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Chen Weier thought for a while and said, “Lets wait a little longer.

Let them be suspicious.

Ill just take it as giving you a chance to reorganize the company.

Its time to clean up the atmosphere of fawning over the rich and powerful.

Otherwise, it would also affect the He Group if people were to expose other things in the future.”

“Why cant it be made public” He Xuns expression froze.

Was it so difficult for her to mention her identity

“Its not time yet…” Chen Weier did some calculations.

The competition was next week, and the results would be out within a week.

It would feel different if she won the award and then announced it.

Perhaps, it was a knot in her heart from her previous life.

She didnt want to be a useless person.

Moreover, He Xun had most likely chosen to make this public out of guilt.

Did He Xun honestly acknowledge her Chen Weier didnt think so.

He Xun was too responsible.

She couldnt forget the scene before her death… And she had been using his sense of responsibility.

She couldnt stay at home as He Xuns wife after graduation and achieve nothing in her career.

She would only be looked down upon if she stood beside He Xun like this.

Chen Weier wasnt willing.

She wanted to change her identity and stand beside He Xun.

However, He Xun didnt understand her thoughts.

“Do you have to resist me so much”

“Of course not!” Chen Weier didnt understand what He Xun was thinking.

She sat up directly.

“How can I resist you I just feel that if we go public now, I cant shut their mouths.

You can fire the people in the company, and I wont stop you.

They are problematic, but you cant shut everyones mouth in this world!”

He Xun couldnt understand.

“But youre my wife.

Who would dare to look down on you” If there were, he would make the other party pay the price.

Chen Weier sighed and said, “He Xun, why am I Madam He I have a name.

Im Chen Weier! Honestly, no matter who you marry, she will be Madam He, but Chen Weier is me!”

When He Xun heard this, he turned his head and looked into the distance.

He didnt like what she had said… He had never thought of marrying anyone else! She could only be Madam He

Seeing He Xuns displeased expression, Chen Weier knew that her attitude just now was not good.

She said softly, “I just thought I wanted to be myself first, then Madam He.

Its not that Im not willing to be your wife.”

He Xun turned his head and looked into Chen Weiers eyes.

“Do you know what happened to Nie Suijing”

“What is it” Chen Weier furrowed her brows.

She didnt want to have anything to do with Nie Suijing.

He Xun looked at her closely as if trying to see something in her eyes.

“Hes with your college roommate.”

“I know.

Theyre a good match.

I wish them well.

I hope they lock themselves up and dont harm others.” Chen Weier shrugged her shoulders.

“You…” He Xun was a little hesitant.

Chen Weiers expression was frank and open.

He suddenly didnt know what to say.

Chen Weiers expression was a little distant.

“The college roommate you were talking about is called Cao Yaoyao.

We used to be…very close.

At least, I honestly treated her as a friend.

But I discovered she had found an old man in her first year at the university.

That old man had a family.

After I found out, I couldnt treat her as a friend anymore.”

He Xun touched her head and said with relief, “You did the right thing.

Theres no need to force people with different thoughts to be friends.”

“You know what I wanted to help her back then… Those old men were too disgusting.

One night, Cao Yaoyao came back with a high fever.

There was not a single good spot on her body.

I wanted to send her to the hospital, but she didnt want anyone to know and refused to go.

I saw her condition worsening, and I was afraid that calling for first aid would hurt her self-esteem, so I carried her… In the end, after she woke up, she scolded me for a long time, saying that I was born a rich lady so how could I understand her pain…”

Chen Weier looked dazed.

How could she not know She just felt that nothing was more important than her dignity and life.

In her previous life, after she divorced He Xun, her life had been very hard, but she had never thought of betraying her dignity.

She had already cried so much, so why did she still hurt herself

“Are you alright” He Xun noticed that Chen Weiers mood had suddenly become low, and he regretted mentioning this.

Chen Weiers eyes became misty and confused.

“He Xun, Im sorry.

I honestly dont like Nie Suijing anymore.

I was blind and deserved to be tricked by him.

Im truly sorry.

Im sorry for hurting you so much in my previous life.

Im sorry for being so willful and reckless and not taking care of your emotions.

Ill use all my warmth to make it up to you this time.”

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