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On the contrary, the top-notch intelligence, the Divine Network, was described as only splitting into multiple intelligent brain areas to form a complicated neural network system.

There was no need to upgrade the configuration.

It just needed to upgrade through points on the existing high-level intelligence chips.

Shi Yu didnt find this discovery troublesome.

When Lings intelligence increased, he would just have to provide the materials and let Ling upgrade itself.

It had to be said that after raising the Hundred Transformations and high-level intelligence, the change in Ling was very big.

It was so big that Shi Yu could feel good now.


In the ruins space, Shi Yu held the Cube.

Under Shi Yus command, the Cube in his hand changed quickly with a conflicted expression.

In less than a second, it turned into a multi-barrel rotating Green Machine Gun that was held in Shi Yus hand.

Black and green, very cool.

In the next moment, endless wind elements gathered.

As Shi Yu pressed the switch, the muzzle of the machine gun began to produce air bullets compressed by the wind element!

Tut tut tut…

A minute later, nearly ten thousand bullets hit the mountain in front of them, turning the entire mountain into a hole.

This wasnt the end.

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Shi Yu was having a lot of fun.

“Master, I think this is meaningless…”

“Just change.”


In the next moment, Ling turned into a silver sniper cannon.

Shi Yu held it in front of him.

As the wind elemental power condensed and aimed, with a boom, a single-target stronger wind pressure cannonball directly turned the small mountain in front of him into powder.

Machine guns, sniper cannons… and mechanical swords.

At this moment, Ling, who had transcendent-level Hundred Transformations and high-level intelligence, could quickly transform!

Of course, it was a pity that at the moment, it was only “shapeless”.

Apart from being able to use the different uses of “Wind Element Control” better, different forms had no other functions.

In other words, it was still just for show.

If he wanted to really upgrade these forms into strategic trump card forms, he had to gather mechanical materials around these forms and upgrade them in a targeted manner.

For example, in the form of a sniper rifle, if it was equipped with abilities such as “vital lock-on”, “full-level super vision”, “loading fusion”, and “energy solidification”, Shi Yu could use the sniper rifle to greater effect.

From 800 miles away, it wasnt a big problem for him to kill an enemy above his level with one shot.

Of course, these were all just for fun.

The most important thing was still the “mecha form” with the most comprehensive ability.

However, this form was very difficult to complete with Lings current ability.

It wasnt that its intelligence level and Hundred Transformations level werent enough, but that its main body was only a Hundred Transformations Stone.

Without enough growth level, it didnt have enough volume to break down and assemble into a mecha…

This was also the most difficult thing about the Hundred Transformations Machine.

If it wanted to assemble into a larger mechanical life form, it needed to continue fusing more Hundred Transformations Stones.

It was all small money.

Of course, this difficulty was actually easy to solve on Shi Yus side because he could teach Ling the “clone” and “multiplication” skills.

Therefore, as long as it was given the blueprint, it could still turn itself into a mecha after a certain amount of time.

However, the performance of this mecha was different.

The mecha that was forcefully created, be it battle power or endurance, was definitely much more inefficient and mismatched than a comprehensive mecha like Legend Xiao Shuangs… Which was completely made of real Hundred Transformations Stones.

But it didnt matter if the configuration was perfect or not.

It didnt matter if it didnt have special abilities.

It didnt matter if it changed into an empty shell.

At the moment, being handsome was enough.

As for how to become handsome and useful, that was a question that Ling should consider itself.

Otherwise, wouldnt it be even more meaningless for its high-level intelligence to be added so high

“Alright, todays gun test is over…”

“Lets go back and continue to increase points.”


A few days later.

Lings Hundred Transformations and high-level intelligence were all maxed out by Shi Yu.

At this moment, the Hundred Transformations skill had already reached an extremely exaggerated level.

In terms of decomposition, it could already break the Cube-sized body into countless super small cubes that couldnt be seen with the naked eye.

Shi Yu didnt know if it had reached the atomic level.

In any case, even with super vision, it was very difficult to determine the number of bodies after Lings decomposition.

As for the combination ability, it corresponded to the decomposition ability.

It could control these countless small cubes at the same time and quickly assemble new objects.

With the current precision level, the new machinery it turned into was definitely one of the best among mechanical lives.

It belonged to the type with a very strong foundation.

In the future, after adding other mechanical materials to upgrade, with this precision as the foundation… It would be very difficult for flaws and loopholes to appear.

As for how strong a max-level high-level intelligence was, Shi Yu couldnt judge.

In any case, all the mechanical equipment he had bought previously and placed in the Mechanical Research Institute could already be “quickly disassembled” and “quickly assembled”.

He was like a legendary Mechanic.

Moreover, from Lings calm appearance, it probably already had some clues about the “Machinery Phantom Beast Plan” and the “Mecha Plan”.

Outside the Mechanical Research Institute.

Mechanical Lin that was already in the posture of a big boss floated in the air.

It looked at the mechanical Tyrant Dragon running in the dragon circle and said, “Leave it to me.

Ill try to complete the mechanical phantom beast plan in three months.”


“As for theFusion Mecha Plan and theMythical Phantom Mechanical Plan, it might be after this.”


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