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WFILTU Chapter 527 – Finale I

by BobaTeaTranslations 

Professor Tan nodded.

MIT’s mathematics was not the best, but Xue Jiao has always had a good mindset, just as she had chosen Tsinghua instead of Peking University or Fudan.

He only asked, “Have you decided on a professor yet”

Xue Jiao hesitated for a moment, thought for a moment, and told the truth: “Academician Xi recommended a teacher to me, Stanford’s Jas, and he also suggested that I apply for Stanford, but in fact, I have another idea in my mind……a Professor from MIT, but that person has never accepted students.

I don’t know whether my application can be successful.”

Never received a student

This surprised Professor Tan, who looked puzzled: “Who is it”


Professor Tan almost subconsciously frowned.

He knew this person, an infamous “mad man” and a genius in his early years.

He became a professor of MIT at the age of 30.

However, it was said that after the age of 30, he gave up mathematical research and devoted himself to constellations, which was still the case for more than 20 years.

“Conrad has stopped doing research……”

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“No.” Xue Jiao firmly refused, “He is still researching, but he has not yet come up with a result.”

She also saw Conrad’s news on the net by accident.

His more than 20 years of studying constellations was actually all mathematics.

At the beginning, Cheng Mingze gave her the constellation map that she had been hanging on her bedside to accompany her through these years.

Xue Jiao calls it this way.

She doesn’t know what Conrad calls it.

Her voice was very positive, which surprised Professor Tan, but it was Xue Jiao’s decision, and he didn’t persuade her again.

Teachers were guides, not decision-makers.

“Have you figured it out”

“I have thought clearly.

I want to apply first.” She couldn’t forget that picture.

It was the first thing that made  her interested in mathematics.

Life was like this.

People would want to be capricious occasionally.

Conrad was not a “madman”, but a “fool”.

Xue Jiao really wanted to meet him.

As at the beginning, she firmly wanted to follow Professor Tan.

She was so stubborn sometimes, but she doesn’t want to give up her stubbornness.

Professor Tan didn’t persuade her.

After several years, he knew exactly what kind of temperament this student had.

“Alright, by the way, what is your research theme”

“Celestial geometry analysis.”

Professor Tan was stunned and subconsciously raised his voice: “You really want to follow Conrad to study some constellations”

Xue Jiao nodded sincerely.

Professor Tan: “……”


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