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Chapter 84: Buggy Standing Up

After hanging up, Shi Yu slept until four-thirty in the afternoon.

He realized that after eating more snacks and tonics, his daily routine had become a little messy.

A rumble.

Shi Yu touched his stomach with empty eyes.

“So hungry…”

He had had dinner yesterday, but he didnt eat breakfast or lunch today.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Shi Yu, who was hungry, knocked on the window and shouted at Eleven and the Green Silkworm who were still fighting below, “Stop!”

Eleven and the Green Silkworm looked up.

Ah, Shi Yu was finally awake.

“Were going on a long trip next month.”

“The two of you, go to the warehouse and distribute the food you need in advance.

A week… No, half a months worth.”



When the two pets heard about travel, they were stunned and quickly nodded.

They didnt know what travel was or what moving was, but they knew what preparing food meant.

That was enough.

Shi Yu took out the ruins bead.

He had already cleaned it up a while ago and had completed his initial research.

The space inside was very large, but apart from a pile of Ethereal Spirit Stones and a pile of ice-element energy crystals, it was completely deserted.

Since they were going on a long trip, all their luggage would definitely be placed here.

In fact, after arriving at the ancient capital, he didnt even need to find a hotel.

He just needed to find an empty place and enter the ruins bead.

However, in this case… he definitely had to build a house inside.

Shi Yu chose to buy a portable tent or something before he left.

Apart from that, the other places would be barren for the time being.

When the time came, he wouldnt take Eleven back into the Beast Taming Space either.

He would directly let it and the Green Silkworm train in the ruins bead.

Although it had been abandoned for too long, it was still the Beast Taming Space of a legendary Beast Tamer no matter what.

There were many benefits to training pets inside.

“Lets make something for ourselves to eat first.” Shi Yu turned around and successfully got out of bed before entering the kitchen.

Soon after, he left the kitchen and opened the fridge.

After a few seconds of silence, he closed the fridge and muttered to himself,

“Maybe Ill go out and eat as a reward.”

“Thats not right.

It doesnt matter if I eat or not.

The main thing is to help the Green Silkworm print pictures of the Ice Dragon from various angles!”

“Its best to see if there are any toy shops selling Ice Dragon models…”

If he didnt remember wrongly, because of the legends in Icefield City, there were quite a lot of Ice Dragon toys here!

“Sigh, as expected of you, Shi Yu.

Youre going out when its so late, all for your pet.

Its been hard on you!” Shi Yu put on his mask to claim credit.

After deciding to go out to eat, Shi Yu ran to see Eleven and the others work progress.

They were done already, quite efficient.

In the preservation warehouse of the villa, Eleven took out large bags of bamboo, iron heart wood, and energy crystals in bags.

The Green Silkworm also prepared a bag of Dragon Whiskers Grass for itself.

Shi Yu was silent.

Not bad.

Both pets knew what kind of shameless eaters they were, but they had prepared a lot of food.

“Is there anything else you need”

“Wuu!” Eleven shook its head.

“Ji!” The green worm shook its head.

“Then Ill pack this amount when we leave.” Well, it would save me the trouble of buying food later.

“Then you guys can continue” Shi Yu took out the ruins bead and said, “Continue the battle here.

Im going out to eat.”

Eleven and the green worm were stunned.

At this moment, Shi Yu didnt know if the ruins bead in his hand looked like a broken pot held by a traveler or like a pokeball.

August 28, night.

Shi Yu walked out of the huge villa area and took a taxi to the prosperous business street.

The neon lights in the city were dazzling at night.

Countless fluorescent bugs flew in the sky, making the night here beautiful.

< Name > Firefly

[Race Level]: Low-level transcendent

[Race Skill]: Glowing

[Introduction]: Transcendent creatures active at night.

They like to use their abilities to light up the night for other creatures.

This was a relatively harmless creature, and it basically didnt have any natural enemies.

The weaker ones were really similar to the effect of light bulbs.

Only the stronger ones emitted strong light that could damage others.

However, light shining was a no-level skill.

Using the worm silk of the Green Silkworm as a reference, if he wanted to use it in battle, it had to at least be at the perfect level.

It was precisely because they were harmless that the fluorescent bugs could freely appear in different places in the city.

Such things appearing on commercial streets, squares, and parks were always more likable than mosquitoes and flying bugs.

Shi Yu extravagantly spent 288 yuan to eat a bowl of ramen made of spiritual plants.

Then, he began to walk on this business street and search for the store he needed.

He first found a store that specialized in transcendent biological models and spent 1,500 yuan to buy an exquisite ice dragon model.

Then, he planned to find a random store that could print photos and print out the few pictures he had found… But at this moment, Shi Yu was attracted by a young man sitting by the street under a street lamp and countless fluorescent bugs.

A teenager in a school uniform who looked like a high school student was sitting by the roadside with a paintbrush.

He was calmly painting in his world amidst the noisy crowd.

On the drawing board in front of him was the scene of fluorescent bugs flying in the sky.

Shi Yu passed by and took a look.

It was really pretty.

The fluorescent bugs in the painting flickered.

They were vivid and lifelike, just like living creatures.

Beside the student who was drawing, there was also a plant-type pet, Rainbow Light Mushroom, wearing a multicolored big mushroom hat.

The young man seemed to treat the various colors of its big mushroom hat as dye, and he would dip it with a paintbrush at any time.

< Name > Rainbow Mushroom

[Race Level]: Low-level transcendent

[Race Skill]: Luminous, colorful spores

[Introduction]: A plant that can emit a lot of light.

Spores of different colors have different effects.

At the same time, there is a magical substance on its body that can be used as a top-notch fluorescent dye.

Faced with relatively common transcendent creatures, Shi Yu didnt even need to scan it with his cell phone to know its specific information.

Perhaps because Shi Yu had been standing there for too long, the student raised his head and glanced at Shi Yu.

Shi Yu pointed at the box beside him.

On it were the words, “Price for painting, 100-1000 yuan for one.”

“Can you help me draw a few paintings”

“What do you want to draw” the student asked in a young voice.

“Four pictures of Ice Dragons from different angles.” Shi Yu originally planned to print them directly, but he changed his mind.

This students drawing skills were not bad, even better than those official artists in the workshops.

This painting looked like it was real, or maybe it was the magic of the Rainbow Mushroom.

In any case, it looked more real than the picture.

Why not just get someone to draw a few ice dragons for the Green Silkworm to observe The paintings had special effects, so it wasnt too much to ask the Green Silkworm to materialize a dragon with some snowy effects.

“Ice Dragon I can draw it, but it might take some time…”

“How long will it take”

“Three days, three days is enough.”

“Alright, do you have a cell phone” Shi Yu asked.

The student shook his head.

Shi Yu :”…”

He was as poor as Shi Yu was before! From the looks of it, Chen Kai and the others were still pretty rich.

Otherwise, they wouldnt have caused such a stir in Ping Chengs supplements industry.

“Then Ill give you money first.

Ill come back here in three days to take the painting,” said Shi Yu.

“No, its alright.

Ill draw first,” the student said.

“After Im done, you can decide the price.”

“You want me to decide” Shi Yu smiled.

It looked like the other party was very confident in his paintings.

The little painter also smiled and nodded.

Then, Shi Yu chatted for a while more and understood the other partys identity.

The other party had learned painting-related specializations and seemed to have good results.

His dream was to become a big painter, so he contracted the Rainbow Light Mushroom as a pet, planning to use it to assist in his painting.

Not all Beast Tamers contracted their pets for battle.

In this world, pets had long integrated into all walks of life.

Shi Yu decided to place the order.

However, in the end, because the other party didnt have a cell phone, Shi Yu could only run to print out pictures for the other party to observe.

At the same time, he forcefully handed the other party a 1,000 yuan deposit.

It was not easy for this little student to come out and rely on himself at such a young age.

He was worth supporting.

If he had not met rich lady Lu, he might be like him now.

However, he earned money by selling paintings, and he earned money by selling silk…

After entrusting the four Ice Dragon paintings, Shi Yu felt tired.

“Im tired again.”

“I clearly slept for a day and didnt do anything.

Why am I tired again”

Shi Yu felt that it was ridiculous.

Alright, lets go home and stop wandering around.

After Shi Yu returned home, Eleven and the Green Silkworm in the ruins were still very energetic.

Shi Yu was envious.

With nutritious food and the support of the ruins, the rapid recovery of absolute sleep, even if the two of them were exhausted, they could quickly recover after a short nap.

It was really enviable.

“If only the skill index could be used on myself.”

“High-speed healing, absolute sleep, these have to be arranged.”

Shi Yu knew that his Beast Taming Talent would increase as his Beast Tamer level increased.

Even the abilities of certain special talents would undergo a qualitative change.

Shi Yu was very curious.

Apart from increasing the page count, was there any possibility of changes in other aspects

Logically speaking, since there was such a talent as “sharing” and “fusion”, humans should still have some unknown potential…

However, there were also people who guessed that humans with this strange special talent might be born from mixed blood between humans and other transcendent creatures…

“When I take the vocation assessment, I should be able to see all kinds of Beast Taming Talent.

I wonder if I can meet the beast-eared girls.” Shi Yu still couldnt forget about it and was very curious about the unknown.

However, the most important thing now was to continue nurturing Eleven and the Green Silkworm.

< Name > Iron-eating Beast

[Level of Growth]: Level 9 Awakening

[Skill]: Hardening (Perfect), Thunder Palm (Expert), High Speed Healing (Expert), Super Sight (Expert), Deterrence (Expert), Absolute Sleep (Expert), Multiplication (Expert)

< Name > Green Silkworm

[Level of Growth]: Level 10 Awakening

[Skill]: Worm Silk (Transcendent), Absolute Sleep (Initiate), Illusory Phantom (Initiate)

On Elevens side, the various skills were enough for now, and its proficiency was basically qualified.

Therefore, Shi Yu planned to ignore it for the time being and let it train on its own.

Then, it would use a large amount of food and training to increase its growth level.

As for the Green silkworm, considering that it was also very hardworking, Shi Yu planned to give it Absolute Sleep until it was proficient and increase its training efficiency.

At the same time, he also wanted to level up the illusion skill to expert level.

This way, he felt that the Green Silkworms battle power could be initialized.

It might be difficult to fight a tenth-level commander-type pet, but he felt like they could fight against opponents of the same level as transcendent races.

Apart from that, the foundation for its evolution was also done.

At that time, the Green silkworm after the cocoon transformation would basically be in a sleep state.

The other Green silkworms would be in ordinary sleep at this time, but this silkworm would be using absolute sleep.

The benefits it would obtain would definitely be more, because it could absorb more nutrition.

Then, when the cocoon broke out, the Green silkworm with phantom illusion as a skill only needed to project the phantom image from the dreams onto itself, and the cocoon could break out however it wanted.

Whether it wanted to become a butterfly or a worm that leaped through the dragon gate or a phoenix that underwent nirvana, it was up to it.

Of course, for safety reasons, Shi Yu would definitely teach it a few more skills before it turned into a cocoon.

For example, high-speed healing, deterrence, and multiplication could actually be taught as well.

Whether or not the transcendent-level worm silk could still be upgraded depended on when Shi Yu had the energy.

After deciding to go to the Ancient Capital in July, Shi Yu temporarily only set his small goal to upgrade Absolute Sleep and Phantom Illusion to expert level before setting off.

He would leave the other plans for later.

“Buggy, this is for you.”

In the ruins, Eleven and the Green Silkworm suddenly discovered Shi Yu, who had entered.

Shi Yu walked over slowly with an ice dragon model and a photo bag.

“Wuu!!!” Eleven took a closer look and was disinterested when it realized that it wasnt a real Ice Dragon.

As for the green worm, its eyes lit up.


So cool!!

It looked at the exquisite ice dragon model and recalled the thing in its dream.

Compared to it, it immediately felt that what was created in its dream was quite dumb…

“Observe and imagine carefully.

Its accompanying you to sleep tonight.” Shi Yu chuckled.

The reason why he let the bug use the Ice Dragon as the first transformation template was mainly because he had quite a number of ice-element energy crystals and an unknown Ice Dragons Whisk.

These things could be very good props to increase the quality of the phantom.

“And this.” Shi Yu also handed the printed photo to the Green Silkworm.

He printed two copies, one for the little artist to use as a reference, and the other for Worm to see.

This was cheap, and it was only a few yuan.

“And your own pictures.”

Apart from that, Shi Yu took out a stack of photos.

This time, the images in the photos were Eleven in training and the sleeping Green Silkworm.

Shi Yu distributed the photo to Eleven and the Green Silkworm.

The Green Silkworm was alright, seeing it as an ordinary surprise.

As for Eleven, it looked at its photo and was quickly stunned.


“I took this secretly during your training.

Its a memento.” Shi Yu chuckled.

“Wu!!!” Eleven looked at the photo and was touched.

It even acknowledged itself.

It turned out that the scene of his hard work in training could still be recorded

He had to treasure it!

Eleven wanted to store the photo, but unfortunately, it didnt have a pocket.

It could only squeeze it between its furry arm and body.

At this moment, Eleven suddenly looked at Shi Yu.

Since the scenes during hard training could be recorded…

What about the heroic bearing scenes during battles!

The panda widened its eager eyes and looked at Shi Yu seriously.


Could he film it At that time, it would definitely be very handsome and cool.

Victory moments should be recorded more than training moments.

One represented the process, while the other represented the outcome.

Eleven felt that this photo was really good.

With this record, it felt like the gains from hard work had doubled.

Eleven always felt that there was something lacking after every training and battle.

Now, he had finally found it.

It lacked a record player!

Shi Yu :”…”

F*ck, I was just casually recording my life.

You want me to film a battle too

Other Beast Tamers command with all their might, and even have their talent increase… Why would he start taking photos with his cell phone Hed get beaten to death!

Shi Yu shuddered.

Under his influence, this panda seemed to be starting to have a narcissistic tendency…

“I dont know.

Im not sure.

I dont understand.

Im going to bed.”

Shi Yu decisively brushed it off and ran to sleep, leaving the confused little bear behind.

August 29.

With the good principle of having one high-level skill a day and being healthy, Shi Yu planned to spend six days to upgrade the two high-level skills of the Green Silkworm to expert level.

For the remaining time, he had to take some time to meditate and study.

With a large number of Ethereal Stones, leveling the Beast Taming Space within four months shouldnt be a problem.

Now, Shi Yu should be anxious about the written test in the vocation assessment!

The vocation assessment was divided into four parts: the basic test, written test, survival in the wild, and the ranking battle.

The basic test was to test if the Beast Tamers level did not meet the standard or the pets level did not meet the standard.

It was easier to test with a machine, so it was placed in the first test.

Next was the written test that all the candidates detested.

A professional Beast Tamer was definitely not a reckless person who only knew how to fight.

It required very high professionalism.

Although the appearance, skills, and race of thousands of common pets could not be said to be bad, they had to at least answer 95% of them to qualify.

In addition, there were also comprehensive questions about the habits, weaknesses, and battles of common pets.

Often, a bunch of people could be eliminated in this round.

In order to not fail this assessment, Shi Yu seemed to have returned to his high school life.

Fortunately, he felt that this thing was much better than memorizing English words.

Most importantly, he was interested.

In addition, his mental strength and memory were much stronger than in his previous life.

In this state, the learning efficiency would definitely be high, provided that he added fewer points.

Otherwise, the learning efficiency would quickly decrease…

“Control… control…”

As he shouted for control, Shi Yu made the Green Silkworms Absolute Sleep go to the proficient level.

With the increase in the level of Absolute Sleep, the Green Silkworms spiritual power and sleeping state also increased.

In addition, after staring at the Ice Dragon photo and model for a long time, the Ice Dragon that it had manifested looked a little like yesterday.

August 30th.

Shi Yu started to level up the phantom illusion skill.

The entry-level phantom image identification could simply materialize the phantom from its dream.

On the other hand, apart from the increase in the quality of the materialized illusions, the proficient level phantom image could already conjure more complicated illusions.

For example, like the fourth and fifth levels of the ruins, the illusions of dozens of creatures could be summoned.

However, the amount of materialization did not mean much to the green worm.

After all, Shi Yu planned to let it take the elite route.

What was materialized required the quality of strength.

In terms of the Green Silkworm, it was still developing steadily.

What really changed the quality of the Green Silkworm was the expert level phantom image.

Shi Yu had investigated the phantom illusion skill.

There were very few creatures who had mastered this racial skill, and their origins were very impressive.

The ones closest to people were the Nine-Tailed Illusion Fox of the monarch race.

The others were like the overlord races Dream Shells and the Lord of Nightmares.

Ordinary people couldnt come into contact with them at all.

Shi Yu estimated that the shell in the ruins was the Dream Shell.

It was a super rare creature that had appeared in the records of various countries less than ten times.

Because there were very few creatures who had mastered this skill, the relevant information was also very difficult to find.

Shi Yu had even found it in a paid paper, so the subscription fee was a large sum.

At the proficiency level, the pet could rely on external forces, such as props, to perfect the quality of the phantom.

At that time, if it transformed into an ice dragon again, those ice-element energy crystals might be useful.

Even more extreme was to use the dragon whiskers.

At the same time, on this day, the victory of Little Eleven and the Green Silkworms competition completely leaned towards the Green Silkworm…

Phantom illusion, in simple words, was an ability to strengthen the power in reality through mental and spatial abilities.

As long as ones mental strength and spatial attainments were strong enough, there was hope of rewriting reality.

After reaching the proficient level of Absolute Sleep and proficient level of Illusion, Shi Yu developed a dream mode for the green worm.

This was the combination skill of Absolute Sleep and Illusory Phantom.

First, enter a sleeping state.

Then, dream about yourself and project your phantom onto yourself to trap the baby.

In this way, the worm was equivalent to wearing a layer of the Green Silkworm Phantom Illusion.

Because it was affected by spiritual and spatial power, in this dream mode, the power of the Green Silkworms transparent worm silk and the strength of its body would be greatly improved.

At the same time, because it had been in an absolute sleep state, its physical recovery speed could be said to be very fast in this state.

In the ruins bead, Buggy showed its might and chased after Eleven.


Buggy finally stood up.

There was no pressure to suppress Eleven!

“Wuu!!!” Elevens lungs exploded in anger.

It didnt understand why he couldnt even defeat a worm.

Facing the Worm of Imagination in dream mode, pocket eleven could be said to be in indescribable pain and felt immense pressure.

Therefore, it could only become a bit bigger and instantly kill the Green Silkworm.

Green Silkworm: Ji… QAQ

Eleven: Sob, in order to punish itself, the training volume today would be doubled…


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