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Need a kiss from husband to get better

Luo Ling silently squeezed the cotton swab in his hand.

He moved a little closer to Shi Yunnan’s smiling eyes, and gain the initiative1,

“Second young master Shi, are you sure this will relieve the pain”

Luo Lingsheng’s approach was like a silent and rapid aggression, surrounding the prey.

Shi Yunnan saw his own appearance clearly reflected on the other party’s lens, and his heartstrings instantly tightened.

He suddenly couldn’t tell whether his words were joking or demanding for more.

In the past, Shi Yunnan would always be playing with his words, and Luo Lingsheng wouldn’t really take these jokes to heart.

But now it was different, Shi Yunnan consciously having a bit of a crush on Luo Lingsheng.

As a result, every provocation became a boundary test, and every response from the other party created another kind of heartbeat.

Occasionally, the headlights from other cars flickered through, creating the light and shadow.

The silence and ambiguousness spreaded in the car, as if isolating them in a secret place.

The breaths of the two were intertwining with each other.

Eventually, Shi Yunnan lost the battle with a heated face, he backed away slightly and muttered, “…Just kidding, I haven’t tried it yet.”

After the teasing, he became cowardly, he was that kind of person.

Luo Lingsheng took Shi Yunnan’s panic in his eyes and responded subtly, “There are some jokes that can’t be said randomly.”

He took off his glasses, and at the same time suppressed the regret that filled his heart.

This man was always testing his bottom line of self-control, bit by bit, in an inexplicable way.

One day, his bottom line would completely collapse, and then for these so-called ‘jokes’ , he would demand it back with interest.

Shi Yunnan pursed his dry lips and said nothing.

He always felt that he, who didn’t drink tonight, was more dizzy than usual.

Fortunately, Luo Lingsheng turned his attention back to the wound in a measured manner, “Don’t touch water when taking a bath these two days.

The wound is not deep and should not leave scars.”

“Ok, I got it.”

Soon, the wound was treated.

Qin Jian, who was diligently guarding outside, finally got into the car and drove back to Luo’s house.

When they got home, it wasn’t even ten o’clock in the evening yet.

Shi Yunan went back to his bedroom to take a shower, becoming more and more clear headed.

He originally thought of going to his nightclub to have a drink and relax, but ended up having such a violent episode with Yuan Rui, and didn’t even get to drink two sips of wine.

Shi Yunnan sent a text message to Wen Yibei to report his safety.

After Wen Yibei separated from him, he still couldn’t resist everyone’s persuasion and went to the hospital for an examination.

Fortunately, there was no danger beside a little bruise on his waist, which could be rubbed away in a few days.

Shi Yunnan, who really didn’t feel like sleeping, went out of the bedroom door——

The light in the study room at the end of the corridor on the second floor was still lit.

Luo Lingsheng received a call as soon as he got home, and he was so busy that he was nowhere to be seen.

Little Goldfish went to bed early.

The servants, having finished their day’s work, had all gone back to the side house behind the main residence to rest.

The large and empty main house brought a sense of loneliness along with it.

Shi Yunnan took two strong whiskeys from the wine room on the first-floor on his own, and then leaned on the railing of his bedroom’s open-air balcony, drinking one sip after another down his throat.

On an October night, the slightly cool wind was able to take away the heat of alcohol.

In fact, compared to the hustle and bustle in the nightclub, Shi Yunnan preferred this quiet environment where he could drink freely, reminiscing about the past and thinking about the future.

Before returning to the country, Shi Yunnan always thought that he would focus on jewelry design until he was thirty-five, and when he saved a large amount of money, he would make some small investments and live a leisurely life.

As for the partner who will accompany him all his life, Shi Yunnan only had a vague and dim imagination.

He was reluctant to define his feelings with detailed rules and regulations, and he felt that he would rather go without anything than having something shoddy, but now if he really had to make a description——

He could find Luo Lingsheng’s shadow of existence in those vague imaginations in the past.

He didn’t know how long had passed before a faint movement sounded at the bedroom door.

There was a knock on the door, followed by a question, “Aren’t you asleep yet”

Shi Yunnan turned around with a bit of tipsiness, only to find Luo Lingsheng waiting at the door, “You’re done with work”


Luo Lingsheng had just finished reviewing the summary report for the previous quarter.

When passing by Shi Yunnan’s bedroom, he found that the other party’s door was left open, and there was a strong but not annoying smell of alcohol wafting around.

Shi Yunnan shook the remaining half bottle of whisky, and hooked his lips to invite, “Luo Lingsheng, do you want to drink with me”

After a moment of delay, Luo Lingsheng maneuvered his wheelchair into the room.

He noticed an empty bottle of whisky by the balcony door, and couldn’t help frowning, “Why do you drink so much by yourself”


Shi Yunnan slowed down for half a beat and replied casually, “I was thinking about something, and didn’t pay attention to the amount of alcohol for a while.”

Luo Lingsheng’s wheelchair stopped at the end of the bed.

Shi Yunnan sat down beside the bed with the wine bottle in hand, and assured the man face to face, “Don’t worry, I’m a good drinker.

I can sleep peacefully when I’m drunk.”

He got closer, blowing a puff of breath with a hint of alcohol, “…I won’t pull your clothes randomly, don’t be afraid.”

This sentence was another joke that he knew.

Luo Lingsheng didn’t dislike the smell of alcohol coming from Shi Yunnan.

It was probably mixed with the fragrance of the shower gel on his body.

Under the evaporation of the night, it had a special seductive aroma.

“Is there anything on your mind”

“You can’t drink if you don’t have something on your mind”

Shi Yunnan took another sip and sighed contentedly, “Wine can numb and relax nerves.”

Some time ago, he was busy with Lou’s design, and now he was just using the wine to unwind himself.

Shi Yunnan looked all around and couldn’t find a wine glass, so he handed the bottle to Luo Lingsheng, “Wanna drink”

Luo Lingsheng shook his head and said no.

The wines stored in the wine room were given by others, and since his leg injury, he rarely went there to drink.

Because of the loss of his mobility, he had to rely on his sober and rational mind at all times to avoid unnecessary harm.

Shi Yunnan thought that Luo Lingsheng was concerned about the bottle being drunk by himself.

After a slight change in expression, he drank it on his own, and the drunkenness in his eyes became heavier.

Luo Lingsheng hesitated for half a second, “Does the wound still hurt I’ll apply medicine for you again tomorrow night.”

Applying medicine

Shi Yunnan remembered the previous ambiguous atmosphere in the car.

With a drunken gaze lingering on Luo Lingsheng’s face and staring at him, he then subconsciously shook his head.

Shi Yunnan sneered at himself in his heart, and suddenly had some regrets–

In the car just now, he should take the opportunity to move forward, what’s with the sudden cowardice

What about after the kiss

Will Luo Lingsheng look at him coldly like he was a fool, or will he terminate the contract outright in a fit of rage, or will he just… accept this sudden affection

A bottle and a half of strong wine began to take effect, and Shi Yunnan’s thoughts were somewhat disorganized.

“Luo Lingsheng, we…”

He called out the man’s name, the tentative words reached his mouth, but the tip of his tongue stopped against his teeth.

Shi Yunnan smashed the jar2 and poured himself another mouthful of wine.

The tipsiness accumulated more and more in his eyes.

“What’s wrong”

Luo Lingsheng asked back, and quietly outlined Shi Yunnan’s profile with his eyes——

His hair grew a little long.

The night breeze sneaking through the glass window raised the arc of his hair into a kind inexplicable disordered beauty.

Luo Lingsheng’s gaze fell from top to bottom, noticing the wine drop that was about to fall off the other party’s thin lips.

It was so bewitching that it compelled the heart, hooking people to get closer for a taste of it.

Luo Lingsheng’s brows and eyes froze slightly.

As if possessed, he reached out and gently caressed it with his hand.

The slightly calloused fingertip touch the soft and warm lips, which could easily provoke some hidden evil thoughts deep inside the heart.

Shi Yunnan couldn’t tell whether the rising heat on his cheeks was due to drinking or this unprepared intimate touch.

He subconsciously rolled his small Adam’s apple, “Um…”

He murmured like a cat.

A crack appeared on Luo Lingsheng’s flawless calm composure, and unnoticeably shrinking the distance between the two.

“Drink less alcohol, and be careful of getting a headache tomorrow morning.”

He spoke contrary to what he was thinking, and the finger still resting on his lips heavily pressed on it again.

Itchy and tingly.

Shi Yunnan only felt that his brain, paralyzed by alcohol, was like an outdated radio, the signal was cut off at this second, leaving only a clueless chaotic noise.

Perhaps it was the alcohol that made him feel bold.

Shi Yunnan suddenly leaned forward while exhaling, tentatively trying to claim a kiss.

Luo Lingsheng seemed to have detected his intention earlier and inclined his head slightly.

The wet lips seemingly brushed the corner of his mouth, which was more ambiguous and hazy than a direct kiss.

It was like a short-lived confrontation, but it also made the blood boil all over the body.

Shi Yunnan squinted his eyes in confusion and pleasure, as if he had gotten some great bargain, “Luo Lingsheng, the corner of your lips are so cold, but so soft.”

Who was the one with soft lips and unaware of it

Luo Lingsheng took a deep breath, hiding the rapid ups and downs, “You are drunk.”

He squeezed his right hand hidden by the side of his leg, his knuckles were clamped so hard as if trying to squeeze into the flesh.

He was merely drinking poison to quench the thirst3, that’s all.

Shi Yunnan was two or three beats behind, and admitted in confusion, “En, I’m drunk.”

Drunkenness came quickly, and sleepiness followed.

He staggered to the bathroom to rinse his mouth, squinted his eyes and walked back.

The whole person fell right back into the soft big bed, just like what he said previously——

“I’m good at drinking, I can sleep peacefully when I’m drunk.”

Luo Lingsheng sat quietly in the wheelchair, until the heat in his body subsided a little, and then he slowly let out a long sigh of relief.

He was going to turn off the bedside lamp so that the other party could have a good night’s sleep.

Shi Yunnan, whose eyelids were drooping, noticed this, and a trace of instinctual resistance remained in his drunkenness, “…Don’t turn off the lights!”

There was some unspeakable panic.

Luo Lingsheng froze for a second or two, then retracted the hand that was in the mid-air, “Got it, I won’t turn off the lights.”

Shi Yunnan got the answer and closed his eyes in a drunken stupor.

After a long time, he mumbled something under his breath—

“Luo Lingsheng, I seem to be starting to…”

Luo Lingsheng was fully aware that this was just an unconscious drunken mumbling, but he still responded, “Starting what”

“I’m starting to like you a little bit.”


Luo Lingsheng stared at the person on the bed silently.

Until the other party breathed steadily and continuously, telling him that it was just a drunken conversation.

Someone was sleeping soundly, but he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight.

Luo Lingsheng showed a helpless smile and took the initiative to cover Shi Yunnan with the quilt.

His hand resting on the quilt hesitated for a moment, and then he fondly stroked the sleeping man’s face, and whispered three words——

“It’s not enough.”

You only like me a little bit, it’s not enough.


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