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This was a super rich woman suspected to be able to strengthen Elevens legendary level.


A purple summoning array condensed in front of Shi Yu.

Under Ji Mengzhus gaze, a chubby panda more than a meter tall came out with a pleasantly surprised expression.

What strong dark-element radiation!!!

Eleven, who had absorbed the meteorite fragment, instantly sensed that there were definitely other meteorite fragments here!!

“Wuu!!!” Eleven looked around and saw Ji Mengzhu.

It immediately opened its mouth wide in shock.

Lin Xiuzhu No, but it seemed like her.

Just like Shi Yu, Eleven was also stunned when it saw Senior Ji Mengzhu.

“Inner Power form… And its a royal…” Ji Mengzhu was slightly stunned when she saw the Iron-eating Beast Shi Yu summoned.

Then, she revealed an incredulous expression.

In her vision, the little Iron-eating Beast wasnt as it seemed.

Her eyes seemed to be able to see the hundred-meter-tall Nine Li form behind Eleven.

The terrifying black and white lightning intertwined and wrapped around the shocking body of a full-level royal deterrence.

This power instantly caused an incomparable impact on Ji Mengzhu.

“Monarch level, yes, but whats with this potential…”

As a legendary feeder of the Iron-eating Beast Corps, she had seen many Iron-eating Beasts.

Her understanding of Iron-eating Beasts was much stronger than Shi Yus.

Even during the period when Emperor Wu cultivated Iron-eating Beasts, she had given a lot of help and knew the Iron-eating Beast race very well.

However, Ji Mengzhu looked at Eleven in shock.

She saw through its endless potential at a glance.

Its foundation was probably even stronger than Emperor Wus Iron-eating Beast at the monarch level.

She looked at the gray-robed old man in front of her in shock.

Just now, she didnt care much about Shi Yu, who was only a level-six Beast Tamer at this age.

However, after discovering Elevens specialness, Ji Mengzhu was extremely shocked.

She didnt expect that the old mans cultivation level of the Iron-eating Beast had reached such an unbelievable level.

“How did you do it”

Even with the help of Zhong Xuan, it was definitely impossible to reach this stage…

“What do you mean how” Shi Yu pretended to be confused.

After a moment of silence, Ji Mengzhu said, “Can you tell me what the outside world has experienced in the past 2,000 years”

Shi Yu nodded and said, “After Emperor Wu and Yun An perished together, Dong Huang fell into the totem war.

The Emperor Wu Dynasty was destroyed and experienced an era of hundreds of years of separation.

During this period, although many powerful Beast Tamers who could fight against totems appeared among the Dong Huang humans, they didnt complete the unification of the country.”

“It was not until hundreds of years later that an empress ascended to the legendary level and completed the unification of Dong Huang again.

She expelled many totems from the east and suppressed the world.

However, after that, Dong Huang experienced three more totem wars.

Until 180 years ago, the totem war ended again by a new human legendary.”

Ji Mengzhu was silent.

Although she had already expected many things to happen in 2000 years, she didnt expect Dong Huang to experience so many war periods.

“Therefore, this place shouldnt be Dong Huang, right”

“If it was an ancient country that had been unified, it shouldnt have been invaded by the Yun clan.”

She looked out of the void and said, “I can sense that totem-level Yun clan in the outside world.”

“Indeed not.

This is a totem country called the Heavenly Fox Nation outside Dong Huang.”

“Then are you a human from Dong Huang”

“Of course.

Otherwise, I wouldnt have been able to obtain Senior Chong Xuans recognition.

I came here because the descent of this ruin is related to the Iron-eating Beast, so Dong Huang takes it especially seriously.”

“Then, Senior Ji, can you tell me whats going on here”

Ji Mengzhu looked at Shi Yu and said, “Sure, you should know that after Emperor Wu and Yun An perished together, Dong Huang was in chaos.

The Yun clan and the totem races invaded Dong Huang, and a new round of totem battles erupted.”

“Among them, because the Yun clan was afraid of the Iron-eating Beasts and the Iron-eating Beast Army, they issued a genocide order to the Iron-eating Beasts.

Under the pressure of the situation, apart from the Iron-eating Beasts that can still fight, we brought many Iron-eating Beasts that had yet to form battle power to disperse and hide in order to make a comeback.”

“Iron-eating beasts cant be exterminated.”

“I led one of the teams, but because my whereabouts were exposed, I was surrounded and killed by the totem general of the Yun clan.

The army escorting us started a huge battle with the Yun clan general.

After a battle, we were no match for him.

We could only sacrifice our lives and use an ancient sealed ruin to seal the Yun clan general here.”

“As well as seal those Iron-eating Beast cubs here.”

“This is a time-type ruin passed down from ancient times.

The sealing power is powerful, and the highest it can seal is a top-notch totem.

Unfortunately, the target sealed wont die with the passage of time.

It can restrict its movements, but it cant completely kill the other party.”

“After that, I turned into the array spirit of the ruins and suppressed the Yun clans general.

During the seal, time stopped flowing.

It was only in recent years that I woke up because the seal loosened and the power of the Yun clans general leaked.”

“You saw it too.” She looked into the ruins and said, “The interior of the ruins has already been corroded by these powers.

As the spirit of the ruins, in order to ensure that those Iron-eating Beast cubs arent corroded by these powers, I teleported them out.”

“However, if this continues, its only a matter of time before this Yun clan general breaks through the seal.

In the end, it only treats the symptoms but not the root cause.

And this ruin no longer has any excess power to reinforce the seal.”

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