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Lin Qiye was within the Thunder God Aspect.

His Thunder God Domain spread out unreservedly, annihilating the black clouds in this world.

The clear sky appeared once more, shining on the Thunder Gods body.

It was sacred and majestic, inviolable.

However, when faced with the Thunder God Aspect almost the same size as it, the Celestial Immortal Demon was only surprised for a moment before it calmly shook its head at Lin Qiye.

“Give up.

All your struggles are in vain.”

“How do you know if its in vain If I dont try, how would I know”

Although Lin Qiye could barely resist the demons pressure, he knew the difference between the two sides.

However, it was impossible for him to just surrender.

As soon as his words fell, Lin Qiye took the initiative to attack.

The statue waved its giant arm and smashed toward the Celestial Immortal Demons face.

The latter did not dodge as if it did not take his attack seriously at all.


The fist, hundreds of meters long, smashed into the face of the Celestial Immortal Demon, and instantly, a powerful energy flow exploded.

Even the space was distorted by the impact.

“Did it work”

Some Diamond Level Practitioners stared at the two giants with nervous and expectant faces.

However, the few Immortal LEvel experts had solemn expressions and did not make a single sound.

In the center of the battlefield, Lin Qiye was within his Thunder God Aspect.

He felt as if his fist had collided with an unshakable mountain.

The expression on his face became even more solemn.

“Do you realize the gap between us”

The Celestial Immortal gently pushed the statues arm away without any effort.

Lin Qiye looked at the Celestial Immortal, who was completely unharmed, and his heart sank.

That punch seemed ordinary, but if it had been an ordinary Immortal Level demon, the attack would have easily caused it to suffer heavy injuries.

But this Celestial Immortal didnt even have a scratch on its skin, not to mention being injured!

Could this be the difference between an Immortal Level demon and a Celestial Immortal

Lin Qiye had never felt so powerless before.

“You dont have to think about running away, nor do you have to think about someone coming to help you.”

The Celestial Immortal still didnt make a move.

It didnt seem to be in a hurry.

It looked at Lin Qiye, then continued to use its immortal sense to communicate with him.

“Whats happening on the Southern Alliances side is nothing more than an act.

“One of the transcendent families of your human race has been supporting us from behind.

Youve been backstabbed.

Are you in despair Youre destined to perish and become my nourishment.”

The Celestial Immortal was a little excited.

“Your talent has surprised us to the extend that I feel like Im about to climax!”

The more it spoke, the more the Celestial Immortals voice quivered slightly.

Its excitement was beyond words.

Even the few Immortal Level experts who did not hear what it said could feel the ecstatic joy emanating from its body as if it had obtained a supreme treasure.

Lin Qiye frowned.

On one hand, it was because of the demons disgusting words.

On the other hand, what it said about the situation in the Southern Alliance was concerning.

They caused such a huge ruckus because of him Lin Qiyes heart almost sank to the bottom.

Not only did the demons sacrifice dozens of Immortal Levels from the southern region, they even mobilized a Celestial Immortal.

It seemed that they were fully prepared and wanted to enslave him completely.

Apart from the demons plan against him, Lin Qiye didnt expect that the Southern Alliance had a large human family colluding with them.

Moreover, from the demons words, it didnt seem like they were possessed by demons but were working together instead.

All for the purpose of killing him

Lin Qiye could not understand.

He had never offended anyone from any major faction.

How could he have drawn the attention of the human race

“Theres no need to think about it.

Everything will be over soon.

And you, soon, will become a member of our race!”

The Celestial Immortal interrupted Lin Qiyes train of thought.

It opened its huge mouth suddenly, and black mucus poured out like a waterfall.

As the black mucus poured out, its life force began to drain at an alarming rate.

Lin Qiye and everyone present couldnt help but be stunned.

They immediately noticed that the array formation under the demons feet was still there, and Lin Qiye was so shocked that he broke out in cold sweat.

“Not good!”

He immediately turned around, wanting to flee.

Lightning flashed beneath his feet, intending to use the Lightning Warp to run away.

However, when Lin Qiye turned his energy around, he was shocked to discover that the formation beneath his feet had somehow fused with him.

No matter how hard he tried, he could not break free from the formation.

“Theres no need to struggle anymore.

Its useless.”

In a few short breaths, the ten-thousand-meter-tall body of the Celestial Immortal began to wither rapidly.

His powerful life force began to wither rapidly at the same time.

“Give up everything you have for our clan…”

The Celestial Immortals voice grew weaker and weaker, but his words were filled with an almost maniacal joy.


A black lightning bolt suddenly descended from the sky.

Under the bombardment of the eerie lightning, the Thunder God Aspect shattered in an instant.

The formation soared into the sky, and the spacetime in this area suddenly began to distort.

It was like a vortex, constantly sucking in everything in the surrounding space.

Lin Qiyes expression changed drastically.

He wanted to resist and escape, but he had no way.

Under everyones shocked gazes, he was sucked into the endless vortex and darkness.

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