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“Whats wrong with that pet!”

As the Iron Bull King was defeated so easily by his opponent, his four teammates suddenly stood up.

On the platform, the two legends, Ming Hua, were also shocked.

They looked at President Xia and Director Zhong.

They knew Karens strength, and they also knew the strength of the Iron Bull King.

If the opponent had erupted with an extremely strong super skill and won, they wouldnt feel anything.

However, resisting the unique skill with its physical strength alone and sending the enemy flying like drinking water, was this something a bear cub more than a meter tall could do

Even the Diamond Dragon King of a quasi Mythical race couldnt have such physical strength, right

“Is he really only ranked 22nd” Katavi wondered.

Yesterday, she was still analyzing with the five contestants that there was no need to care about Shi Yu.

The most important ones were Zheng Hai and Zou Yun, but who knew that Shi Yu was so strong!

Even if it was a quasi Legend in the same profession, he would have to use talent to defeat the Iron Bull King so easily.

As for Shi Yu, not only could his Beast Taming Talent be ignored… He only used a low-level skill.

This was too ridiculous.

“Its indeed 22, but this ranking is also related to the fact that he has almost never participated in the ranking battle, so his full strength… Its difficult for the Sequence Competition Committee to determine,” Director Zhong said with the corners of his mouth twitching.

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Their Dong Huang didnt do any ranking fraud.

Dont misunderstand!

It was purely because Shi Yu had never fought a proper ranking battle since the registration began!

This ranking was still according to the national competition.

National League…

Speaking of the National League…

Director Zhong and President Xia were a little silent.

They suddenly realized that the current Iron-eating Beast was only in a restrained state.

The endless power in its body had yet to erupt!

Ming Huas guests were restricted from connecting to the Internet and didnt know the situation, but they had personally seen the Nine Li posture of the Iron-eating Beast that mastered the power of lightning after multiplying to a hundred meters in the National League!

Dear god… Just how strong was this Iron-eating Beast

President Xia and Director Zhong also wanted to know.

Unfortunately, during the National League, although Principal Feng revealed that Shi Yus Iron-eating Beast had evolved from the Nine Li Battle Beast and was a quasi Mythical race, more information was not revealed at all.

This was the highest secret of the country.

“I see.”

The expressions of the two legends darkened.

They continued to watch and didnt fully believe this saying.

At the moment.

Cullen was extremely nervous.

He didnt know if his teammate was scamming him or what.

This… was this really the other partys weakest Beast Tamer

As the Beast Tamer ranked the lowest among the seven, Shi Yu already had this strength.

How terrifying would the others be

“Wu ~ ~ ~”

In an instant.

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The Iron Bull Kings figure disappeared, and an even larger creature appeared in the arena.

It was a metal-element giant elephant five meters tall.

Its body was covered in golden-green rust, and the metal color on its body formed irregular patterns.


As soon as it appeared, its thick and long nose that was like steel bars whipped at Eleven.

This slap was as heavy as a mountain collapse, the sky fell, and the air instantly howled.

The audience of Ming Hua naturally recognized this pet.

This was Karens second main force, the quasi overlord races Golden Mountain King Elephant.

It had mastered an expert level super skill, which was also the move being used at the moment.

Its normal energy level was as high as 3 million, and after being strengthened by the Beast Taming Talent, it could exceed 7 million.

In addition, its incomparable strength…


Karen still didnt realize the difference.

Eleven, after five level-eight metal resources, including a demigod fragment, had a normal energy level that had exceeded six million.

Apart from that, its physique had been tempered into steel and it had reinforced iron bones.

Just its physical strength was enough to match an expert super skill!

With this comprehensive attribute, facing the Golden Mountain King Elephant, even if it didnt use any skills, it could still fight evenly.

If it wanted to win, it didnt even need to evolve.

It only needed to superimpose a skill on the current powerful foundation.

For example, max-level hardening again.

Eleven looked at the huge nose that was whipped over and its eyes flashed.

Its fist was filled with a black metal luster, and it punched the elephant nose in the form of an ordinary Iron-eating Beast!!


Hardening Punch!


Eleven finished condensing and threw a punch.

At this moment, the huge nose was still a few meters away from Eleven, but with a huge sound, the Golden Mountain King Elephant had already sensed a terrifying power.

Its nose instantly distorted in mid-air, and the destructive power appeared.

In the huge shock wave, Elevens fist wind swallowed the shrunken Golden Mountain King Elephants huge nose and spread into the distance!!

A powerful wave even swept up a huge storm, directly lifting up the floor with cracks!!

Accompanied by the shock wave, the Golden Mountain King Elephant was also sent flying almost unsurprisingly.

Cullen used his arm to block the strong wind that was blowing at his face in shock.

He looked at the Golden Mountain King Elephant that was also sent flying and gradually lost the ability to think!

“Its still the same!”

With this hit, Karens throat was dry.

Of course, the defense of the Golden Mountain King Elephant seemed to be stronger than the Iron Bull King.

After taking the attack, it didnt lose its ability to fight.

It only suffered a certain amount of injuries and rolled on the ground with a wail, wanting to get up.

Seeing this, the Ming Hua audience was immediately speechless.

They looked at the little Iron-eating Beast in disbelief.


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