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< Name > Golden-Winged Roc

[Attributes]: Metal, Wind

[Race Level]: Low-level overlord

[Level of Growth]: Monarch Level

Energy Points: 4,690,000


Energy Points: 10 million

Karen finally sent out the trump card battle beast.

The strength of this pet was indeed different from the previous two.

Karen himself instantly erupted with the greatest strengthening strength, sending the energy value of the Golden-Winged Roc to break through the ten million mark.

He lost twice in a row.

This time, he couldnt be tortured anymore.

In order to save face, he had to take this “national treasure of Dong Huang” down no matter what!

At this moment, as Karen summoned the Golden-Winged Roc, Shi Yu and Eleven revealed shocked gazes for the first time.

As expected, how could Ming Huas super genius be as weak as before It turned out that he still had some skills.

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“This Roc…” As this overlord races Roc appeared, Zheng Hai, Zou Yun, and the others in Dong Huangs contestant area narrowed their eyes.

Although they couldnt easily deal with the two pets sent by Karen just now like Shi Yu, it wasnt troublesome to deal with them either.

However, this golden roc… They looked at the golden particles tearing the air around the golden-winged roc and its heavy aura and immediately understood that this golden-winged roc was definitely not on the same level as the two pets just now.

It could already be called a top-notch monarch.

In the Beast Taming Domain, Beast Tamers called those monarch-level creatures that could reach ten million levels of energy after strengthening through Beast Tamers or increasing through explosive skills… a “top-notch monarch”.

If a top-notch master wanted to have a chance to fight against overlord-level creatures, it would be very difficult if there was no top-notch monarch in the team.

Obviously, this Ming Huas super genius, Karen, could already do this with just one pet.

He didnt need the support of other pets at all to reach the top monarch level.

In the eyes of Zheng Hai, Zou Yun, and the others, this was already very strong and could win their respect.

“Top-notch monarch…”

However, although the strength of this Golden-Winged Roc had clearly reached the level of a top-notch monarch, it was impossible for Shi Yus Iron-eating Beast not to be a top-notch monarch.

Zheng Hai, Zou Yun, and the others expressions turned serious.

Their previous opponents were relatively weak, but the Golden-Winged Roc this time should have some weight.

They didnt know how much strength the opponent could force out of Shi Yu and that Iron-eating Beast…

“Golden-Winged Roc, Dragon Hunt!”

As the battle began, Cullen immediately spoke.

Expert level super metal and wind dual-element skills, Dragon Hunt!

In Ming Hua, the Golden-Winged Roc ate alternative dragons as food.

Even if the target was an alternative dragon, it had a strong physique.

Therefore, in order to successfully hunt food, the Golden-Winged Roc trained a dragon hunting skill that contained terrifying tearing power!!

It could instantly tear apart the body of a dragon!

“Jiu!!!” The Golden-Winged Roc was like a sword that hung down from the sky.

The surrounding area was filled with the illusion of huge claws intertwined with green and gold.

They wrapped around its entire body and instantly entered the Dragon Hunter posture.

It streaked a golden beam of light towards Eleven underground with a boom!!


Eleven was locked onto by the perfect-level deterrence of the Golden-Winged Roc at the same time.

The cracks in the surrounding ground cracked again, but Eleven was naturally not affected by this level of deterrence.

It looked at the huge bird diving down and an electric current flashed in its eyes.

“This guy…”

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It was not good to only use hardening.

Lets add two more skills…

Shi Yus thoughts fell.

Eleven let out a cry, stretched out its palm, and squeezed in the air.

Karen and everyones eyes flickered.

What skill was this

Squeeze… in the air

“Didnt it rely on its huge strength and huge metal-element energy to create a shock wave previously…”

“Wait, its not even metal-element energy this time!”

Suddenly, Karen sensed that the blue particles filling the sky were completely different from the previous power fluctuations.


Cullens pupils constricted.

After realizing that it was a thunder-element skill, he didnt feel anything at first, but as this skill appeared, he was stunned.


In the blink of an eye, lightning filled the sky.

With a boom, almost everyone covered their ears and widened their eyes.

The Iron-eating Beast squeezed in the air.

A lightning palm that was a hundred meters long and wide formed almost instantly.

The power of the palm covered the sky and earth.

Compared to it, the Golden Winged Roc was extremely small!!

Dao Proficiency Giant Transformation Transcendent Thunder Palm Dao Proficiency Deterrence!!!

Profoundity: Divine Might Thunder Palm!!

He still didnt use super skills and only relied on the basic skills to form the strongest profundity.

Eleven released its energy and pinched it towards the enemy.

It was quickly formed into a terrifying lightning palm print by the enlarged lightning palm and deterrence.

It appeared between the two pets, making the pupils of the Golden-Winged Roc that was tearing down shrink.

Its brain instantly rumbled, as if it was in an endless sea of lightning!

Cracks instantly appeared on the Rocs perfect-level deterrence, and a hole appeared in its mind.

Its energy even dissipated because of this, and its battle power instantly weakened greatly.

At the same time, the Dragon Hunting Skill and the Thunder Palm collided.

The energy of both parties first compressed, and then it suddenly erupted.

However, it erupted towards the Golden Winged Roc!!


In an instant, the huge Golden-Winged Roc was pinched in midair by the huge palm.

Endless lightning clenched into a blue ball in the sky.

Then, like a blue planet exploding, the terrifying electric current instantly turned into tens of thousands of electric snakes that scattered in all directions.

At the same time, the Golden-Winged Rocs figure fell from the sky extremely weakly!!


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