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After about an hour, Shi Yu and the others finished moving.

During this period, the mechanical Tyrant Dragon and the Duckbill Beast… were still fighting in the dragon circle.

Shi Yu and the others dealt with these two guys in the end.

“Stop fighting.” Shi Yu sighed and pulled out the mechanical Tyrant Dragon and the Duckbill Beast.

The two of them glared at each other, neither willing to give in.

Shi Yu smiled and said, “I got Buggy to create a training ground for you.

You cant tell whos stronger now.

You can fight after training and becoming stronger.”

“Its very suitable for you to train your strength.”

“Roar (What)” The mechanical Tyrant Dragon turned its head curiously.

It urgently needed strength!!

Now, perfectly defeating the duck that threatened its position as the king of the earth had become the mechanical Tyrant Dragons main motivation.

“Quack! (Where…)” The Duckbill Beast also revealed a sharp gaze.

It also urgently needed strength now.

No matter what, it had to make this guy who was trying to expand land and conquer the sea realize who the real boss was.

“There.” Shi Yu pointed at the teleportation array over there and said, “I got Buggy to create an illusion domain in the new space.”

“There are ten guardians there.

They are the ten illusions created by Buggy through Elevens hardening substance, its worm silk, Baby Ginsengs whiskers, Chi Tongs feathers, and Susus water drop.”

“Its considered Eleven and the others baby form.”

“Next, you have to pass ten levels and defeat your seniors baby form phantoms.

Every level you pass, there are resource rewards.

Believe me, after passing, your strength will undergo a tremendous change.”

The mechanical Tyrant Dragon and the Duckbill Beast were stunned.

Eleven, Buggy, Baby Ginseng, Chi Tong, Susus transcendent and commander-level illusions

The two of them revealed calm expressions.

When the opponent didnt have the strength of a monarch, that unreachable figure might not be impossible for them to touch!

The mechanical Tyrant Dragon and the Duckbill Beast quickly entered the new space and ran to the training domain Shi Yu had prepared for them.

As soon as they stepped in, they saw the guardian of the first level.

It was a palm-sized green worm that was sleeping.

Seeing this, both the huge mechanical Tyrant Dragon and the Duckbill Beast that had eaten many bugs smiled.

“Heh.” The Tyrant Dragon was like a husky.

“Quack.” The Duckbill Beast also smiled and entered something like puberty.

That was it

“Roar!!! (Ill go first!)” The Tyrant Dragon roared and directly took a step forward, stepping on the ground.

With a boom, a huge earthquake wave swept towards the Green Silkworm sleeping on the lawn!!

Seeing this, the mechanical Tyrant Dragon thought that victory was in its grasp.

However, in the next moment, the Green Silkworm phantom opened its eyes tiredly and looked at the sweeping shock wave.

It yawned.

Its body gradually turned ethereal.

Expert level, Concealment!


The earthquake directly swept across, not hitting the Green Silkworm phantom at all.

Then, the Green Silkworm turned around and changed its posture, stunning the mechanical Tyrant Dragon.

“Ji! (Trash!)”

In the next moment, the Green Silkworm Phantoms expert level super vision locked onto the mechanical Tyrant Dragon.

It accumulated strength in its mouth, and the Dao Proficiency worm silk formed a “white sharp spear” that penetrated the mechanical Tyrant Dragon!!


The white line spat out of its mouth shot out at a high speed like a bow.

Its destructive power seemed to be able to penetrate steel in one hit.

Its speed was so fast that only an afterimage could be seen, stunning the mechanical Tyrant Dragon again!


The Worm Silk Spear penetrated the mechanical Tyrant Dragons body, causing its body to directly cave in, making it widen its eyes.

With a retch, it almost vomited out the soil it had eaten for lunch.

It felt that all the bones in its body were about to shatter instantly.

A shocking wound even appeared on its body.

Then, its body was smashed out like a cannonball!!


It landed on the ground in the distance.

“Ji.” The Green Silkworm phantom glanced at the Duckbill Beast, yawned again, and continued sleeping.

Duck Beak Beast:

The Duckbill Beast looked at the extremely miserable mechanical Tyrant Dragon that flew backward and then at the Green Silkworm Phantom in front of it.

It opened its beak wide and looked at Shi Yu beside it.

It was as if he was saying that this monster was transcendent

Shi Yu said, “Transcendent, yes.

Its energy value isnt necessarily higher than your normal state and explosive power.

Its just that the accompanying moves and skill proficiency are a little unscientific.”

“Next, try to overcome the pressure brought about by their baby forms first.

By fighting them, you will understand that you still have a long way to go.”

“The world is very big.

Dont just set your sights on whats immediately in front of you.

No matter how long the two of you fight, you wont be able to improve much.

Lets broaden your horizons first.”

The mechanical Tyrant Dragon and the Duckbill Beast fell into deep thought.

As expected of an overlord race, the Tyrant Dragon was still resistant to beatings.

It actually wasnt insta-killed after taking a hit from the worm silk.

However, he still had a crisis.

This was… the first level

Then… What was behind it

They suspected that Shi Yu was lying to them!!

Was this the strength of a green worm

“This is the battle power of your Senior Buggy when it was at the transcendent level.

There was even a video record at that time…”

“By the way, theres a time limit for each level.

If you cant clear it in the specified time, the food in the future will be halved.”

Mechanical Tyrant Dragon, Duck Beak Beast:

“However, challenging illusions doesnt necessarily have to be 1VS1.

If you really cant defeat it, the two of you can also team up.

Working together also counts.”

After Shi Yu finished speaking with a smile, the mechanical Tyrant Dragon and the Duckbill Beast looked at each other and turned around.

Who the hell wanted to cooperate!!

“All the best, Im leaving! Call me if you need anything!”

After arranging the “path to godhood” for the two members of Team Two, Shi Yu slipped away.

To be honest, it was a little difficult to defeat a member of the team with the “strength of points”.

However, the Mechanical Tyrant Dragon could rely on Lings research ability to constantly perfect its race and upgrade, while the Duck Beak Beast could rely on Susu and Baby Ginsengs research to gradually recover the power of the Abyss Demon Duck.

Perhaps, even without adding points, they could slowly defeat Eleven and the others of the same level.


Shi Yu nodded.

If they couldnt defeat it, they could still cooperate.

It wasnt a big problem.

Compared to the “Baby Fighting Training Method” of the members of the second team, the members of the first team were also about to start the super skills and training that they enjoyed torturing each other.

Shi Yu took a deep breath and walked towards Buggy and the others calmly…


Working overtime.


Time passed.


Two months later.

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