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The revival of the myths, the shadow of a divine beast!

At this moment, the special inheritance received by the Wind Demon Lion in the Mythical Ruins began to show its might!

Energy Points: 25,870,000

Shi Yu originally felt that it was nothing, but as he saw the Wind Demon Lions current energy value through the index, he was immediately shocked.

“25.85 million, what a joke.”

“Is the Mythical Revival skill so strong Whats the difference between this and cheating” Shi Yu asked.

Lu Qingyi smiled.

“Its from the ruins.

The initial proficiency is perfect.

Unfortunately, its not a racial skill, so it cant lead them to grow too much.”

“Wu!!” On the other side, Eleven was also shocked.

This was the first time it had seen such a fierce opponent.

But soon, its expression became serious.

It had already fought Buggy and Baby Ginseng, so why would it be afraid of a dog!

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With a huge roar, Eleven also activated its Inner Power and entered a sharp state.

The huge Nine Li Battle Beast in silver and black armor enlarged to a size even larger than the Wind Demon Lion, and its aura reached a peak.

Unfortunately, in terms of energy value, it wasnt Elevens forte.

It was still very far from the Wind Demon Lion in the Mythical Revival state.

However, in terms of physique, Shi Yu believed that Eleven wouldnt lose to the other party.

On the flat ground, dust and sand flew, and wind howled.

Suddenly, a boom came.

Shi Yu commanded Eleven to start a preliminary collision with Lu Qingyis Wind Demon Lion.

At the start of the battle, the full-level deterrence of Giant Eleven suppressed the Wind Demon Lion like lightning!!

The huge Elevens lightning-like blue eyes were filled with the domineering aura of a king.


The blue lightning sea surged forward like a tsunami.

“Roar ~ ~ ~ ~ ~”

However, opposite him, the huge Wind Demon Lion revealed a dignified expression.

Its hair fluttered.

Under Elevens full-level deterrence, it didnt move at all.

Instead, the battle intent in its eyes became stronger and stronger, and its aura was still rising.

The deterrence brushed past it like a breeze.

Skill: Unyielding Will

< Introduction > Its a super spiritual skill.

The stronger the deterrence sensed, the greater the power it can stimulate.


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Completely ignoring the deterrence of Elevens Dao Proficiency level, the red and black hair fluttered in the wind as the Wind Demon Lion directly condensed a huge high-level skill, Wind Roar Cannon!


The wind condensed into a cannonball and flew towards Eleven.

At this moment, although Elevens transformation had brought about an increase in strength, the disadvantage was also obvious.

Apart from the increase in consumption, its speed had also slowed down.

It was not easy for Eleven to dodge, so it simply hardened its entire body and activated the Overlord Body Armor.

It raised its huge thunder palm and penetrated!!

A huge green Wind Roar Cannon several meters in diameter attacked.

Elevens entire arm was wrapped in lightning as it faced it.


In the next moment, the Wind Roar Cannon shattered.

With the Overlord Body Armor, Elevens movements were not obstructed at all.

The anti-injury damage was also accumulated, and its body directly entered the Thunder Armor Mode.

At a relatively faster speed, it continued to hold the Lightning Blade and penetrate the Wind Demon Lion.

“Roar!!” Eleven roared, and the ground trembled.

Although it had long-range skills, if it wanted to unleash the greatest destructive power, it definitely had to combine the advantages of its physique.

Otherwise, looking at long-range energy skills, Eleven, whose energy level was inferior to the other party, would definitely be at a greater disadvantage.

“Your strength is not bad.” Seeing this, Lu Qingyis gaze froze.

“Turn misfortune into luck.”

“Roar!!! ~ ~ ~”

In the face of Elevens attack, the Wind Demon Lion wasnt to be outdone.

A strong wind lingered around its body as it bathed in a storm.

Its huge figure flashed and collided with Eleven like a wind drill.


In the next moment, Elevens pupils constricted.

It felt that its strength was being absorbed.

At the same time, a reaction force suddenly attacked.

Its huge body was directly sent flying by the Wind Demon Lion.

Its huge body of dozens of meters flew out like a small mountain.

The Overlord Body Armor on its body directly shattered, and the hardening armor was also filled with cracks of various sizes.

“Turn misfortune into luck”

Shi Yus expression suddenly changed.

He didnt expect Senior Lus Wind Demon Lion to actually master this skill.

< Name > Turning Misfortune into luck

< Introduction > Its a super wind-element skill.

It can absorb moves that are dangerous to itself and double its power to the enemy.

Shi Yu had sensed this skill on the Wind Kirin Phantom last time.

This Wind Demon Lion had actually mastered it too.

Moreover, its proficiency was definitely above expert level.

Otherwise, it couldnt have perfectly absorbed Elevens combination profundity.

“Space Rending Fang.” Lu Qingyi chose to pursue the victory.

The Wind Demon Lion immediately erupted with powerful speed, and its body turned into a storm, much faster than Eleven in its enlarged state.


Shi Yu took a deep breath.

Eleven, who was sent flying, quickly reacted.

After all, it usually suffered too many injuries.

This little pain was not enough to make its consciousness hesitate.

“Wu wu wu wu wu!!!”

In the sky, the Wind Demon Lions combination skill, “Space Rending Fang”, condensed.

It was a combination skill of wind and space.

The Sky Storm formed huge white teeth that bit at Eleven.

With the destructive power of this move, tearing apart the hardened armor was easy.

The extremely passive Eleven could only split ten Bean Bears from its entire body and enter the army skill solid state!

The golden wave that erupted formed a domain and collided with the Space Rending Fang.


Its impregnable defense was better.

Although the Space Splitting Fang tore apart the domain, it couldnt attack further.

At the same time, Eleven clenched the group of Bean Bears in its hand and applied the Space Quake Material to them!!


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