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“Huh” Shi Yu frowned and looked at the chibi on the screen..

“Why is it a chibi…”

“You… are my master”

“So be it if its a chibi, but… why is it still a pixelated version” Shi Yu looked at the blurry profile picture on the screen that looked like countless small boxes and was speechless.

Which eras high-level intelligence chip was this

“You… are my master”

[Teaching success rate]: Medium

However, what delighted Shi Yu the most was that the success rate of super skills taught to high-level intelligent life forms was actually medium

It was medium at the start.

Was it that good

“You… are my master!”

“Thats right, Im your Beast Tamer.” Shi Yu revealed a thick smile.

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“My master is the most handsome and outstanding Beast Tamer in the world.

You…” The new little machine let out a puzzled voice, making Shi Yus heart skip a beat.

Was there a bug

Was he not handsome Was he not outstanding Even if he wasnt, it had to think so!

Wait, or did it mean that even if the initial command was set, it had to be guided slowly

Dean Hao seemed to have said that high-level mechanical lives were different from ordinary machines.

They werent low-level machines that rigidly carried out procedures.

They also had a certain level of self-thinking ability.

The initial command only had a certain impact.

If he wanted the mechanical life to believe it, he still had to have a long-lasting strengthening setting…

“Its me,” Shi Yu said firmly.

“Im the most handsome and outstanding Beast Tamer in the world, Shi Yu.”

The profile picture on the Cube screen hesitated for a moment before nodding and choosing to believe it for the time being.

High-level mechanical lives were actually similar to heroic spirit soul seeds.

They would have a certain mental connection to the person who set up the initial command.

Therefore, even if there was no contract for the time being, it would still treat Shi Yu as its master.

Of course, he still couldnt enjoy the various benefits of the contract for now.

“Ill give you a name next.” Shi Yu looked at the shining Rubiks Cube and said, “Well… Let me think.

In the future, you have to complete a research mission.

Use a dream illusion of a Kirin fossil to transform yourself into a mechanical Illusion God.

This is also the evolution direction in the future.

Then, lets find a name from this direction.”

“Why dont I call you Rubiks Cube”

“” The little machines profile picture disappeared and turned into a pixel question mark.

It could understand the meaning of the name, the meaning of the mission, and the meaning of evolution.

Even for a divine beast like the Kirin, its basic information had simple records.

It knew that this was an auspicious divine beast from the Mythical Era.

In short, it could understand every word Shi Yu said, but after connecting them, it didnt understand why its name had become “Rubiks Cube”.

“Well… It does seem to be alright.

Its so difficult.”

“Maybe I can call you Lin directly”

In the myths on Earth, the male Kirin, “Qilin”, was known as Qi, and the female Qilin was known as the Lin.

It was similar to the male Phoenix and the female Phoenix being called “Feng” and “Huang” respectively.

Although there was no such thing in the Phoenix Race in the Mythical System of Planet Blue, Shi Yu still followed this saying and studied names for the virtual assistant.

“Not good… The name doesnt sound like a girls.”


The little machine: “…”

Wait, why not, Yaoguang

Shi Yu fell into deep thought.

The light of the Big Dipper represented auspiciousness, and the Kirin was also an auspicious beast.

Moreover, this name felt pretty compatible with a mechanical life form…

Wait, after pronouncing it carefully, Shi Yu felt that this name was a little like a villain.

It was not intimate.

It gave people the feeling that it would kill its master and destroy the planet.

It was not auspicious at all.

The profile picture in the Cube said seriously, “Master, please think carefully…”

“Forget it, then lets call youLing, changing the wordLin,” Shi Yu said.

“Ling, be serious.

Treat your work seriously.

When you become a mecha later, its best if youre also majestic.”


The profile picture was silent for a moment before accepting it silently again.

It looked at Shi Yu and then outside the room.

After a moment of silence, it said, “From today onwards, I will set strict learning and training missions for Master and your pets.”

“Now, Im gathering basic information.

Master, how long do you meditate every day”

“Uh, meditation If Im free, I meditate a little.

If not, I play.

Everything will depend on fate.

Well see if were free that day.”

Ling: !!!

“According to scientific research, the best meditation time for a Beast Tamer every day is eight hours, so in order to let Master sign a contract with me as soon as possible, you have to maintain a strict eight hours of meditation time every day.”

Shi Yu had a strange expression.

Wait a minute, did something go wrong when setting the initial command Why was it related to his own work


“Ill formulate a training plan as soon as possible.

Next, I want to collect the daily training of my companions.” With that said, it wanted to go out and find Eleven and the others.

“No hurry, no hurry…”

“No, it would be my fault for wasting too much time.”

“Ah…” Shi Yu looked at the Magic Cube that had turned around like a confused little shark and looked at the ceiling.

He kept feeling that something was wrong with the design this time.

It seemed like he had designed a troublesome kid.

How could he slack off now Was there a need to be so serious

In the outside world.

As the mechanical life came out, Eleven, Buggy, Baby Ginseng, Chi Tong, and Susu immediately surrounded it with curiosity.

At the same time, Mechanical Ling also observed its companions in the settings seriously.

Iron-eating Beast… Mid-level transcendent race.

Unknown butterfly, presumed to be bug-type.

Ginseng Baby, high-level transcendent race.

Unknown spiritual body, probably undead-type.

Water Slime, high-level transcendent race!

Its main mission was to help its master and companions become stronger.

In addition, it was hardworking, diligent, not afraid to work, and had rock-like willpower.

It had a very strong sense of responsibility for its work and missions… Therefore, it immediately asked about Eleven and the others current training missions, wanting to formulate a more detailed and scientific training plan for them.

It thought it could do it well!

The moment it saw its companions, the basic information of Mechanical Ling quickly arranged and assembled a theoretically scientific training plan.

“Wuu!” “Wu!!”

In the face of their new companions questions, Eleven and the others naturally answered seriously.

“Wu wu wu!! (Its the willpower training stage now.

I have to turn into a young form and swim in the volcano, jumping down from a height of ten thousand meters…)”

“Wu!! Wu!! (Recently, Ive been talking to the generations of Dragon Gods in Dragon Palace City in my dreams… Putting together their racial merits and sticking them to myself.)”

“Yi! (Ive been researching the concept ofsamsara andreincarnation recently.

For the Time Fruit, I wonder if it is possible to summon the power of a reincarnation life forms previous life)”

Shi Yu followed closely behind, but he was still a little late.

In the outside world, the mechanical screen had already blurred.

The expression on the profile picture had become “@.

@” blurred eyes, as if its thinking was a little overloaded.

Beside it, Eleven and the others looked panicked.

It only explained the daily training situation.

How did it become like this!

Ling: “Analysis failed… Restart… Restart…”

Shi Yu :”…”

It was better to increase Lings intelligence first.

At the current intelligence level, it was probably very difficult to understand Eleven and the others daily behavior logic.

Forget about researching epic missions like mechanical phantom beasts and fused mechas, even newbie missions would probably be very difficult to complete now.

< Name > Ling

[Attributes]: Machinery, Wind

[Race Level]: High-level monarch

[Level of Growth]: Level 1 Awakening

[Race Skill]: Hundred Transformations, Advanced Intelligence, Wind Element Control

Shi Yu touched it twice.

[Teaching successful]

[Advanced Intelligence (Initiate) has been upgraded to Advanced Intelligence (Proficient)]

At this moment, Lings gaze instantly became a little more intelligent, but after sensing the upgrade of his intelligence, it was still more confused.

“I cant understand…”

Seeing the dumb mechanical Ling, Eleven and the other pets shook their heads.

Mechanical lives werent very smart either.

Was this really a genius!


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