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For various reasons, Shi Yu decided to start increasing the proficiency level of super skills.

As their growth levels increased, Eleven and the others advantage over other pets of the same level in skill proficiency became smaller and smaller.

In the past, Eleven and the others advantage was their Dao Proficiency and transcendent low-level skills.

They were strange teaching skills that added points.

These advantages were very huge when Shi Yu encountered ordinary Beast Tamers.

However, after the National League, Shi Yu began to come into contact with those top geniuses and began to realize the problem.

Their pets low, mid, and high-level skills were basically not under perfect proficiency.

In fact, most low-level skills had also been trained to perfection through various methods.

The difference in proficiency between low-level skills gradually decreased as Shi Yu met these stronger people.

In terms of proficiency in super skills, due to the different cultivation time, it was even stronger than Shi Yus pet.

In addition, in terms of teaching skills, as the Beast Tamers they encountered became bigger and bigger geniuses who also had their own opportunities.

For example, Senior Lus first five pets had mastered the extremely powerful teaching skill “Mythical Revival”.

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This was a super skill that Senior Lu had obtained when exploring the Mythical Ruins.

The strongest thing was that when her pet received the skill inheritance, the initial proficiency of the skill was perfect.

This was also why Senior Lu steadily ranked in the top ten of the Sequence with her telepathy talent.

Perfect level super skill!

Unfortunately, it wasnt a racial skill.

Otherwise, when Lu Qingyis level rose, her pet could break through to overlord at any time.

The battle between Eleven and the Wind Demon Lion was really dangerous.

If it werent for the fact that there was a difference in the number, quality, number of super skills, and basic attributes of Lu Qingyis Wind Demon Lion, Eleven might not have been able to take itself down with the enemy even if Eleven exceeded the limit in one round of explosive power.

“Cant I teach it yet”

“I thought Eleven, who has the bloodline of a king, could also have the bloodline of a god.

Looks like I was overthinking.”

In the ruins space, Shi Yu pulled the still panting Eleven and fell into deep thought.

In the battle just now, be it the Wind Demon Lion or Eleven, the burden was not small.

Both parties were injured.

Even Baby Ginseng had to use all its strength to barely recover them to the safe level.

Shi Yu looked at the still confused Eleven and the words [Cannot be taught].

He cursed.

This was the newly replicated [Mythical Revival] skill.

The effect of the [Mythical Revival] skill was to awaken the divine power in the body to temporarily increase the bloodline level and strength level of the pet.

The so-called divine power could be inherited postnatally, or it could be born from the bloodline.

For example, the ancestor of a pet could be traced back to the Mythical Era.

It was a Mythical creature.

As long as it inherited a trace of the bloodline of a god, it had a chance to learn mythical revival.

For example, Senior Lus pets naturally didnt have glorious ancestors.

Her pets could learn because apart from inheriting the Mythical Revival skill in the Mythical Ruins, they also inherited the corresponding divine power.

Shi Yu glanced at Eleven and realized that the Panda King with its king bloodline didnt seem to have “divine power” in its body.

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“Huh” Eleven looked at Shi Yu.

“Looks like you can only be the Panda King and not the Panda God,” Shi Yu muttered.

“Wuu!!!” Eleven waved its hands around.

It didnt matter.

So what if it wasnt a god Didnt it just shatter one just now Although it itself got shattered too.

“Myths are all lies.”

Shi Yu shrugged and wasnt very disappointed.

In any case, the Mythical Revival wasnt specially replicated for Eleven.

It was prepared for Ling, who might fuse with the Mythical Kirin Phantom in the future.

However, this skill was not bad.

Just like the success rate of adding points to super skills, it was a detector.

The success rate of teaching super skills could test if the pet had the will of an overlord and could test the talent of the will.

As for the Mythical Revival skill, it could test if it had a “divine-level bloodline” and test its background.

As long as he could teach Mythical Revival, it was equivalent to the other party having the “power of God”.

Either its ancestor was a Mythical creature, or it had the power of God!

Of course, this was like finding a needle in a haystack again.

The Mythical Era was so far away, and it was definitely extremely difficult for Mythical creatures to produce descendants.

It would definitely be very difficult for the bloodline to continue even if there was only a trace of it.

At the thought of this, Shi Yu stopped daydreaming.

He didnt have any extravagant hopes of picking up the descendants of Mythical creatures.

However, he still wanted to see the situation of the other pets…

“Buggy, Baby Ginseng, Chi Tong, Susu, Ling.”

Next, Shi Yu let Eleven continue resting while calling Buggy and the others to check on their ancestors.

A moment later, Shi Yus expression collapsed.

Without exception, none of them had the aptitude to learn the “Mythical Revival” skill.

This also meant that there was no divine power in their bodies at all.

In Shi Yus original guess, Eleven, Baby Ginseng, Chi Tong, Susu, and Ling actually had hope.

Firstly, the panda race appeared in myths and legends on Earth.

And Baby Ginseng was so special.

If an Awakening-level beast ate a level-eight resource and didnt die and mutated successfully, its bloodline might also be special.

Chi Tong had the bloodline of the Phoenix Races Sun God Phoenix.

It belonged to the peak bloodline of the Phoenix Race, and the chances of it going back to the Mythical Era were not small.


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