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Dong Huangs challenger instantly killed a genius ranked in the top ten of the new generation of Beast Tamers on the seven islands!

Looking at the cold ice sculpture, the faces of the seven island Beast Tamers also froze.

Their expressions froze.

Even Ji Feng and the other Beast Tamers of Dong Huang were suddenly shocked when they heard the judgment of the legend of the Warring States.

Everyone looked at Shi Yu, who was walking deeper into the Crown Rainbow Mountain Range.

“Just now, the energy wave of that ice-element pet increased to nearly 6 million.”

“An ice-element skill that freezes time What race is this…”

“Dont tell me… its time…”

Putting a top-notch master with vigorous physical fitness and good strength like Quan Zhongye in the first level, the Beast Tamers of the seven islands could tell that the difficulty of the champion path this time had increased more than a little.

When they challenged back then, the first guardian wasnt that strong.

For example, this Quan Zhongye had also challenged the path of the champion and even reached the sixth level.

Who would believe that he was only strong enough to be stationed as the first guardian

However, just as the Beast Tamers of the seven islands thought that even if the friends from Dong Huang could pass a few levels this time it would be difficult… This happened.

Perhaps it was carelessness, or perhaps it was underestimating the enemy.

No matter what, Quan Zhongye didnt even have the chance to react before it was insta-killed by the opponent and the Beast Tamer.

This outcome undoubtedly made the hearts of the Beast Tamers of the seven islands heavy.

It also made the hearts of the legends of the seven islands and the legend of the Warring States who organized this exchange heavy!!

This time, the plan of the seven islands was to control Dong Huangs level before the eighth level.

It definitely couldnt exceed the ninth level.

If Dong Huang broke through the fifth, sixth, and seventh levels, the seven islands would open some cultivation mystic realms to the contestants who cleared it.

This was nothing.

After all, they couldnt let Dong Huang return empty-handed.

Even if they opened it, it wouldnt affect the seven islands too much.

As for contestant Dong Huang breaking through the eighth level, the seven islands needed to publicize the ruins mystic realm that they had not successfully cracked for Dong Huang to explore.

Then, the benefits would be divided 60-40.

Dong Huang would take 40 and the Islands 60.

The seven islands could accept this.

In any case, they couldnt crack it themselves.

If they let Dong Huang help crack it, they could still get more than half the benefits.

With the World Tournament imminent and the urgent lack of resources, it was still a good deal.

And if Dong Huang broke through the ninth level, the price would not be something the seven islands could bear.

Not only did they have to publicize the unsolved ruins mystic realm to Dong Huang, but if Dong Huang successfully cracked it, the benefits would all belong to Dong Huang.

It would be fine if Dong Huang didnt crack it successfully.

Dong Huang would have passed the ninth level for nothing.

But if Dong Huang really gained something, the seven islands would cry.

However, at the same time, as a bet, if Dong Huang didnt pass the ninth level, Dong Huang would have to spend a lot in this transaction between the two countries.

It would have to sell many Dong Huang resources to the seven islands at a low price.

At the same time, when the seven islands exchange team headed to Dong Huang, Dong Huang also needed to open a certain number of ruins and mystic realms.

This outcome was something the seven islands were happy to see.

The tenth level also had a bet that could not be won.

However, the bet was not as big as the ninth level.

Dong Huang also knew that the tenth level was not easy to break through.

Therefore, the result that the seven islands wanted to see the most was that contestant Dong Huang could not break through the ninth level and falling in the ninth level.

Therefore, from the first level, the seven islands had arranged seven powerful elites at different levels on the road to champion.

Quan Zhongye was originally a good candidate, but the higher-ups of the seven islands didnt expect this guy to be so weak… He was actually insta-killed in one move!

“Time-element skill…” Of course, the seven island legends with serious expressions also knew that this didnt seem to be all Quan Zhongyes fault.

Time element.

It had always been the most mysterious attribute.

Even spatial attributes couldnt compare.

Today, be it the seven countries or the totem countries, when talking about Dong Huang, the legendary figure they thought of the most was definitely Emperor Shi.

Even if the subsequent legends had similarly ended the totem war, as the first emperor of Dong Huang, as the most unpredictable time-element emperor in history, Emperor Shis reputation on the entire Blue Planet was unshakable!

Apart from the fact that he was the first legendary Beast Tamer to end the totem era, it was also because he was the Beast Tamer on Blue Planet who had cultivated his time strengthening talent to the highest level.

Be it time-element skills or time-element pets, they were all extremely rare.

Even if the entire country was mobilized, it was very difficult to nurture outstanding time-element species.

A time-element pet of a monarch race was even harder to find than a spatial pet of an overlord race, let alone other types.

Therefore, at this moment, seeing that Shi Yus pet had mastered a time skill that could freeze time, how could these seven island Beast Tamers not be shocked

Although Susus Heavenly Frost Cold Energy was only entry-level, the power it displayed just now was definitely not as simple as entry-level super skills.

The powerful thing about this “special energy” skill was that it could perfectly integrate other whiteboards skills of the same element and inherit the proficiency of other skills.

If Eleven learned White Thunder in the future, it would be the same.

It could also display stronger power through skills like Thunder Palm.

“Holy **, this guy.” On the Beast Tamers side, Heavenly King Zou was stunned.

Before the start, he was still worried about this ridiculously weak white-haired guy.

In the end, Heavenly King Zou suddenly realized that this guy was much fiercer than he imagined.


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