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Five minutes later, the car drove into Luo’s Manor.

Shi Yunnan watched the greenery of the lawn and the relief fountain on both sides and raised the corner of his mouth, “It’s really the style of the rich, Mr.


“The land left by several generations of the family has become like this after repeated development and construction.

The place is a little big, let the housekeeper show you around when the time comes.”

Luo Lingsheng’s answer was as low and pleasant as ever.

“Isn’t Mr.

Luo curious about the reason why I agreed to this ‘fake marriage’ so quickly”

Shi Yunnan looked back at him, blatantly sounding him out, “What if I fell in love with the Luo family’s tremendous fortune and attempted to get a piece of it from this fake marriage”

The wind outside the car window swept up a strand of his hair, and dangled around, easily shaking people’s hearts.

Luo Lingsheng did not look away, his voice was inexplicably lowered, “I’m not curious because this proposal was made by me.

It’s enough if you choose to accept it.

As for wanting to divide the Luo family property from under my nose, then second young master Shi must be very capable.”

As his words fell, the car stopped in front of the main house.

The assistant and bodyguard in the same car got off quickly, one opened the rear door and the other placed the wheelchair.

“Patriarch, we’re here.”

“En.” Luo Lingsheng was obviously accustomed to their behavior, and moved from the car seat to the wheelchair with his own strength.

Shi Yunnan watched his movement with downcast eyes and raised an eyebrow with interest.

Soon, an elderly housekeeper led people out to welcome them, “Patriarch, you are back, is everything going well”

Luo Ling Sheng answered in a low voice and cast his eyes into the car, “Come down.”

The housekeeper followed his gaze and found Shi Yunnan sitting still in the car.

A touch of fluctuation emerged under his eyes, and his tone seemed to follow the ups and downs, “Patriarch, this… is this second young master Shi”

Shi Yunnan got out of the car, and casually tied his wind-blown hair before introducing himself, “Hello, my name is Shi Yunnan.”

“The reason why I’m here is because your patriarch and I ‘fell in love at first sight’ and ‘hit it off’ with the intention of getting married.”

The joke in his words was particularly obvious.

The housekeeper was startled, “This…”

“Well, from today on, he is one of the owners of this family.” Luo Lingsheng calmly announced a major event.

“Uncle Qin, please go back and tell the servants to pay attention.”

Uncle Qin was considered to have seen the world and quickly steadied his emotions, “Yes, Patriarch.”

“Qin Jian, you and Yuan Meng will go to Shi’s house again.” Luo Lingsheng instructed his subordinates, and then directed the question to Shi Yunnan, “How many things have you left there”

Shi Yunnan shrugged indifferently, “It’s just a packed suitcase.”

Qin Jian nodded, and as soon as he was about to get into the car, Shi Yunnan added, “Wait, there should be a group photo in the second compartment of the left bedside table.

Please help me get it too.”

There was less playfulness and more importance in his voice.

Qin Jian glanced at Luo Lingsheng, and quickly responded, “Okay, second young master Shi.”

Seeing the assistant get in the car, Luo Lingsheng controlled the electric wheelchair, “Go in.”

“Yes, Patriarch.”

In order to make it convenient for the wheelchair-bound Luo Lingsheng, a shallow slope was deliberately built along the entrance stairs.

The butler led a line of people to follow Luo Lingsheng without overstepping.

Shi Yunnan stood in the same place, with an inexplicable feeling of ‘entering a wealthy family’.

The reason why he agreed to cooperate with Luo Ling Sheng’s ‘fake marriage’ was purely out of consideration for the original book dream.

It took time to determine whether something was true or false.

He needed a suitable identity that allowed him to stay in the country and observe the changes.

Luo Lingsheng took the initiative to give him a top-notch status, why should he hold back from saying yes

In other words, if everything he dreamt of was true, then to some extent, Luo Lingsheng and him could be called the ‘victim alliance’.

If something happened in the future, maybe they could still help each other out.

Lastly, and most importantly——

Luo Lingsheng looked so attractive.

To live under the same roof with this heavenly dish level handsome guy, plus not having to worry about food and clothing under the name of this ‘fake marriage’

Where in the world could he find such a good job

There must be something wrong with him if he didn’t actively accept it.

He, Shi Yunnan, was more than willing!



When Qin Jian approached the training room, Luo Lingsheng was using a rehabilitation device to assist his training.

In addition, several instruments for monitoring values were attached to his legs and body.

The accompanying private medical staff was taking professional records.

Uncle Qin stood trembling on the side, for fear that he would fall to the ground accidentally.

Luo Ling Sheng’s forehead was rippling with blue veins, his intense pain was forcibly suppressed at the bottom of his eyes.

There were only occasional muffled roars spilled out, like a beast trapped in a small space.

A large amount of sweat soaked his sports vest and outlined a well-maintained figure.

It was difficult to imagine the real condition of his body just by looking at the firm muscle lines on his arms.

This was the rehabilitation that Luo Lingsheng went through every week, and the degree of pain each time could not be explained in a few words.

The attending doctor motioned the nurse to bring the wheelchair, “Patriarch, it’s time to rest, relax your legs.”

Luo Lingsheng sat down without saying a word, letting the hot sweat rage on his face.

The simple five-meter road took a long time and exhausted all his energy.

“How are the values” Uncle Qin handed over a towel with concern.

“Compared to the last time, nothing has changed.” The attending doctor replied.

He looked at Luo Lingsheng’s face, and quickly added two more sentences, “But it’s not hopeless.

Rehabilitation is a prolonged battle.

No regression is the greatest progress.

Patriarch, you…”

“Enough, I know.” Luo Lingsheng stopped him in a deep voice as he stared at his legs.

His whole body was shrouded in darkness.

The training room quickly froze in a low air pressure.

No one dared to talk at this time for fear of touching his inverse scale1.

No one knew how long it took before Luo Lingsheng spoke hoarsely, “That’s it for today.

Doctor and nurse, you guys go back first.”

The medical staff was relieved and immediately packed up and left.

Luo Lingsheng noticed Qin Jian on the side, “Have you come back from Shi’s house”

“Yes, I was followed by Yuan Meng who knows how to fight, so old master Shi and the others didn’t dare to stop me.

We easily fetched the things and have just sent them to young master Shi.”

Luo Lingsheng remembered something, “What is the photo he asked you to bring along”

“Two children of the same age and a woman.

I’m afraid of violating young master Shi’s privacy, so I didn’t take a photo as evidence.”

“It should be a photo of Mrs.

Wen Min and their two brothers before her death.”, said Uncle Qin.

Luo Lingsheng was silent for a few seconds, “Qin Jian, you sort out all the group documents that need my personal approval, and I will deal with it at night.”

“Okay, I will prepare it immediately.”

The door of the training room was closed again.

Uncle Qin stood with him for a while, and then said earnestly, “Patriarch, do you really consider getting married with second young master Shi How did he agree so readily”

“Fake, it’s just an agreement.”

Uncle Qin looked complicated for a moment, “Patriarch, why are you doing this Does he know that you….”

Luo Lingsheng stopped the housekeeper’s unfinished words, “He doesn’t know, and he doesn’t need to know.”


The atmosphere froze for a moment.

Luo Lingsheng wiped his sweat with a towel, covering the hostility that overflowed in his eyes, “Uncle Qin, you don’t need to treat me as a good person.”

“What I can’t get, I can’t bear to see others get it.

I have to tie what I want to myself by every means.”

Even if it was just an agreement, it was better than nothing from start to finish.

“What about that person”

“”He has been resting in the guest bedroom since lunch and has not come out.

Second young master Shi is very adaptable.”

“He was thrown abroad like garbage by the Shi family since he was a child…” Luo Lingsheng whispered the suppressed words, and unhappily threw the towel in his hand into the basket.

“I’ll take a shower, you go and call him.

If he has enough rest, tell him to come out with us at four in the afternoon.”



Shi Yunnan had just woken up when the door rang.

The exhaustion after the dream last night and the upside-down jet lag were all set back on track at this moment.

He readily accepted the housekeeper’s invitation to go out, and after a simple wash, he changed into a new set of clothes.

It was still the same car from the morning, and Luo Ling Sheng was already sitting inside.

The man had changed into a thin dark blue shirt which appeared ascetic.

Shi Yunnan looked down at his own clothes, which was also a dark blue base splash-ink print, and was immediately happy, “Mr.

Luo, I didn’t think we’d be wearing the same color couple’s clothes We have enough tacit understanding.”

Shi Yunnan touched his earlobe, “Right here, there is also…”

Luo Lingsheng followed his fingertips to see an inky blue earring.

The other party seemed to like floral lining very much.

The neckline was casually loosened, and occasionally, the delicate skin and collarbone hidden under his clothes were exposed with his movements.

The overly long hair was slightly curled down, and he wore an earring which was rarely adorn my men.

His dressing were extremely consistent with his day-to-day words and deeds, wildly attracting people’s attention.

Luo Lingsheng pushed the glass frame without changing his expression, and then ordered, “Yuan Meng, drive.”

“Yes, Patriarch.”

Shi Yunnan looked to the front row—assistant Qin Jian was not there.

The bodyguard who had been in the co-driver seat was driving now, and it was the housekeeper’s turn to sit on the side.

“Where are we going” Shi Yunnan was not nervous at all, “Mr.

Luo didn’t really prepare the engagement banquet this evening, right Then my attire is too casual.”

“No.” Luo Lingsheng’s answer didn’t reveal anything, “You will know when we arrive.”

“Alright, as a qualified ‘marriage partner’, I am Mr.

Luo’s person now, and I must obediently listen to you.”

He was very professional when he was on duty, with a touch of deliberate flirtation whenever he opened his mouth.

Luo Lingsheng glanced at him briefly, and a subtle smile flashed across his eyes.


He was pretty good at pretending to be obedient.

After half an hour, the car stopped at an international elite kindergarten.

There were luxury cars everywhere.

Luo Lingsheng sat in the car without moving, but asked housekeeper Qin to take Shi Yunnan out of the car.

The entry inspection was very strict, and the two went through a series of registration before they were let in.

Shi Yunnan followed the housekeeper, and the other party led him to their destination with familiarity.

“Second young master Shi, we’re here.

The summer camp class is not over yet, let’s wait.”

Separated by a floor-to-ceiling glass window, a bunch of five or six-year-old children were playing together in the playground area inside.

“Who are we picking up” Shi Yunnan twisted his eyebrows, “…Mr.

Luo has a child”

“It’s his little nephew.” Uncle Qin saw that Shi Yunnan had misunderstood, so he pointed out and explained, “Look, there he is holding a book.”

Shi Yunnan’s brows eased for a moment, and he followed uncle Qin’s gaze.

At the outermost periphery of the play area, a little boy with curly hair was sitting on a small wooden chair.

He was holding an English story book bigger than his face and read it very seriously.

This young and mature appearance was out of place among his surrounding playful peers.

Shi Yunnan chuckled unconsciously, and then asked, “Where are his parents Why didn’t they come to pick him up”

Uncle Qin sighed, “…dead.”

Shi Yunnan frowned in astonishment.

Uncle Qin observed his expression from the blurry reflection of the glass window, and recalled the past in a low whisper.

“Four years ago, there was a car accident, four dead and one injured.

The master and madam were gone on the spot, and the eldest young lady and her husband didn’t make it.”

Shi Yunnan connected the link in his mind, “That ‘one injured’ is Mr.

Luo, then his legs…”

“Yes, his life was saved, but the leg injury was too serious.” Uncle Qin shook his head bitterly.

Shi Yunnan asked, “An accident Or man-made”

“Man-made.” Uncle Qin didn’t hide it from him.

He waited for a while before whispering, “Old master Luo passed away due to a sudden heart attack.

The children and grandchildren under his knees are bound to fight for family property.”

Old master Luo was the former patriarch of the Luo family and the grandfather of Luo Lingsheng.

He lived to the age of ninety-seven years old, and was unwilling to take the power out of his hands until he died.

Shi Yunnan snorted in disapproval, “Fighting to the extent of life and death struggle The position of Luo family patriarch is comparable to that of the ancient throne.”

“No, the master and madam weren’t people who like to fight for power.

They knew that after the death of old master Luo, they had no choice but to fight openly and secretly with others, therefore they thought about traveling abroad to avoid the limelight.

As a result, under the big house scheme, on the way to the airport…”

Old master Luo had been in power all his life.

He married two wives and had three sons and one daughter under his knee.

Luo Lingsheng’s father was a son born from the second wife2 during his old age, so he was particularly favored by old master Luo.

But he and the other three siblings from the three houses were separated by age difference, and in fact they were not close except for blood relation.


He originally thought that if he took the initiative to withdraw from the struggle, they could live in peace, but in the end, they still couldn’t resist other people’s scheming mind.

It was true that good people were not rewarded.

It was also true that power would blind all conscience and affection.

“Young master was lucky enough to get his life back after the car accident, but how could he ignore the hatred of his family being schemed against to death I watched him gradually sink deeper and deeper, and his behavior became more and more ruthless.”

Housekeeper Qin was in his 50s this year.

He had been following Luo Lingsheng’s father since he was young, so it could be said that he had been watching Luo Lingsheng grow up.

He felt distressed that Luo Lingsheng was sinking deeper and deeper in the vortex of power struggle, but he also understood that there was no turning back.

In such a wealthy and influential clan, if you didn’t fight back, you would only be schemed against even worse.

Finally, Luo Lingsheng became the youngest patriarch in the Luo clan history, and his side relatives each received their own fates——

The big house and the whole family went to jail, and the third house was designed to go bankrupt.

Only the second house, who had helped with the master and madam funeral, and was willing to live in retreat like a tortoise, took a position in the Luo group and was spared.

Shi Yunnan had a general understanding of the causes and consequences, and showed appreciation, “Very good.”


“I said, Luo Lingsheng is pretty good.”

When others didn’t provoke him, he could let go of power, fame and fortune, and live an honest life.

When others hurt him, he could turn himself into a sharp sword, annihilate the opponents in this power struggle without leaving anything behind, and occupy the high ground.


Shi Yunnan smiled, he didn’t think so.

He felt that such a person was quite straightforward.

Uncle Qin secretly observed his expression, and asked on behalf of the patriarch, “Do you think the patriarch’s method is appropriate”

“It’s appropriate, it’s not like he did anything wrong.” Shi Yunnan’s rainbow fart came immediately after, “The ability to stand up in adversity shows that Mr.

Luo’s ability to control the situation is far superior than everyone else’s.”

He paused to recall Luo Lingsheng’s appearance, and his smile was even brighter.

“What’s more, he is very good-looking.”

The author has something to say:

#Patriarch-long term premeditated wife chaser-Luo vs Little fox-rainbow fart manufacturer-Nan

[Back to the explanation] Housekeeper Qin ≠ Assistant Qin Jian.

They are completely unrelated.

The former is an elder in his early fifties, the latter is a young assistant ~ They just have the same last name, pay attention to the difference!

Important Note:

In ancient times, Chinese practiced polygamy and there is main(legal) wife and concubines.

As a result, in many big clan, the family is divided according to status and birth order.

For example, big house(main wife), small house(concubines), second house(second child), third house(third child)…

Luo family tree:

Grandfather Luo: Death

He had 4 children.

(I assume the first three are born from the first wife, and Luo Lingsheng’s father is the only son born from the second wife.)

Big house: First born son’s family.

(All went to jail)

Second house: The second child’s family.

(Was spared because they help arrange funeral for Luo Lingsheng’s parents.)

Third house: The third child’s family.

(Went bankrupt)

Fourth house: Luo Lingsheng’s father and family.

(Luo Lingsheng is the current patriarch.)



A taboo


續絃[xù xián]: The wife married after the first wife is dead


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