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WFILTU Chapter 529 – Finale III


“Hello, classmate, are you from our school”

Xue Jiao was pulled back to reality, turned back.

Next to her sat a boy wearing glasses.

His face looked very fresh, obviously young.

Behind the glasses stood a boy with a baby face, facing her with a lovely smile and two small tiger teeth.

She replied politely, “Yes……”

“I’m a freshman attending the mathematics department this year.

This is my roommate, a sophomore from the mathematics department.

How about you, beauty” The young glasses man smiled.

Xue Jiao was a little surprised.

Unexpectedly, she could meet her junior school brothers here.

She smiled, “I’m also from the mathematics department.”

“What a coincidence! Are we classmates” His eyes lit up.

Xue Jiao shook her head.

At this time, her phone vibrated slightly.

Her eyes lit up, Lin Zhihua came!

Xue Jiao stood up and said, “I have something to do, junior brother.

I’ll be leaving first.”

Then, she walked away.

Junior brother

The glasses and the baby face looked at each other, their faces muddled.

“This was a senior sister Senior, you have actually never seen such a good-looking senior sister !”

The baby face felt his chin, it seemed as if she felt more and more familiar.

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After a moment, his pupils shrank, as if thinking of something.

He took out his phone with a shocked face and opened the official website.

“Senior, why don’t you speak”

The man with glasses just finished asking, when he saw his senior holding his phone and jumping to his feet, his face excited and sad——

“Ahahahahah, I **ing just saw Goddess Gu! I even went to chat her up! ! ! We spoke! ! !”

The man with glasses was stunned.

When the baby face calmed down, he directly opened the Baidu Encyclopedia for “Gu Xuejiao’s” page to show him.

After a while, he fell into doubt.

Then, after another moment, he opened his mouth and said, “Senior… Tsinghua’s senior ……is she so awesome”

He was a little suspicious of life and began to feel like trash.

So that day, the legend of “Goddess Gu” began to spread among the freshmen of Tsinghua University.

Of course, Xue Jiao had no knowledge of all this.

She sat in Lin Zhihua’s car home, and the two of them prepared to cook together.

Of course, she was mainly responsible for chores.

“Jiao Jiao, this means that you won’t be so busy in your senior year” Lin Zhihua’s eyes were slightly bright.

Xue Jiao nodded, “En, I can go to the company with you when I don’t need to attend school.”

She felt a little guilty, because after this year, she might go abroad to study.

Lin Zhihua smiled and said, “You finally won’t let me guard the empty room alone.”

The last few words were very soft and ambiguous.

Xue Jiao stared at him, but her cheeks were slightly red.

Lin Zhihua drove the car into the garage, and Xue Jiao opened her mouth to talk about her possible decision to attend school abroad.

The first thing he did when he stopped the car was to loosen his seat belt, turn around, half cover her, and gently bite Xue Jiao’s lips.

She responded gently, Lin Zhihua paused and his attack became fiercer.

After a long time, Xue Jiao pushed him away panting and pulled his hand out of her own clothes.

“Let’s go, let’s go back and cook.”

Lin Zhihua licked his lips, enjoying the aftertaste.

Xue Jiao blushed while opening the door with her heart jumping, as if she had forgotten what she wanted to say.

After that, she found several opportunities to speak about this topic, and was always interrupted unconsciously by Lin Zhihua.

Xue Jiao thought for a while, but didn’t bring it up again.

She wanted to follow Professor Conrad, but the other party was not necessarily willing to accept her.

Let’s tell Lin Zhihua later.

If it could be delayed one day, it would be delayed by one day……

The first draft of Xue Jiao’s paper was completed in February.


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