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Seven Islands Region, Star Wilderness Island, Bonfire Village.

This was an ordinary village.

There were a total of three professional Beast Tamers in the village, and the highest level was only an intermediate Beast Tamer.

Even if such a village faced the invasion of commander-level ferocious beasts, it would quickly become ruins without external help.

And today, a super ferocious beast that stood above transcendent, commander, monarch, and even overlord descended on this place.

“Meow ~ Found it.”

Standing on the roof, a creature with a wedge-shaped head and dark eyelids covered its blue eyes swung its long and fluffy tail in boredom, calling out to someone.


At the same time, its gaze kept sizing up the altar in the abandoned area of the village.

“Ive found the Space Emperor Altar, but it looks broken.

Who knows if it can still be used”

“Found it Double joy.” Another figure quickly appeared.

He sat in the house and said, “By the way, Teacher Cat, Ive also figured out the origin of that duck just now.”

The gem cat turned around.


“What” It asked with interest.

“So its edible”

Shi Yu chuckled.

“In its previous life, it was the demigod lord of the Abyss Sea, the embodiment of pollution and radiation.

Are you sure you want to eat it”

“Its alright if you have diarrhea.

Im afraid youll mutate into an Abyss Demon Cat.”

“What!!” The gem cat shouted with a shocked expression.

Wait… demigod overlord of the Abyss Sea!!

What a joke!!!

It widened her gem eyes and looked at Shi Yu.

However, how did he come up with such a low-level name like Abyss Demon Cat

“Im not kidding.”

“Im thinking that if we can apply for a large number of cultivation resources with the Blue Sea Sprite, how much can we apply for to modify this duck…”

“The Environmental Protection Departments Shi Yu, Susu, and the Guardian Cat Ying… After countless hardships and life-and-death crises, they subdued the boss of the Abyss Sea… This achievement is a good start for the Environmental Protection Department,” Shi Yu muttered.

Its performance was better than the other thirteen bureaus!

It wasnt too much to get a promotion and a raise, right

“Theres credit for me too” The gem cat was stunned and revealed a knowing expression.

“Forget it, lets take a look at this egg first.” Shi Yu took out the Space Beast Egg.

He looked at the Space Emperor Ruins the gem cat had found.

“Wait, tell me about the duck first!” The gem cat was angry.

He was just leaving it halfway! What exactly is going on!

“Uh.” Shi Yu scratched his cheek.


Shi Yu sighed and told the gem cat about the “Reincarnation Fruit”.

Shi Yu was actually unwilling to tell the gem cat about the “Reincarnation Fruit”.

The reason was very simple…

As expected, just as Shi Yu finished speaking, the gem cats eyes lit up.

It instantly forgot about the Abyss Demon Duck and said, “Tell me, Im so powerful.

Could it be that in my previous life, I was a half-god empress and also the king of totems I even left me many precious treasures in my previous life…”

The gem cat felt that the possibility was very high.

After all, it was too special as a gem cat.

Other gem cats could only use one gem to evolve and could only evolve once.

As for it, it could use many pieces to constantly evolve without limit.

No matter how one looked at it, it was very unscientific.

Even if it was a mutation, there had to be a reason.

In its previous life, being a big boss was a possibility.

The gem cat revealed a shining gaze and felt that its demigod path was on this Reincarnation Fruit.

“No…” Shi Yu said,” Im afraid you were also a villain in your previous life.

If you eat the Reincarnation Fruit and cant control yourself, Ill be finished… ”

The gem cat: “Give me one, give me one.

I can control myself! Dont you believe in my will”

Shi Yu shook his head crazily and very quickly.

Yes, he didnt believe it!

This half-god reincarnation had its own overlord will, but this…

Shi Yu said, “Well talk about it when I become a legendary Beast Tamer and can suppress totems with a flip of my hand.”

The gem cat:

This guy wanted to suppress it!

To be precise, the Space Emperor Ruins was at the edge of a dilapidated altar.

After the gem cat isolated a large area from its perception of this place, Shi Yu came here with the egg.

According to the parchment, as long as the Starry Sky Egg was placed in the groove of the altar, it would automatically activate the ruins array and let the egg absorb the starlight to accumulate the nutrients for hatching.

Shi Yu compared it to the altar and took a deep breath.

He placed the Space Beast Egg on it…

According to the description, the normal reaction was that when the pet egg absorbed the power of the stars, a faint halo would spread.

The absorption process would last 24 to 48 hours.

After absorbing enough specific nutrients, the light would dim and stop absorbing.

Therefore, after putting the pet egg on it, Shi Yu was very nervous.

He was afraid that the altar would break, that the egg wouldnt light up, or that the egg had already become a bad guy and couldnt be absorbed normally.

After all… it had been so long.


Shi Yu and the gem cat beside him stopped breathing and looked at the Space Beast Egg nervously.

1 second, 2 seconds, 3 seconds…

A few seconds later…

A weak halo spread from the white-striped pet egg!

White and purple intertwined!!!

“It can be used!” Seeing this, Shi Yu was overjoyed.

His expression was filled with surprise.

“I feel better, I feel better.”

When the gem cat saw this, it said, “I mean, is there a possibility that when the time comes, three altars can be used, but the last altar cant be used, causing the hatching progress of the egg to be stuck at 3/4.

It cant hatch and becomes a useless egg.

I dont like useless eggs.”


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