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After the team internal competition, Shi Yu returned.

After finally winning the team competition, Eleven stopped training and kept hanging around Shi Yu, acting cute.

Shi Yu didnt go easy either.

He squeezed for a long time.

It had to be said that after getting used to pinching Susu recently, petting a panda again had a different flavor.

Eleven: (๑•ᴗ•๑)

“Wu wu wu.”

Elevens thoughts were completely seen through by Shi Yu.

It meant that when could the rewards of the team competition be received

Wasnt it working so hard to win the team internal competition precisely for the legendary resources!

This was a good question.

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Shi Yu also wanted to know.

Coincidentally, at this moment, Shi Yus phone rang.

It was Principal Feng.

Shi Yu placed Eleven on his shoulder and picked up the phone.

“Principal Feng.”

“Shi Yu.” Principal Fengs voice came from the other side.

“Do you remember what we talked about last time”

Shi Yu was stunned and turned to look at Eleven.

It was here!

Whether Elevens legendary resources could be transferred depended on what Principal Feng said next.

If it succeeded, he would have resources.

If it failed, he could only think of other ways later.

“Burning Gold has already been sent to me.

Are you coming to the ancient capital, or will I give it to you in two days when we go to Demon Capital”

This years National League was held in Demon Capital.

It was about to begin.

In two days, the teams from Ancient Capital University would head to Demon Capital.

Shi Yu would naturally participate in the competition in Demon Capital.

“Well, Ill go to the ancient capital.

When the time comes, Ill go to Demon Capital with the school team,” Shi Yu said.

“By the way, Principal Feng, what about the legendary resources”

Burning Gold!

This metal could allow Eleven to carve a new inscription and awaken a new racial skill.

Of course, Shi Yu was also looking forward to this, but legendary resources couldnt be lacking.

He had spent all his money on buying evolution-type resources.

Although evolution-type resources were the most cost-effective, and once they evolved, they could increase the potential of the pets in all aspects, now, every pet of Shi Yu had almost evolved to the end.

It was very difficult to go further, so the cost-effective ratio of strengthening-type resources was obvious.

Especially legendary resources.

This kind of resource was something that had to be fought over, be it for monarchs, overlords, or totems.

If it could allow a monarch to perfectly strengthen to the overlord level, it could allow the overlord level to have a chance to strengthen to the totem level.

It could even allow the totem level to take another step forward, saving countless years of bitter cultivation.

It was normal for a totem-level resource to be difficult to approve.

“I knew you would ask this.” Principal Feng chuckled and said, “From the current approval progress, theres basically no problem.

The chances are still very high.”

“The difficulty now is not whether youre qualified to obtain legendary-level resources, but that youre only at the master level.

Isnt it too early to hold legendary-level resources Whether you can perfectly use the value of legendary-level resources is the problem the association is worried about now.”

“By the way, tell me your request for legendary resources.”

Upon hearing that, Shi Yu chuckled and realized that it was stable.

He said, “Metal.”

“Its best if its a metal-element strengthening resource that can strengthen vitality and energy points.”

“I understand.” Principal Feng nodded.

He knew that it was prepared for Eleven again.

For a life form like the Nine Li Battle Beast, there were actually no shortcomings in its three-dimensions, but it wasnt impossible to continue strengthening it.

Their physiques were comparable to dragons, almost the top of all pets.

Therefore, it was very difficult to continue strengthening the physique.

However, in terms of racial vitality and racial energy, the Nine Li Battle Beast still needed to be improved.

Life force determined the pets lifespan and self-healing ability, the recovery effect after being treated, and its growth potential.

Under normal circumstances, in a battle where their battle power was about the same, the stronger the life force of the pet, the higher the chances of survival and victory.

Even with an incomparably strong will, it was very difficult for a miracle to happen without the support of life force.

And energy value represented how much energy the pets body could withstand.

Although some pets could use the power of nature to fight, and the energy value was no longer that important to them, the more energy their bodies could withstand, the more benefits there would definitely be.

After all, the power of nature relied on the environment too much.

Just like Susu and Baby Ginseng this time, because they were fighting on the icy plain, their battle power couldnt be perfectly displayed.

If it were a battle in the deep sea, Shi Yus other pets would probably go crazy apart from Buggy, but Susu would definitely be like a fish in water.

If it were a battle in a forest with rich earth power, with Baby Ginsengs endurance, even if it couldnt hit Eleven, it might not be afraid of Eleven.

Everyone would drag it out for ten days and ten nights.

Of course, a place like the Icefield was definitely not the best place for Chi Tong and Eleven to fight or anything.

Everyone was more or less on the same terms.

Only Buggy could ignore the adverse effects of various environments because of the power of imagination.

From this view, Buggy was still powerful.

Therefore, Shi Yus idea was that Eleven was already very perfect in terms of physique.

Therefore, the next legendary resources were inferior to strengthening Elevens life and energy racial values.

This way, it could become even more flawless.

“Alright, Ill try to help you apply for suitable resources,” Principal Feng said.

“No hurry, no hurry.

Take your time.” Shi Yu was satisfied.

This was indeed not urgent, because the worries of the higher-ups were reasonable.

Even if he was given legendary-level resources now, he wouldnt need them.

He was just collecting them in advance.


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