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In Lings understanding, as a mechanical life form, with high-level intelligent skills as an example, there were only two ways to increase the level of this skill.

First, increase intelligence through continuous self-learning.

Second, use other top-grade mechanical materials to upgrade the smart chip.

The former required a lot of time, while the latter needed rarer mechanical materials and high-level mechanical skills.

However, Ling shockingly discovered that his master had only touched it twice before his intelligence level increased.

This, it couldnt understand at all.

At the same time, what was even more incomprehensible was the daily training reported to it by its masters pet, its other companions.

It completely didnt match the information it had analyzed.

A ginseng baby should have obediently strengthened its life force and earth-element affinity.

With this training mission as the core, it should strive to evolve into a “ginseng fruit tree” with wood and earth attributes and stronger life force as soon as possible.

This was the scientific training route.

In the end, what was the concept of samsara and reincarnation What was the Time Fruit!

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Mechanical Ling realized that it couldnt understand what its companion was saying at all.

Under its forced analysis, it even almost got a fever and fell sick…

“Baby Ginseng, heal me…”

Shi Yus weak voice came from the side.

Under the chaotic gaze of mechanical Ling, its high-level intelligence level went from entry level to expert level.

At this moment, Lings profile picture was still staring at Baby Ginseng and Shi Yu in confusion.

It still didnt understand the mechanism of this operation.

This was because Shi Yu and Baby Ginsengs combination skill of adding points and nourishing didnt look like a Mechanics normal upgrade of a mechanical life form.

“I still have to continue…”

Beside him, the voices of Shi Yu and Baby Ginseng could be heard.

He added more points and continued.

Ling still didnt look very smart.


Soon, as the level of the high-level intelligence began to increase from expert level to perfect level, mechanical Lin was finally not so confused.

Gradually, it had some clear understanding.

Ling said, “〣(oΔo) Master, you… cheated”


Shi Yu and Baby Ginseng paused.

It couldnt be said to be a mistake.

“This is called adding points.

You can understand it as my second Beast Taming Talent.”

“Second… Beast Taming Talent I cant understand…”

“Its alright, understand slowly.”

“Wait, wait, wait, wait.

I want to check if there are any safety hazards first,” Ling said nervously.

This sudden upgrade made it feel uneasy…

It stopped him from adding points.

Beside it, Eleven silently liked it.

Buggy, Chi Tong, and Susu looked at each other.

As for hidden dangers… Maybe addiction

However, for a new partner to be able to calmly analyze a problem just after birth, to a certain extent, it was still impressive.

“Alright, we can rest too.” Shi Yu and Baby Ginseng panted.


Next, Shi Yu prepared to upgrade Lings Hundred Transformations and high-level intelligence points.

This way, Ling could use the Hundred Transformations to create various mechanical tools to do research and upgrade itself.

At the same time, it could also obtain better learning and analysis abilities to assist Eleven and the others in training.

A moment later.

Ling didnt seem to find anything wrong.

Moreover, through self-analysis, it discovered that the so-called additional points were all beneficial.

There was no disadvantage.

This shocked Ling.

On the Cube screen, Ling hesitated for a moment and raised its head slightly.

After confusion, thinking, and analysis, it came to the final conclusion.

It looked at its Mechanic in admiration and worship.

“Master, add points!”

It admitted that it had misjudged previously.

Its master was indeed very outstanding.

Now, it could add points and add points.

Only by quickly increasing its intelligence could it better formulate a strengthening plan for its master and companions!

Shi Yu :”…”

Eleven, Buggy, Baby Ginseng, and the others : “…”


At the same time, seeing that their new teammate had finally become smart and said, “Beast Tamer, increase points!” The five little ones cheered loudly to welcome their new teammate into the team.


In the next two days, Shi Yu began his “seclusion” life again.

Hard work and recuperation coexisted.

Lings skill data was also reborn.

< Name > Ling

[Level of Growth]: Transcendent

[Race Skill]: Hundred Transformations (transcendent 1), Advanced Intelligence (transcendent 2), Wind Element Control (Initiate)

Under Shi Yus points, Lings Hundred Transformations and high-level intelligence quickly reached transcendent and advanced to the maximum level.

Apart from Hundred Transformations and high-level intelligence, Shi Yu had nothing else.

He wanted to activate the “loading” skill first and experience the feeling of fusing with machinery, but the problem was that he couldnt.

He had replicated a total of three mechanical skills from Legend Xiao Shuangs Black Wing Demon God, which were “Divine Net”, “Loading”, and “Machinery Space”.

Among them, only the super skill “Divine Net” was in a teachable state.

As for “loading” and “machinery space”, they both showed insufficient compatibility and couldnt be taught.

Shi Yu roughly understood this.

Mechanics might have a higher compatibility requirement for skills.

If he didnt have the corresponding “machinery equipment”, it would be very difficult to learn the corresponding “mechanical skills”.

If Shi Yu wanted to teach Ling the two skills of “loading” and “machinery space”, he had to further upgrade Lings own race.

He needed to upgrade the corresponding mechanical parts.


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