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“F*ck!!! Thats a clone!!!!!”

“What, Captain Gao was insta-killed”

In the arena, after watching the live broadcast for a long time, Bai Wenjie finally reacted.

The reaction was a little long, and he immediately shouted in shock.

“Another one went crazy.”

In the contestant area of Spirit Capital University, Li Qiu, who had long been eliminated, Chu Yiang, who had long been eliminated, and Shi Zhuo, who had long been eliminated in the contestant area of Demon Capital University… All looked at Bai Wenjie, whose pupils had also lost hope, without any hope in his eyes, and said regretfully…


The other eliminated contestants and the teachers and students of Imperial Capital University looked at this fact in silence, no longer wanting to struggle.

The three big shots on the platform looked at this “massacre” national competition preliminaries and no longer wanted to say anything.

Icefield City, Ping Cheng.

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Hall Master Lin, Commander He, President Feng, and the others swallowed their saliva and watched the live broadcast of the National League in a daze.

Shi Yus consecutive performance in the National League kept impacting their values.

Although they knew that Shi Yu was very strong, the few Ping Cheng masters never expected Shi Yu to be so ridiculously strong.

Five monarch-level pets of overlord races

The same talent as the mechanical legend, the last national champion with the greatest talent in the mechanical field, Gao Xuan… Instantly killed

“A good National League has forcefully turned into a baby cup of killing…” In the environmental base outside the Ice Dragon Snow Mountain, General Xiao Qin, Huang Qi, Qin Mingzhi, and the other navy rookies who had experienced the battle of the Vortex Demon with Shi Yu watched the live broadcast.

They covered their eyes and couldnt bear to look.

A monster that had killed two overlords and shaken a group of guardians to crush a totem magical beast… To let this guy participate in the National League, wasnt this letting a tiger into the sheep pen!

“That Gao Xuan is a little…”

At this moment, everywhere in the country, be it big shots or passers-by, they were all paying attention to the National League and swallowing their saliva crazily.

Legend Xiao Hai from the navy headquarters, Legend Yin Zhongrong from the ancient capital, Legend Hua Xiajin from the Divine Capital, Legend Wu Lingbai… These veteran big shots were no exception.

“Finally, someone can feel my pain” Even in a certain place, Master Qu Jie and the Ox-Headed Beast King watched the competition calmly.

As Shi Yus pets all appeared in the National League and displayed their extraordinary strength, many people finally recognized this young man who had only had academic achievements previously.

They didnt expect his strength to be so terrifying.

The National League had only started less than three hours ago.

It was not even noon that day.

Everyone was shocked to discover that all the contestants placed on Glass Island had already been neatly eliminated by Shi Yu alone.

“1, 2, 3, 5, 11, 17…”

At this moment, somewhere on Glass Island, Shi Yu and his pets were still conflicted over the math problem.


“Which one of your clones eliminated the two guys we just found”

“Didnt we agree to keep two”

On the island, Shi Yu shouted in confusion.

The pets were also stunned.

Damn it, who was it

Everyone looked at each other and searched for the mole.

“The competition time is a day.

Only a little time has passed, and theres still a pile of monarch-level ferocious beasts on the island.

If we eliminate all the contestants so early, what if the competition authorities teleport us out before the time ends” Shi Yu muttered.

“Its all bonuses.”

“Wuu!” “Wu!” “Yi!” “Mi!” “Ning!!”

The five pets were stunned.

Yes, yes.

At the same time.

Just as Shi Yu had said, as all the contestants on the island were eliminated, the Eye of the Stars, or rather, Legend Xiao Shuang, who controlled the Eye of the Stars, indeed didnt plan to let the preliminaries continue until 24 hours later, which was tomorrow.

She directly let the Eye of the Star teleport Shi Yu, this wolf, back.

This also caused Shi Yu and the others on Glass Island to look at the big eye that appeared.

They were very unwilling.

Soon after.

Shi Yu and his pets were also teleported back to the East Sea Arena.

At the same time, the two commentators shouted crazily,

“Unbelievable!!! In just three hours, contestant Shi Yu eliminated all the contestants with invincible strength.

Looks like the individual competition champion of this years National League was born with absolute battle results in the preliminaries!!”

“Hes… contestant Shi Yu from Ancient Capital University!!”

The commentator shouted very hard.

However, as Shi Yu appeared, the East Sea Arena was still silent.

The teachers and students of the other major universities and the contestants just now looked at Shi Yu fiercely.

This wave… belonged to one person who defeated the eight major universities and became the public enemy.

Shi Yu smiled.

It couldnt be helped.

The competition authorities had priced the heads of the contestants from each school…

At this moment, Han Lu and Gu Yu, the two commentators, suddenly liked Shi Yu.

Damn, they were originally going to work hard for 24 hours, but this time, it actually ended so quickly

Next time, please have more contestants like Shi Yu!

They liked it!

However, it was useless just because they liked it.

Shi Yu was too ruthless this time.

He directly traumatized the eight major universities.

They definitely wouldnt like him.

Only the teachers and students of Ancient Capital University were extremely excited.

Of course, although the high-level Beast Tamers from Ancient Capital University who participated in the team battle were also excited, they also felt that it was very bitter.

They kept feeling that after Shi Yu finished showing off, they would be the ones to take revenge again… Just like the exchange competition at Imperial Capital University.


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