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Chapter 50: The Might of the Thunder Palm

The Bamboo Stone Dojo was very large.

There were three training grounds the size of a stadium alone, but there were very few apprentices in the dojo at this time.

“Under normal circumstances, only trainee-level apprentices will often stay in the dojo to undergo strict training.”

Lin Hongnian brought Shi Yu to the rooftop of a training ground and said, “This is the basic training ground.

Its used for after-dinner activities between the apprentices of the dojo and the iron-eating beasts.”

Below, Beast Tamers and the Iron-eating Beasts beside them were jogging and warming up on the fake lawn.

The Beast Tamers were alright, but the giant pandas looked reluctant and kept crying.

They had just finished lunch and it should be lunch break.

Running directly after a meal was too much for a panda.

However, with the Beast Tamers forced orders, they had no choice.

“Iron-eating beasts have lazy personalities.

This had to be changed slowly in daily training.

Otherwise, when it comes to battle, its very easy for big problems to arise,” Lin Hongnian said.

Lin Xiuzhu said, “But Eleven should be very self-disciplined, right”

Shi Yu nodded.


Generally speaking, it wont eat until it has completed a certain amount of training.

Otherwise, it wont feel at ease eating.”

Lin Hongnian: “”

He looked at Lin Xiuzhu.

There was such an Iron-eating Beast

Lin Xiuzhu also turned her head in surprise.

Why did this sound even more ridiculous than when it was at the breeding base!

What exactly did Shi Yu do to Eleven after that She looked at Shi Yu.

“Cough.” Shi Yu had an innocent expression.

Perhaps he had helped Eleven cheat too much and stimulated its desire to train

Eleven: (* ¥ *~ It was disgraceful to reap without sowing.

The Beast Tamer gave too many cheats, so it has to recover its sweat even if it had to train hard.

“After the warm-up, they will undergo basic hardening training here.

In pairs, they will practice with each other.”

Lin Hongnian looked down again.

Hardening versus hardening had saved him the cost of a batch of steel plates.

Unlike Eleven, who could only rely on gravity and steel plates to train the hardness.

“Their iron-eating beasts are basically between level eight and ten.

Ill randomly choose the strongest one for you,” Lin Hongnian continued.

Pick the strongest one Sorry

Right now, the ten dojo apprentices in the training ground had just finished warming up.

They were about to start the basic hardening training in pairs.

Under the organization of a tall young man with a crew cut, they quickly divided into teams.

“Jiang Rui.” At this moment, Lin Hongnian shouted.

The tall youth with the crew cut, Jiang Rui, who had just organized the other apprentices into groups, looked up.

“Lets go down,” Lin Hongnian said.

A moment later, they arrived at the training ground below.

“Master Lin, whats wrong” Jiang Rui and the other apprentices looked over.

His gaze looked at Lin Hongnian and Shi Yu, but he quickly looked away.

All his attention was focused on Panda senior.

Great, she came to the dojo again today.

Training suddenly became more energetic!

Youths at this age were at the stage where they were extremely hazy about the opposite sex.

After days of boring training, they indeed needed something to heal their hearts.

As Lin Hongnians daughter, a famous genius, Lin Xiuzhus looks were also very outstanding.

In addition to that giant panda T-shirt that showed off her assets, she was completely the goddess of all apprentices.

Even the two young girls among the ten apprentices secretly envied Lin Xiuzhus figure.

They looked down at themselves and couldnt help but feel sad.

“Your training will be suspended for now,” Lin Hongnian said.

“Let me introduce you.

This is Shi Yu.

He will come to the dojo to learn next.”

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Everyone looked at Shi Yu.

They were wondering who it was just now.

So it was a newbie from the dojo.

Newbies were good.

With newbies, the ones who were scolded by the head were the newbies who couldnt quickly adapt to the intensity of the training, and no longer them.

This was called transferring firepower, and the status of everyones dojo instantly increased by one!

Everyone found Shi Yu pleasing to the eye.

The environment of the dojo was harmonious.

“Hello, everyone.” Shi Yus expression was also kind.

Everyone nodded.

That Jiang Rui said, “My name is Jiang Rui.

If you have any questions later, you can look for me.”

“Jiang Rui, dont organize training first.

Have a battle with Shi Yu,” Lin Hongnian said.

Jiang Rui was the most outstanding of the ten apprentices, so when Lin Hongnian and the other teachers of the dojo were not around, the basic training was basically led by Jiang Rui.

“Me” Jiang Rui pointed at himself and said surprisingly.

“Thats you.

If you lose, your training with the Iron-eating Beast will double.”

Jiang Ruis heart skipped a beat, but he quickly realized that it was just teaching a newbie.

How could he lose

“Alright.” He nodded quickly.

As for the other apprentices, they showed an “why not me” expression.

They understood what Master Lin meant.

Wasnt it to give the newbie a show of strength and let him understand the strength of the apprentices in the martial hall

At the same time, Master Lin might also want to know about this newbies situation.

They could do it too!

How could Jiang Rui snatch away such an opportunity to show off his training results in front of his master and senior sister How come he got to show off his mighty image in front of the newbie

They were quite envious.

Because Shi Yu and Jiang Rui were going to battle, everyones training temporarily stopped.

This made the apprentices and the iron-eating beasts secretly rejoice.

At Lin Hongnians signal, unrelated people scattered and went to the side to watch the battle, leaving the battlefield for the two of them.

“Shi Yu, send your pet out.”

After saying that, the Iron-eating Beast beside him walked out.

Because it was warming up just now, the Iron-eating Beast had been outside the whole time.

This was a big panda that was 1.45 meters long.

Its growth level should be much higher than Eleven.


Shi Yu nodded and communicated with the Beast Taming Space.


In the next second, because of the ripples in the surrounding space, a weak airflow blew nearby, and the fake grass on the ground swayed.

Under the outline of the light spots that appeared out of thin air in front of Shi Yu, the transparent summoning array revealed its full appearance.

Amidst the water-like ripples, Eleven walked out in a daze.

It came outside and looked up at the big guy in front of it.

Elevens current normal height, without multiplication, was only 1 meter.

Compared to Jiang Ruis Iron-eating Beast, he was clearly still a child.

“A cub”

At this moment, as Eleven appeared, these martial arts apprentices who cultivated iron-eating beasts immediately judged Elevens growth level.

It was only around level six.

He was indeed a newbie.

Jiang Ruis Iron-eating Beast that had awakened to level ten and mastered proficient level hardening… This cub might not be able to win easily.

“You guys attack first,” Jiang Rui said after a moment of silence.

If they directly attacked, Master Lin wouldnt be able to examine this newbies strength very well.

It was better to let the newbie do it.

“Eleven.” Shi Yu didnt stand on ceremony and directly ordered Eleven to attack.


In an instant, Eleven attacked the iron-eating beast opposite him fiercely.

“Block it.”

Jiang Rui was very confident in the hardness of his Iron-eating Beast.

Although this little Metal-eating Beasts explosive power looked very strong, it was still in its infancy, after all.

Jiang Ruis Iron-eating Beast stood still as if it was showing off its skills.


It directly chose to harden its entire body and wait for the Little Iron Eating Beasts arrival.

With the strength and hardness of the Little Iron Eating Beast… It was impossible to hurt it.

Jiang Rui was very certain.

In fact, it was indeed so.

Even though Shi Yu knew that Elevens hardening strength was definitely above this iron-eating beasts hardening strength, he wasnt sure if Eleven could heavily injure it with hardening.

The reason was that although Elevens skill proficiency was very high, its strength was definitely inferior to this level-ten Iron-eating Beast.

Even though he had the Hardening Strength, if its strength couldnt keep up with the opponent, the attack clearly wouldnt cause too much damage.

However, at this moment, Eleven wasnt only hardened to fight enemies.

Zi Zi Zi Zi Zi!!!

When Jiang Rui and his Iron-eating Beast were extremely confident and planned to use proficient level Hardening to check the strength of the “newbie” in front of them, Eleven, who pounced nearby, didnt Harden the sharp claws attack or harden the head impact as everyone imagined.

Instead… After it approached its opponent, it immediately raised its arm backward.

In the next instant, a blue and white light intertwined and shot out of its palm.

A high-intensity electric current filled Elevens palm, forming a chaotic and violent electric current.


The voice was like the cry of a thousand birds.

Intermediate-level skill, Thunder Palm!

Under the illumination of the lightning, Elevens entire body was still in the dazzling light, looking especially dazzling.

This scene made Jiang Rui lose his ability to think on the spot, and also made the other apprentices lose their ability to think.

This was…

They widened their eyes and found it unbelievable.

Because this skill definitely couldnt appear on Iron-eating Beasts below the transcendent level…

Under the condensation of the high-intensity electric current, Elevens palm had an extremely strong penetrative force like a sharp blade.

It was more suitable to attack than using hardening!

At this moment, because the proficient level Hardening could not allow the panda to be moved, Jiang Ruis Iron-eating Beast could only watch as the Thunder Palm with electricity passed through.

It was already too late to cancel Hardening and dodge.

With a bang, under the thunder roar, the blue and white interweaving lightning surged into Jiang Ruis Iron-eating Beasts body, passing through the hardening crazily and corroding its body.

Bang bang bang bang bang!!

In the next second, electric currents shot out from its entire body.

This iron-eating beasts entire body was directly paralyzed, and its body subconsciously leaned down.

Although it hadnt lost its battle ability, it clearly suffered heavy injuries.

Apart from the silent Lin Hongnian, all the other apprentices, including Lin Xiuzhu, opened their mouths and looked at the Little Iron Eating Beast, who was cautiously retreating.

They couldnt believe it!


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