-term development is not the same as short-term profit…“

The six designers said as they walked away from the studio.

Shi Yunnan took his small bag and sat down at the side of the office without leaving with the others.

He brought the design draft with him today, and even if Lu Zhao’an temporarily put forward three requirements, he did not intend to change his work plan—

Regardless of who he worked with and what form of cooperation it was, the design work promised had to be completed on time.

This was the rigid rule Shi Yunnan set for himself after he entered the design industry.

Shi Yunnan glanced sideways at the closed door of the conference room, where Lu Zhao’an and Yuan Rui were still in there.

Even through the frosted glass, he could imagine the silent and frozen atmosphere inside.

Soon, there was a fierce quarrel, or it was more like Yuan Rui’s one-sided outburst.

“My dad wouldn’t accept the investment from Keyue, and you gave up the industry temporarily, so you threw me over like a piece of trash and let me manage the jade design studio Lu Zhao’an, I don’t need your self-righteous charity!”


The conference room door was suddenly pushed open.

Yuan Rui, who rushed out the door quickly, fell silent the moment he bumped into Shi Yunnan.

Shi Yunnan stared at Yuan Rui’s faintly red eyes and furrowed brow.

The latter’s hands hung down and clenched tightly; finally he ran away from the studio before Lu Zhao’an came out.

Not long after, Lu Zhao’an walked out with a solemn expression, and he was stunned when he saw Shi Yunnan, who was still there.

Seeing the two brothers like this, Shi Yunnan shook his head, “Mr.

Lu, are you alright”

“…I’m fine.” Lu Zhao’an calmed down and walked straight towards Shi Yunnan, “Why hasn’t Mr.

Shi left yet”

“I brought the first design draft.” Shi Yunnan patted his bag and casually asked, “But in this situation, should I discuss with you, the person in charge Or should I discuss it with that little crybaby “

Lu Zhao’an shook his head helplessly and approached him, “Give it to me. I’ll take a look.“

Shi Yunnan passed on his first electronic design draft, but was in no hurry for the other party’s feedback, “Mr.

Lu, since I was promoted to be the chief designer during the meeting just now, I should have the right to ask…”

He paused and asked in his most official tone, “Why did you suddenly quit the studio”

Lu Zhao’an lowered his eyes and stared at the design.

In fact, his mind was not on it at all at the moment, “This is my personal decision, and I have also consulted with my master.”

In fact, Lu Zhao’an wasn’t obsessed with the management rights of the Yuan family.

Just like his master, Yuan Puguang, he had a preference for jade carvings from his bones.

“The reason why I helped manage the Yuan family a few years ago was because I felt that Yuan Rui was not old enough to shoulder the burden. I didn’t want my master to put too much pressure on him.“

But Lu Zhao’an gradually found himself thinking wrong—

The deeper he went into managing the Yuan family, the more he couldn’t disassociate himself.

The more he took root in this family, the deeper Yuan Rui’s misunderstanding and resistance to him.

“As long as you are in this family, in his heart, I can’t even compare to a strand of your hair.”

At the end of the dispute that day, Yuan Rui’s words knocked Lu Zhao’an on the spot in an instant, and he spent the whole night trying to figure out one thing.

“Xiao Rui’s nature is not bad.

The reason why the conflict with master has become deeper and deeper these last few years is basically because of my existence.

In this case, I’m willing to give everything back to the Yuan family and him.“

“Last night, when master told him that he could manage the jade design studio, he was clearly very happy. I don’t know what’s wrong at this moment.

I’m guessing he will be able to figure it out by himself after a while.

“Compared to jade carvings, Yuan Rui prefers to deal with jade.” Shi Yunnan nodded in agreement, revealing a hint, “But he really doesn’t have much experience. Without you, it would require a lot of effort.

Lu Zhao’an sighed and added, “Mr.

Shi, don’t worry.

Since the Yuan family decided to take a new route, it’s impossible to give up halfway.

Even though I’m not in charge of the jade design studio, my master also invited a jade veteran to assist Xiao Rui in selecting materials.

Yuan Rui was capable in this area.

He just needed time to cultivate.

Of course, Yuan Puguang listened to the persuasion of his wife and apprentice.

This time, letting Yuan Rui be directly in charge of the studio, he was determined to hone his son’s temperament.

After Shi Yunnan listened to this long series of explanations, he couldn’t help but sigh with emotion in his heart—

This pair of brothers, Lu Zhao’an and Yuan Rui, and that pair of father and son, Yuan Puguang and Yuan Rui, were always separated by misunderstandings that weren’t too big or too small.

If they were willing to sit down and communicate with each other, they probably wouldn’t be in the current situation.

However, Shi Yunnan promised Yuan Rui to keep it secret; secondly, as an outsider, he couldn’t take care of other people’s family affairs.

It is better for the doer to undo what he has done.

These contradictions and misunderstandings within the Yuan family can only be resolved by themselves.

Shi Yunnan knew that Lu Zhao’an wasn’t in the mood to deal with work, so he said, “Mr.

Lu, it’s getting late.

This electronic design is for you to keep.

If you have any comments, you can contact me at any time.


Shi Yunnan packed up his things and entered the elevator.

When confirming the floor button, his fingertips jumped from the bottom “1st floor” to the highest “18th floor.”

A few minutes later, Shi Yunnan really saw a silhouette through the iron sliding door on the rooftop.

— sigh.

The rusty iron sliding door made a harsh sound, which made Shi Yunnan frown and, at the same time, made Yuan Rui on the other side turn around.

Seeing Shi Yunnan, Yuan Rui hurriedly turned around and rubbed his eyes with his sleeve, “… What, what are you doing here”

“I guessed that you were hiding on the rooftop and crying secretly again.”

Shi Yunnan approached with a smile and didn’t give Yuan Rui any face at all.

“Don’t hide; your sleeves are wet and your eyes are still red, little crybaby.”

The last three words made Yuan Rui instantly burst red from the neck to the cheeks.

He took a deep breath and said, “Shi Yunnan, did you come to laugh at me”

“No, I’m here to say hello to my new boss.

I hope you don’t maliciously target me in the future.”

This second half of the sentence was obviously more sarcastic.

Fortunately, Yuan Rui responded with a loud voice when he heard this, “Come on, I’m not a villain! The contract between designers and Yuan’s is a cooperative relationship, not an employment relationship.

I will not interfere with your design work.

Shi Yunnan laughed without responding.

Yuan Rui curiously glanced over, “What are you laughing at”

Shi Yunan told the truth, “I thought you no longer wanted to do this after Lu Zhao’an proposed to leave the studio.”

After all, the two outbursts he had before rushing out of the conference room made it seem like he was ready to give up the burden.

Yuan Rui involuntarily clenched his fists,”… I finally won the opportunity.

Even if it’s a dead end, I have to bite the bullet and move forward.”

So far, this was the second time Yuan Puguang had acknowledged him.

The first time was with the jade carving pendant that had been accidentally broken.


It was beyond Yuan Rui’s expectations that Lu Zhao’an was no longer in charge of the studio.

He thought of working hard to stand side by side with him, but the other party seemed to be completely unconcerned.

He said he would leave just like that, without disclosing a trace of information in advance.

Sure enough, he, Yuan Rui, wasn’t worthy of being taken seriously in anyone’s eyes.

Shi Yunan asked, “But what”

Yuan Rui’s eyes were filled with bitterness and lack of confidence again, and his voice became lighter, “I’m afraid I can’t do well.”


Shi Yunnan couldn’t pick up the words for a moment.

But on second thought, deep down, Yuan Rui was indeed a child with an inferiority complex who needed encouragement.

“Everyone goes from not knowing to knowing.” Shi Yunnan took out the backup flash drive he carried with him and handed it over, “Take it.”

Yuan Rui was startled, “What is this”

“My first draft of the design.

The raw materials and positioning required for the construction have been noted in the file.

You can help me find all of them first.

I’ll start creating it when I confirm the final version.

Yuan Rui looked at Shi Yunnan and subconsciously asked, “Aren’t you afraid that the design draft will be leaked from my side”

Shi Yunnan chuckled lightly and raised his eyebrows, “We’re now working together. What good will it do for you and Yuan to leak my design draft Director Yuan Rui.

This was a frank statement, but also one full of trust.

Facing Shi Yunnan’s undoubted delivery, Yuan Rui’s heart was filled with a touch of emotion, and his eyes felt tingly again.

The other designers were skeptical after hearing the news.

Shi Yunnan hadn’t expressed any opinions throughout the whole process, but now he was proving it with practical actions—he believed Yuan Rui could do the corresponding job well.

Although Shi Yunnan and Xie Keyue were “half-brothers,” they were still brothers in the eyes of outsiders.

That day at the Imperial Hotel, Yuan Puguang had brief contact with the two of them, but when he returned home, his views [of the two] were completely different.

He rejected Xie Keyue’s investment but was willing to let Shi Yunnan sit in the position of “chief designer”.

Yuan Puguang had dealt with all kinds of people in the circle all his life, and his vision was quite accurate.

For a while, Yuan Rui stared at Shi Yunnan, and his heart was stirred.

The friendship scale that had always been unconditionally biased towards Xie Keyue shifted slightly.

Seeing Yuan Rui wanting to cry but not crying, Shi Yunnan became more and more convinced of the conclusion that “the other party is secretly a crybaby.”

Before Yuan Rui came toward him with tears, he quickly took a half step back, “Stop, you just stained my coat a few days ago.”


Yuan Rui’s tears poured out halfway and stopped.

You really can’t change this sarcastic nature of yours! It’s a waste of time; he was so moved in his heart just now!

Yuan Rui clenched the USB flash drive handed over by Shi Yunnan, took a deep breath, and cheered up, “Not talking to you anymore. I’m leaving! “

Seeing that he was ready to leave, Shi Yunnan asked, “Where are you going in such a hurry”

“This young master is going to find you design materials! Just wait! I won’t drag the Yuan family down! ” Yuan Rui dropped these words and slipped away faster than a rabbit.

Shi Yunnan stared at the other party’s inexplicably arrogant back, and hooked his lips in a funny and speechless way—

Yuan Rui’s emotions come and go quickly, as long as you understand his temperament.

Isn’t this just like raising a son


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