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Just as Chen Weier was remorseful, He Xun turned his head back.

She immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

She didnt care about it for the time being because Cao Yaoyao was up next.

She did ballet today, and her movements were like an elegant swan.

However, Chen Weier knew this swan was black-hearted.

She had stretched out her foot to trip her, and the screen that fell today must have had something to do with her.

Chen Weier took a deep breath.

She had to get rid of Cao Yaoyao.

Since the two broke their friendship at university, Cao Yaoyao had been causing trouble for Chen Weier.

At that time, Chen Weier didnt fight her and didnt care about it.

Ultimately, Cao Yaoyao wasnt as murderous as she was now.

The incident today with the screen meant to kill!

Cao Yaoyao finished her dance.

Her score was 91 points.

Chen Weier sneered.

This woman would never be able to surpass her in this lifetime.

Cao Yaoyaos face paled when she saw her score.

Not only would this score not catch up to Chen Weier, but it was also possible that she wouldnt even make it into the finals.

Why She had practiced so well.

How could her score be so low It must be because of Chen Weier!

She was sure.

She was affected by Chen Weier that she couldnt perform well.

Cao Yaoyao walked off the stage deadpan.

She was thinking about how to deal with Chen Weier.

She finally understood that as long as Chen Weier was around, everything would not go smoothly for her.

Since that was the case, she would ensure that Chen Weier would never have the chance to be around again.

Chen Weier ignored Cao Yaoyao because Xuan Jianing was next on the stage.

When the music started, Chen Weier was stunned and suddenly became excited.

Xuan Jianing did the dance of a knight! This woman was very talented!

On the stage, Xuan Jianing smiled seductively.

Her movements twisted violently, and she jumped out of the groups position.

Chen Weier almost wanted to scream.

Then, she sneaked a glance at Dou Shuruis reaction.

After all, this guy was the one to whom Xuan Jianing had taken a fancy.

In the end, she saw that Dou Shurui was devoid of feeling.

She was a little disappointed.

‘Whats wrong with this man Didnt he have any reaction to such a beautiful Xuan Jianing He didnt have eyes!

Chen Weier was even happier when Xuan Jianings score appeared on the public score screen.

That was because the judges all had good eyes!

Xuan Jianing received 98 points!

After Xuan Jianing left the stage, Chen Weier turned into a fangirl.

“Youre too handsome.

Im so dumbfounded.

I feel that I cant compare to you in terms of creativity! My eyes are on you.

Im surely going to fall in love with you.

What a pity, why arent you a man…”

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