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Chapter 14 - Heaven-defying Cultivation Speed

As long as theres no trouble, then its fine!

Ye Xinxias heart finally settled down.

“Xinxia, I have already dealt with those people. They wont bother you anymore.” Mo Fan placed the wheelchair in front of Ye Xinxia.

“I just saw… I saw lightning. It seems to be the primary rank skill of Lightning Element, Lightning Strike.” Ye Xinxia said.

As Mo Fan heard this, he began to feel a sense of pride. However, he smiled without saying a word. He used his broken eyes to look at Ye Xinxia.

Ye Xinxia felt something wasnt right; she carefully thought about it before astonishment flashed in her eyes.

“The one activating Lightning Strike was Big Brother Mo Fan”

Mo Fan didnt admit to it; he just stood there with a smile.

“It really was you! Big Brother Mo Fan is a Mage” Ye Xinxia said with a hint of disbelief.

“Haha, you are the first person to witness my true power!” Mo Fan said suddenly with a headstrong tone in before Ye Xinxias delicate and cute face.

Ye Xinxia didnt anticipate this sneak attack; her a red flush immediately filled her cheeks; it even reached down to her neck.

Only then did Mo Fan realize that he was being a bit too relaxed. He hastily began to explain, “Im sorry, Im sorry, I got a bit too excited.”

Ye Xinxia replied with a low voice, “Then…did you really become a Mage”

Mo Fan nodded.

“Our teacher said only one out of a thousand can awaken Lightning element. The primary level of Lightning Element holds a great advantage, so much of it can be said to be the best primary ranked element.” In this moment, Ye Xinxia began to feel happy for Mo Fan.

Ye Xinxia was clear on the situation at home, even more so after she became a member of the family and gave Uncle Mo Jiaxing more unnecessary pressure. According to Auntie, Uncle Mo Jiaxing had already sold their house. It seems as if their poverty had reached a definite point.

Both her and Mo Fan were still young; its difficult for them to help Mo Jiaxing. What Mo Fan could do was study hard and become a genuine Mage; only then would they be able to relieve the current family crisis.

It seems like Big Brother Mo Fan was indeed amazing. He had unexpectedly learned Magic in such a short period of time.

Eh, thats not right!

Suddenly, Ye Xinxia came to a realization. She looked at Mo Fan with her beautiful eyes which hinted that she wanted to say something.

Mo Fan replied in earnest, “Whats wrong”

“It hasnt even been half a year since you awakened. According to what is known, even people who have a high innate talent require nearly a year to completely activate the primary rank skills.” Ye Xinxia said.

Mo Fan was dumbstruck.

No way, even people with a high innate talent need nearly a years worth of time to go from awakening to activation

Then…me being able to completely use the primary skills after half a year is indeed a bit too quick!

The thing was, Mo Fan didnt know anything about this.

That blockhead Mu Bai was already able to grasp four or five stars. From how he saw it, wasnt it normal that he, himself, could already activate Magic

However, why did Ye Xinxias surprised face give off the feeling as if she was looking at a Monster

Could it be that being able to learn the Primary rank skill within half a year was an extremely abnormal thing in this world

“ThePossess a high innate talent inEven someone that possess high innate talent needs a year, what kind of level does that speak of” Mo Fan cautiously asked.

Mo Fan didnt want to expose the fact that he knew almost nothing about this world.

“Mu Ningxue is considered the most talented person within our Bo City. Her talent even surpasses numerous genius-level students in the Empire; however, she needed eight months to go from the awakening to learning the Ice Elements primary skill.” Ye Xinxia said.

“Eight……eight months” Mo Fan felt a bit stunned when he heard this.

What kind of existence was Mu Ningxue

She was the only person who was directly recruited by the Empire Institution in the entirety of Bo City. Shes also the most beloved person of the entire Mu Clan; she had received the entire Mu Clans inherited magic training methods. The kind of resources which a common Mage would never receive in their entire life.

The reason behind her being viewed as an important figure, as well as her astonishing Magic talent, was closely related to that!

Even an extremely arrogant person like her needed eight months to go from awakening to the activation of Primary Magic. What about Mo Fan, who only needed five months

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Holy crap!!


Mo Fan felt his heart viciously surging!

If Mu Ningxue shocked the world with eight months and was classified as a heavenly genius by the people, wouldnt his own five months be completely heaven-defying!!

“Big Brother Mo Fan, you…did you learn something bad…… I heard from an old scholar that this kind of cultivation speed is only possible with people from the Black Church,” Ye Xinxia whispered.

The Black Church had some Demonic Magic Method that could substantially raise a Mages cultivation speed. Ye Xinxia really couldnt think of any other way that could allow someone to complete Primary Magic in just a short five months, even though Ye Xinxia knew her Big Brother Mo Fans intelligence surpasses others…

“The Black Church How is that possible… Is, is that so Oh, right, I actually didnt awaken on the day of Opening Ceremony. I got to know an old man way before that; he told meKid, I see that your bones are unusually good; your talent exceeds others. Why dont you let me teach you magic and at that time, I asked who he was. He told me was a member of the Magic Citys Magic Association. He could help me awaken in advance… In short, I actually didnt learn Magic in five months.” Mo Fan reacted by quickly explaining this.

As Ye Xinxia listened to his explanation, she became confused.

However, she still replied with a big smile, “Oh, so you actually awakened in advance. Awakening too early would cause side effects to the cultivation, however, if its the people from the Magic Association, then there shouldnt be any large issues.”

As Mo Fan saw that Ye Xinxia no longer asked any questions, he finally sighed in relief.

Sheet, I really am a monster. It seems like I shouldnt reveal too many things before I completely understand this world.

“Is it true,t its only those from The Black Church that can finish their cultivation in five months” Mo Fan asked faintly.

“Yes,” Ye Xinxia nodded in sincerity.

Mo Fan felt cold sweat!

Being too amazing wasnt a good thing. Originally, Mo Fan wanted to surprise Ye Xinxia with the fact that he also possessed the Fire Element, however, now it seemed like it would be better to not be reckless while he still hadnt understood the circumstances.

I should go back and consult the books first and fully understand the situation, just to have some warranty. If not, Ill be branded as someone from the Black Church and then be dealt with!


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