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At the same time, during this process, he also gave the mechanical dragon an attack command!!


However, it was “Lu Bai” who attacked first, aiming at the mechanical dragon in the sky.

An invisible blue light flashed at the muzzle of the sniper rifle.

Right on the heels of that, an ordinary combination skill with the sniper rifle as the carrier and the Nether Ghost Flame and wind element as the energy source was born.

“Netherstorm Cannon…”

In the next moment, the blue light shot out and turned into a blue beam.

The moment the beam left the muzzle, a terrifying energy was released.

The beam shot by the small sniper rifle suddenly displayed a change that shocked Lendi and the mechanical dragon.

Under the light, at this moment, the caliber of the sniper rifle seemed to have enlarged to an unbelievable extent.

Under the light, a terrifying shock wave nearly ten meters in diameter bloomed from the muzzle.

At this moment, “Lu Bai” seemed to be holding an annihilation cannon that wanted to destroy the entire arena!!

Master Qians pupils constricted.

Fortunately, it was shooting at the sky!


The moment the beam of light ten meters in diameter bloomed, the air around the arena froze.

The strong winds on both sides suddenly squeezed towards the mechanical dragon, fixing it in the attack trajectory of the blue flames…

Under the lingering of the hurricane, the terrifying blue flames gradually turned into a blue hurricane shock wave that attacked, making the mechanical dragon roar with difficulty.


At this moment, as the mechanical dragon roared, three golden lightning bolts lingered in the two cannon muzzles on its shoulders and its mouth.

The electromagnetic cannon was ready!!


On the mechanical dragons side, the moment the three electromagnetic cannons were fired, they wrapped around each other and also became a terrifying golden electromagnetic cannon combination skill!

At this moment, Divine Winds Lendi didnt even think about it.

He directly used his spatial armor to teleport to “Lu Bai”‘s side and carry out the “decapitation strategy”.

However, he completely underestimated the power of this sniper cannon.

The three-in-one electromagnetic cannon spat out by the mechanical dragon first squeezed together with the Nether Hurricane Cannon.

The shocking collision sound lingered in the air, but in an instant, the incomparably powerful three-in-one electromagnetic cannon was directly swallowed by the terrifying Nether Hurricane Cannon!!

With a boom, the electromagnetic cannon sank into the flames and disappeared.

Then, the Nether Hurricane Cannon continued to emit powerful fluctuations that swallowed the mechanical dragon!!


The Nether Hurricane Cannon advanced quickly, making the mechanical dragons pupils shrink.

Its claws tore at the Hurricane Cannon, but submerged in the light of this sniper shot, its resistance was very weak.

In an instant, its entire body was swallowed by the blue ghost fire swept by the hurricane!!

After devouring the mechanical dragon, the power of the Nether Hurricane Cannon did not decrease.

It still pushed towards the sky, as if it wanted to rush out of this planet.

Its power was so terrifying that it instantly dyed the sky blue!!

Moreover, it penetrated a vortex-like hole!!!

It dispersed the black clouds!!

The entire audience was stunned!

“Lu Bai” calmly put away the sniper rifle and pointed the muzzle down.

He sensed the enemys movements that were not restricted by the mechanical dragon at all.

At the same time.

Lendi, who was wearing silver-red armor, appeared in the air behind “Lu Bai”.

At this moment, Lu Bai was still looking straight at the beautiful blue sky.

Behind him, Lendi revealed a crazy expression.

He aimed his palm at “Lu Bai” and red flames condensed.

But at this moment, Lu Bai seemed to have eyes on the back of his head.

His reaction speed was even more unimaginable than Lendi in mechanical armor.

“Go to hell!!”


A huge flame shot out of Lendis palm, but what made Lendis crazy expression stop again was that his opponents figure directly disappeared in his attack range.


The flames burned the ground.

But in the next moment, Lendi felt something pressing against his back.

At a higher altitude, “Lu Bai” went behind Lendi at a speed invisible to the naked eye.

He raised his sniper rifle slightly and aimed at Lendis back.

At the same time, a transcendent-level deterrence wrapped around Lendis entire body, making his expression stiffen and cold sweat fall.

At this moment, Lendi felt the hand of Death touching him.

The cold touch made it difficult for him to move.

Lendi revealed an incomprehensible expression.

“Impossible!!!” he shouted.

Impossible, how could this person be so strong!!

Although he later realized that Lu Bai was not simple, after two exchanges, Lendi seemed to have fallen into an abyss.

He looked up at the unreachable sky and was unable to touch it.

“In my opinion, youre no different from the Thousand River Hundred God and the Demon Blade Shen Di.”

As soon as “Lu Bai” finished speaking, with a boom, the cannon that controlled the power directly swallowed Lendis entire body, making his pupils shrink!


At the same time, gravel flew everywhere, and a huge pit more than ten meters in diameter appeared on the ground!

The terrifying shock wave directly embedded Lendi and the armor underground.


As the huge pit appeared and as Lendi himself was suppressed, Elises gaze exploded.

All the spectators were stunned.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!!!

Right on the heels of that, countless mechanical parts fell from the sky like rain.

Along with them was the shocking mechanical dragon from before.

At this moment, there was not a single intact place on its body.

Its entire body was frozen and burned by the blue ghost flames, filled with the scratches of wind blades.

Its gaze closed as it fell from the sky.

With a boom, it also smashed a huge pit in the arena!

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