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“Just send out your trump card.”

Shi Yu suggested.

He didnt want to cause too serious an injury to the other party.

He only wanted the other party to understand the difference in strength and move faster.

At this moment, sweat flowed down Karens forehead.

The other contestants of Ming Hua also had serious expressions as they analyzed what they should do if they encountered this strange pet.

“What race is this” contestant Ming Hua was solemn.

Iron-eating beast Impossible.

Iron-eating beasts were only middle-level transcendent races.

The pressure of this pet was about to exceed that of an overlord race!

“So strong…” In the Dong Huang audience seats, Xia Qingwei was speechless.

Beside her, Dr.

Zuo said after a moment of silence, “In addition to the performance of this Iron-eating Beast in the National League, I suddenly understand why Principal Feng said that even the legendary Emperor Wu wanted this pet as his trump card!”

This was a power that was difficult for bug-type pets to reach…

At the same time, after Cullen realized that it was still impossible for the Golden Mountain King Elephant to be a match for this pet, he didnt fight to the death.

Instead, he directly retracted the Golden Mountain King Elephant.

However, he was not in a hurry to summon a new pet.

Instead, he stared at the Iron-eating Beast and Shi Yu and said,

“Before I summon my trump card, can you tell me its race”

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“Although it looks like an Iron-eating Beast, its definitely not that simple.”

“I heard that every pet of yours is an overlord race and is very powerful.

Ive finally seen it for myself, so can you tell me its true race”

The reason why they participated in the Ming Hua exchange team was to see more foreign pets and increase their knowledge.

The expressions of the Ming Hua contestants led by Cullen were solemn.

They didnt expect to see a powerful pet they had never seen before when they had just arrived at Dong Huang.


Shi Yu had no intention of hiding it.

He looked at Eleven and said, “The iron-eating beasts were indeed transcendent creatures without evolution potential.”

“However, ever since a genius archeologist discovered the evolution method of the iron-eating beasts, everything changed.”

“After the Iron-eating Beast evolves, its called the Nine Li Battle Beast, and the Nine Li Battle Beast can still evolve again.”

“According to the different cultivation methods, the racial level after evolution is also different.”

“My Iron-eating Beast has reached above a high-level overlord race.

It can be called a quasi-mythical race!”

“If nothing goes wrong, soon, the Iron-eating Beast will become a national treasure creature with a status comparable to a dragon and phoenix in Dong Huang.”

Eleven crossed its arms and looked proud.

Buy, buy, buy, buy.

It wanted to see who wouldnt choose the Iron-eating Beast as a pet! Eleven still seemed to be brooding over the fact that no one bought it back then…

Karens pupils constricted.

The pupils of the Ming Hua contestants, the audience, and even the two legends constricted.

They wondered if they had heard wrongly.

Quasi, quasi Mythical race

This race actually didnt exist in the evaluation of the Beast Tamer Association of the Seven Nation Alliance.

The highest racial evaluation was just a high-level overlord race.

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Only those totem-level creatures that had reached the totem level and modified their bloodlines to the best were qualified to be called quasi-mythical races.

And when a Feeder and a Beast Tamer called a creature that wasnt at the totem level a quasi-mythical race, apart from bragging, there was only one possibility.

That was that its talent potential indeed far exceeded and completely defeated ordinary overlord races.

It was a rather arrogant and confident judgment.

“High-level overlord race” Regardless of whether it was quasi-mythical or not, as Shi Yu said that the iron-eating beasts race level had reached above a high-level overlord race, the two Ming Hua legends were shocked.

Although they were both holding overlord races, the difference between low-level and high-level was still very huge.

They looked at President Xia and Director Zhong, but the two of them smiled faintly.

Iron-eating Beast that would become a national treasure creature with a status comparable to a dragon and phoenix in Dong Huang… Shi Yus ambition was indeed not small, President Xia and Director Zhong thought.

Dragons and phoenixes were totems that had been worshiped by the humans of the Dong Huang Continent since the totem era…

“Dong Huang… discovered a new evolution form with high-level overlord potential again And its… an archeological discovery” Legend Katavi was shocked.

They were both ancient countries, so why was the foundation of Dong Huang so strong It had been a long time since the Ming Hua Nation had discovered a new species of high-level overlord races.

“Which archeologist is it” Legend Ming Hua Fade asked.

He had to let his archeological team communicate.

President Xia and Director Zhong : “…”

President Xia: “Is there a possibility… that the genius archeologist Shi Yu mentioned is himself”

The two legends of Ming Hua : “…”

“Quasi Mythical race”

On the other side, after being frightened by Shi Yu, Cullen indeed trembled in his heart, but soon, he bared his teeth.

His desire to win was even stronger.

The more impressive Shi Yu was, the more he wanted to defeat Shi Yu after two defeats.

Dong Huangs national treasure, a quasi Mythical race Only then would it be exciting to defeat it.

“Impressive, this is the first time Ive heard of it.”

“You guys are indeed very strong, but this is the end.” Karen couldnt help but say.

He had to win the last battle even if he had to risk his life.

“Jiu!!! ~ ~”

In the next moment, as golden light flashed on Cullens body, a huge bird pet nearly ten meters long after spreading its wings appeared in the sky.

It had a gorgeous golden feather crown and golden feathers all over its body.

Its figure was incomparably domineering, and its red eyes revealed the sharp gaze of a top-notch predator!!


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