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Eleven had obtained the overlords will by adding points.

In theory, his willpower wouldnt be low after experiencing so much pain!

“Beast Tamer of the seven islands, Phoenix Court Jie Yi.

Level, quasi legendary.” Jie Yis red lips swayed slightly as she said, “The higher-ups of the association asked me to approach you and build a good relationship with you.”

Shi Yu: “”

Initially, Shi Yu was still thinking about how to reject the other party, but the moment the other party spoke, Shi Yu couldnt do it anymore.

Shes showing her hand

How could she use a beauty trap like this

Did she know how to play

No, that wasnt right.

Instinct told Shi Yu that this girls skill was very high… He had to be careful.

Shi Yu said with a pale face, “Cough, Im sorry.

I have an infectious disease and dont like to make friends.”

In the alternate space, the gem cat looked at the two people fighting and shook its head, happily munching on melon seeds.

In the outside world, Jie Yi was silent for a moment.

He indeed looked sick.

However, she smiled and said, “Its alright.

I have the Phoenix bloodline in my body.

Im immune to all diseases.

Since I was young, there have been no diseases that can get close to me.”

Shi Yu was slightly stunned.

Wait a minute, Phoenix bloodline

Jie Yi of the Phoenix Court said, “Ive heard of your deeds.

If the higher-ups let me come into contact with others, I wont hesitate to tell them to get lost, but Im still very interested in experts.”

“Even I might not necessarily be able to clear the path of the champion.

Youre very strong, and most importantly, youre not ugly.

Even as a future partner, I wont be very against the idea.

How about it Do you want to try getting to know each other”

Shi Yus heart was like still water.

He took a deep breath.

If not for the fact that he had many female fans in Dong Huang and was already used to confessions, he would have been tempted.


Shi Yu was just about to reject her when the Phoenix Courts Jie Yi said, “By the way, isnt there a mystic realm crack in the bet between Dong Huang and the seven islands Im from the Phoenix God Shrine.

Our divine temple has an unsolved mystic realm.

Do you want to take a look”

“Although its very difficult to crack, I think the Beast Tamer of Dong Huang will be very interested in the mystic realm of the Phoenix Race, right”

“Apart from that, there are many interesting things on Phoenix Mountain.”

Shi Yu was stunned.

Phoenix… Shrine

Shi Yu looked at this witch.

As expected, Phoenix bloodline, witch.

He was wondering what was wrong.

So, this guys teacher was the legend of the seven islands who accidentally entered the Phoenix Mystic Realm

Shi Yu fell into deep thought and silence.

If she wanted to talk about this, it was a different story.


Did she know what it meant to play with fire and “lure a wolf into the house”

“Alright.” Shi Yu nodded and looked at the beautiful witch opposite him.

“But I have to wait for my companions.”


Seeing that Shi Yu had agreed, Jie Yi immediately understood that Shi Yu still couldnt withstand her attack.

After giving Shi Yu an “exploration mystic realm”, Shi Yu took the bait.

At that time, as long as she provided some more information about the Phoenix Mystic Realm and strategies, Shi Yu would definitely have a good impression of her 1 1 1 1.

Unfortunately, the Phoenix Mystic Realm was destined to not be cracked by ordinary people.

During this period of time, Shi Yu and the others would waste it.

“Then its decided.” The Phoenix Courts Jie Yi smiled.


In order to let this person leave faster, Shi Yu immediately agreed.

Then, Jie Yi left, leaving Shi Yu behind to think about life…

He hoped that after tearing down the Phoenix Mystic Realm, this witch wouldnt transform into a witch and curse him.


Soon after that day, the Tyrannical Sea Legend and the others returned from the Crown Rainbow Mountain Range.

After returning, Tyrannical Sea Legend immediately met Shi Yu alone.

“Theres something wrong with you!!!”

As soon as they met, the Tyrannical Sea Legend widened his eyes and said, “So, the greatest gain from your trip with Senior Ying is not that you gathered the energy of the Starry Sky Egg, but that you casually caught an Abyss demigod reincarnation”

“Yes, yes,” Shi Yu said.

“My luck is really good…”

Tyrannical Sea Legend:

He opened his mouth slightly.

This, what was this!

Shi Yu, this kid… This couldnt be attributed to luck anymore, right

Was he some Mythical creature that cultivated luck

Shi Yu smiled in embarrassment.

“Lets talk about this when we return to Dong Huang.

The main problem now is still business.

Business, business in the seven islands.”

The corners of the Tyrannical Sea Legends mouth twitched.

It felt like even if the reason they came here didnt work out, this trip would not be a loss.

“By the way, the surveillance cameras at the base today captured the vicinity of the Phoenix Courts Jie Yi.

They captured your contact with her.

Did something happen between the two of you” Legend Sea Tyrant took a deep breath and temporarily forgot about the Abyss Demon Duck Shi Yu mentioned and talked to Shi Yu about “business”.

“Shes the personal disciple of the legendary Beast Tamer who accidentally entered the Phoenix Mystic Realm.

Both of them are dedicated to cracking the Phoenix Mystic Realm.”

“Its not a big deal.” Shi Yu touched his chin and said, “The Seven Islands Association probably asked her to rope me in.

Then, she invited me to play at the Phoenix God Shrine later.

I agreed.”

“Well go over sooner or later anyway.”

Tyrannical Sea Legend : “…”

He had never seen anyone court death like this.

“I understand,” the Tyrannical Sea Legend said.

“But I have to remind you… dont fall for the beauty trap of the seven islands.

Well, it also includes Shen Feng, Tingxiang, Rongguang, Ming Hua, and Xue Yuan.

Youre indeed not young anymore.

If you have any thoughts, our Dong Huang also has many outstanding female Beast Tamers.”


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