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Ancient Capital University, Mechanical College.

The archeology specialization of Ancient Capital University was top-notch, but the level of the Mechanic class was not much.

It was even inferior to its Feeding Department…

However, that was in the past!

“Shi Yu…”

“You really plan to let me help you awaken your machinery”

“He really plans to contract a mechanical life form.”

In the Mechanical College, Dean Hao rubbed his hands with an excited expression.

“I have a premonition that you will be the pride of the Mechanic class in Ancient Capital University in the future!”

It was also very reasonable for a student to be the common pride of the archeology Department, Battle Department, Feeding Department, and Mechanic Department… Wasnt it

“No, no…”

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“Im a mechanical noob, a pure newbie…”

Beside him, Shi Yu said humbly.

Behind them was a sighing cat.

The gem cat was already thinking about how this mechanical pet would be cultivated by Shi Yu in the future.

He had to think in an unscientific direction…


It looked at the sky.

Would it become a cosmic battleship At that time, could a star-destroying cannon in space destroy a totem country below

Or would it become a time machine that traversed time and space

“Haha, in that case.”

“Leave it to me.

I guarantee youll be satisfied,” Dean Hao patted his chest and said.

The most correct thing he had done in his life was to participate in the evolution research of the iron-eating beast and help Eleven build evolution armor.

Now, he was helping Shi Yu undergo the initial awakening of a mechanical pet.

What did this entail In the future, when Shi Yu soared into the sky, his name would definitely be heavily colored.

As for whether Shi Yu could achieve meteoric success, it was needless to say.

Dean Hao had never seen such a monstrous Beast Tamer like Shi Yu!

Although he didnt attend the National League, it didnt stop him from twitching in front of the television.

At the thought of the soul of his ten-year-old granddaughter questioning, “Grandpa, is this the person you wanted me to learn from, Big Brother Gao Xuan”

“Hes so miserable… I dont want to be a Mechanic anymore.

I want to be an archeologist!”


Dean Hao was speechless.

Shi Yu was very good.

He successfully made the granddaughter of a Mechanic lose her dream of being a Mechanic and instead aim to become an archeologist.

Dean Hao brought Shi Yu and the others to his research institute.

Shi Yu couldnt understand the messy mechanical equipment in the research institute anyway.

Beside him, the gem cat was in a normal state.

Back then, it had tried to transform its clone into a mechanical cat!

Although it failed and caused its clone to be blown up, with its rich experience in mechanical modification, it was not something a rookie like Shi Yu could compare to.

As for why it had yet to leave after sending Shi Yu over, it mainly wanted to see what initial instructions Shi Yu would set for the mechanical pet.

This concerned the personality and behavior of the mechanical pet in the future.

It was very curious.

“This is the place.”

Shi Yu and the others arrived at an independent room.

In this room, there was a huge experimental table with three big lights on it.

It didnt feel like a laboratory to Shi Yu, but like an operating theater…

“What should we do next…” Shi Yu asked.

“Put the smart chip on the table and shine it through the Awakening Ray for a period of time.”

“Uh, its indeed as simple as the information,” Shi Yu said.

It felt no different from the Awakening Mirror.

“Haha.” Dean Hao smiled and said, “This isnt simple.”

“You think its simple because the awakening device has been built already.”

“If I build an awakening device of this level from scratch, Ill have to invest hundreds of millions.”

“In addition, the release of the Awakening Ray will also consume a large amount of rare energy.”

“The consumption of awakening a high-level intelligence chip can paralyze a town.”

“Well, dont we need to assemble the Hundred Transformations Stone and that adaptability device in advance”

“No need.

To be precise, we cant.”

“If there are Beast Tamers with awakened talent, they can directly assemble the three together… Then, they can just use their awakened talent on it.

At that time, the mechanical life of the monarch race can be directly born.”

“But the Awakening Ray of the Awakening Device can only awaken intelligent chips.

If you assemble them together and use the Awakening Ray, the outcome can only be failure.”

“Usually, the process is to awaken the smart chip first.

Then, through the adaptive device, you connect to other mechanical materials.

Finally, you activate the smart chip and complete the fusion evolution.

If it succeeds, that means that the creation is successful.”

“This process is relatively complicated, troublesome, and the failure rate is extremely high.

Once you fail, theres a chance that the mechanical materials will be scrapped.

Its not as safe and convenient without the awakening talent, but you dont have to worry.

The reward you obtained from the National League is a set of top-notch mechanical materials with perfect compatibility, so theres no risk of the awakening failing.”

Shi Yu nodded.

Awakening talent was equivalent to “evolution talent” in the mechanical system.

It could increase the success rate of the mechanical lifes fusion evolution and reduce the risk of failure.

With the Awakening Talent, Mechanics could upgrade their mechanical lives with twice the results at half the effort.

“Of course, theres also a mechanical system with the highest risk of failure,” Dean Hao said with a chuckle.

“Biological modification,” Shi Yu said.

“Yes, this kind of mechanical system is even more dangerous than the mechanical system that purely uses intelligent chips.

Therefore, apart from Star Capital University, no other universities have mechanical subjects for biological modification.”

Biological modification was very dangerous.

As for why it wasnt forbidden…

The reason was also very simple.

Because the upper limit of biological mechanical modification was also extremely strong.


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