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Glass Island.

After Shi Yu finished dealing with Gao Xuan and let his pet recover a little, he chose a more efficient competition method.

It was to let the pets split into clones to deal with the remaining contestants.

When he was young, when he watched cartoons, those big villains would wave their hands and a bunch of lackeys would go and destroy the world.

Their efficiency was super high.

Shi Yu happened to have similar skills.

In fact, they even formed small teams.

Each team brought a ginseng baby clone that could gather and clear monsters faster.

As for whether it would fail

Shi Yu looked at the Bean Bear with more than a million energy points and shook his head.

This clone was almost comparable to the trump card battle pet of ordinary contestants.

Since Gao Xuan had been eliminated, it was impossible for it to fail.

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The vice-captain of Imperial Capital University, Bai Wenjie.

He had a monarch-level pet, the Ice River Mammoth.

Its strength was not bad.

He had once fought Shi Yu in the exchange between Ancient Capital University and Imperial Capital University.

Because he had underestimated Shi Yu, he was defeated by the commander-level Butterfly of Imagination without activating his Beast Taming Talent.

This time, through the drawing of lots, he was teleported to a snowfield area of Glass Island.

His luck was pretty good.

It was a home environment.

“Although its the home ground, why do I feel that there are no contestants nearby”

“As expected, I still have to go to other places to take a look.

Thats right, probably no contestant will run to the snowfield.

Sigh.” After Bai Wenjie arrived at Glass Island for an hour and didnt see anyone, he sighed and decided to take the initiative to attack.


But at this moment, he surprisingly saw five figures flying towards him.

“This is…”

Seeing these five figures, Bai Wenjies expression changed drastically.

The Ice Silk Phoenix under him and the Ice River Mammoth beside him also instantly became extremely serious.

It was the little Iron-eating Beast that flew with electromagnetic power, the Butterfly of Imagination that flapped its wings, the little sword spirit that flew with flames all over its body, the elemental creature that turned into water and swam in the air, and… the ginseng baby carried by the Iron-eating Beast!

This combination made Bai Wenjie, who had plenty of info on Shi Yu and had fought him before, determine almost instantly that Shi Yu had secretly locked onto him!!

Moreover, he had even sent all their pets to surround him!!

“Not good!!”

If it were a few months ago, even if he had lost to Shi Yu, Bai Wenjie would still be very unconvinced.

However, ever since Yin Zhengfan returned from Dragon Palace City and shared Shi Yus battle results with the school team of Imperial Capital University, as well as Shi Yus name appearing in the top 100 of the Sequence battle, Bai Wenjie knew that this monster with heaven-defying growth speed was no longer something he could fight against.

Therefore, when he saw Shi Yu send all his pets to surround him this time, Bai Wenjie immediately acted as if he was facing a great enemy.

He turned around with his pets and ran into the snowfield, hoping to use the ice and snow environment to increase the battle power of his pets and deal with Shi Yu!!



Unexpectedly, when the five pets saw Bai Wenjie, they were like hungry wolves seeing lambs.

Their eyes turned red as they charged over.

Even Baby Ginseng instantly broke free from Elevens arms and shot out an energy storage beam from afar, hoping to snatch this kill.

A moment later.

East Sea Arena.

The vice-captain of Imperial Capital University appeared with a blank expression.

He was vexed and indignant.

He didnt expect Shi Yus pets to be so strong.

He didnt expect that he had only entered the competition for an hour before being found and eliminated by Shi Yu.

It was even more difficult for him to accept that he didnt even see Shi Yus figure!!

“Captain Bai…” After Bai Wenjie was eliminated, a student from Imperial Capital University immediately picked him up.

“I…” Bai Wenjie felt ashamed to face the nurturing of Imperial Capital University, the expectations of his juniors and teachers.

He was actually eliminated before he could even enter the finals.

Damn it, Shi Yus pets were indeed strong and too fierce.

Presumably, the school would understand him.

However, at this moment, the student who came said with a silent expression, “Captain Bai, listen to me.

What Im going to say next might be a little cruel.

Do you want me to say it, or do you want to watch the live broadcast yourself…”

“Huh” Bai Wenjie suddenly realized strangely that after a super genius like him was eliminated, the 100,000 spectators present actually didnt have any reaction!

What he didnt know was that the audience was already numb.

He looked at the live broadcast screen in confusion.

At this moment, Han Lu and Gu Yu, the two commentators, were also saying regretfully, “Unfortunately!! contestant Bai Wenjie, the deputy captain of Imperial Capital University, was also defeated by contestant Shi Yus pet clone team.”

“Looks like… Shi Yu, who defeated contestant Gao Xuan, is indeed unstoppable, even if its just his pet clones…”

“Lets see the search situation of the other clone teams…”

In the split screen, there were several small teams formed by five pets flying high in the sky of Glass Island, searching for lone contestants and monarch-level ferocious beasts.

Seeing the contestants, the group of clones rushed forward as if they were on steroids.

In order to snatch the first kill, they went all out and quickly eliminated the contestants.

Of course, if they encountered someone they knew, they were still relatively polite.

For example, in a certain dense forest, Xia Qingwei, who had been Shi Yus assistant, looked at the group of Shi Yus pet clones walking over arrogantly.

When she heard their words, “Gao Xuan is insta-killed, Ancient Capital is prosperous, King Shi Yu!”, she almost turned and ran.


However, it was useless to run.

The Buggy phantom used worm silk, the ginseng baby clone used the hypnotic sweet aura, and the few pets pitifully eliminated Shi Yus acquaintances without causing them any harm.


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