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“I remember that Lu Qingyi, Tong Yan, and even Divine Bell are all single.

If you have such thoughts, theyre undoubtedly more outstanding.

Theyre not what a mere Beast Tamer from the island country can compare to.”

Shi Yu smiled bitterly and said, “Dont worry, I know the severity.

Do I look like someone who cant resist temptation”

Tyrannical Sea Legend: “Yes.”

Shi Yu : “…”

Damn it!

“Lets not talk about this anymore.” Seeing that the Tyrannical Sea Legend was so bored, Shi Yu coughed dryly and said, “Uncle Yu, hows the situation on the path to champion”

“Ji Feng stopped at the tenth level, and Zou Yun stopped at the eighth level,” Tyrannical Sea Legend said, not too surprised.

Shi Yu was stunned.

Ji Feng was alright, but what was wrong with Heavenly King Zou!

This time, he could already imagine… Heavenly King Zou being scolded on the trending list.

It was alright.

They were different after all.

“By the way, didnt they also say that after passing the tenth level of the Road of Champions, you can enter the seven island Mythical Ruins to cultivate for seven days” Shi Yu said.

“Is there any information about this Mythical Ruins What are the specific cultivation effects inside”

Shi Yu began to think about his most important reward.

Tyrannical Sea Legend nodded and said, “Ive already obtained the information.

This Mythical Ruins is a ruin that increases the efficiency of skill training.

In theory, in seven days, it can allow the pet cultivating inside to train a super skill that has just entered the entry level to nearly expert level and master it at a very fast speed.”

“Of course, if the skill trained by the pet is at the expert level, its still effective.

The rule is that the lower the skill proficiency, the easier it is to increase.

And vice versa.

Its said that with this ruin, it can steadily nurture overlord-level pets.

The effect is comparable to a renewable legendary resource.”

“However, every time this ruin opens, it consumes a huge amount of resources.

The cost-effective ratio of nurturing ordinary overlords isnt high, and its only suitable for geniuses.

If nothing goes wrong, the two legendary world contestants from the seven islands and the Phoenix Court that you came into contact with must have cultivated here.”

Shi Yu: “”


That was it

Seven days Just add more points, right

The cultivation effect of the Mythical Ruins was only at this level

Compared to the seven island Mythical Ruins, adding points could also train the pets will and physique.

In comparison, Shi Yu immediately felt bored.

Shi Yu compared it to the Mythical Ruins that Senior Lu had cracked.

The Mythical Ruins that Senior Lu cracked gave her the corresponding Mythical bloodline of the five pets and even inherited five perfect Mythical Revival skills… In comparison, although the Seven Islands Mythical Ruins couldnt be said to be useless, it was useless to Shi Yu, who had the skill index.

It wasnt as attractive to him as the ruins that Senior Lu cracked.

As expected, Mythical ruins were also divided into levels.

Thats right… It was impossible for the seven islands to open the ridiculous ruins to outsiders.

“Seven days of cultivation is not bad.

Most importantly, all the contracted pets can enter together.

If used appropriately, it will welcome a very good increase,” Tyrannical Sea Legend said.

Shi Yu thought for a moment and shook his head.

“Transfer this opportunity to Big Brother Zheng Hai.

Im now Lu Bai, so its not convenient for Eleven and the others to enter the ruins to cultivate.

Moreover, seven days is not very meaningful for my strength to increase.

Isnt Zheng Hais pet only a little away from the overlord level Using this opportunity, perhaps Dong Huang can immediately have a new legendary Beast Tamer.”

Shi Yu said decisively on account of the Tyrannical Sea Legends Infinite Devour! Upon hearing that, the Tyrannical Sea Legend was stunned.

This was because Zheng Hai was his disciple.

He completely didnt expect Shi Yu to say that he would give the opportunity to enter the Mythical Ruins to Zheng Hai.

“The price will be discounted according to legendary resources.

Friendly price.” Shi Yu looked up and said, “Uncle Yu, are you paying or Zheng Hai”

Selling this opportunity to buy supplements to increase points was more cost-effective.

Tyrannical Sea Legend:

“Cough, cough.” Legend Sea Tyrants scalp went numb.

“Although I dont know what youre thinking, you can talk to Zheng Hai yourself later.”

“As for him, if he wants that Leviathan to perfectly advance to overlord, he didnt miss any super skill proficiency upgrade chances, so his progress is a little slow.

He should indeed want this cultivation opportunity in the ruins very much.”

“If he doesnt have enough money, you can come to me.”

“Alright, its just a gesture.

Im mainly afraid that you and Brother Zheng Hai will feel embarrassed if I give it to you for free,” Shi Yu said with a chuckle.

The corners of Tyrannical Sea Legends mouth twitched.

This guy really knew how to talk!

However, the Tyrannical Sea Legend had a good impression of Shi Yu at this moment.

After all, the one who cleared the level was Shi Yu, but the one who benefited was his disciple.

He didnt become a bodyguard for nothing.

Wait a minute, after Zheng Hai reached the Legendary level and participated in the World Tournament, would he also have to be Shi Yus bodyguard With Shi Yus courting death level… The Tyrannical Sea Legends scalp went numb again.


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