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A huge amount of energy began to increase in Baby Ginsengs body.

20 million, 30 million…

At the commander level, the price to increase to the overlord level was death.

But now that Baby Ginseng had broken through to the monarch level and advanced to the overlord level, the side effects were much smaller.

It could almost let it launch an overlord attack.

It was just exhausting, and its life wouldnt be in danger.

Baby Ginseng was confident that it could shatter impregnable and instantly kill Eleven with an overlord attack.

“Yi!! (Im invincible!!)”

However, Baby Ginseng didnt know that Eleven had been locking onto it through its super vision the whole time.

When the energy in Baby Ginsengs body began to increase violently, Eleven discovered the problem at a glance.

“Wu wu wu! (Whoever claims to be invincible cant lose.)”

Then, it turned and ran, leaving Baby Ginseng, who had just increased its strength, behind.

It couldnt find its target and fell into deep thought.

Baby Ginseng:

As expected, the outcome of this battle was Eleven using the kite strategy to successfully drag Baby Ginseng into the water and let it rely on the side effects of the Time Fruit to tire itself out.

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It was very strong, but Eleven wont fight it.

In any case, theres no venue area restriction.

With Baby Ginsengs Leaf Wings, even if it was at the overlord level, it couldnt possibly catch up to Eleven, who had shot out its electromagnetic attack.

“In the fifth match, Eleven wins,” Shi Yu announced after a moment of silence.

Ginseng Baby: @.


Eleven: (.◕ˇ∀ˇ◕)I know tactics too.

Chi Tong and Buggy: !!!

This didnt look like their leader!!!

Susu also opened its mouth wide.

Everything was obvious.

Shi Yu sighed.

Although Eleven liked to be reckless, it wasnt stupid.

Fighting it head-on was for when it was fighting a weakling.

Who was willing to fight the self-destruct ginseng head-on

“Continue, continue.

Ahem, why dont we limit the area of the venue in the next meeting”

The unconscious Baby Ginseng raised its hands in agreement.

Buggy, on the other hand, expressed that it was best to update the equipment system! Chi Tong also agreed on this.

It could also possess equipment, and that Ice Dragon Blade was pretty good.

Susu, on the other hand, expressed that it was best to change the venue… to the ocean battlefield…

For a moment, the pets discussed.

About a day later, five more battles occurred.

A total of ten battles ended, and the first team meeting ended successfully.

The final ranking, from weak to strong, was as follows.

Fifth place, Blue Sea Sprite Reincarnation, Susu.

First, it was destroyed in the sister bureau with Chi Tong, and then it was countered by Baby Ginsengs anti-Susu energy fruit.


Then, the Buggy they encountered was even more unreasonable.

Buggy directly conjured the ginseng treasure artifact and teleported to Susus side.

Susu wasnt fast, and its defense wasnt strong.

It was shattered without any resistance.

It was countered by Baby Ginseng again.

As for the battle with Eleven… Although Susu had max-level lightning resistance, Elevens main attribute was metal.

The outcome was self-evident.

It was suppressed and shattered by a huge palm.

It couldnt be helped.

Even if Eleven didnt take the initiative to attack and stood there for Susu to hit… As long as it activated the army skill, Susu might not necessarily win.

In Shi Yus team, under the solo rules, only Baby Ginseng could break through Elevens army defense skill with the Time Fruit.

In this situation, Susu was helpless.

After the meeting ended, Susu was completely depressed.

If it was at the bottom of the team internal competition, how could it protect the sea

Shi Yus evaluation was: “All the best.

Even if we wait until youre so strong that you could protect the sea, you still might not necessarily be the champion of the team internal competition.”

Susu: “”

Human language

Fourth place, Mu Huiyins heroic spirit, Chi Tong.

It only defeated Susu.

Then, it was first tortured by Buggy with spatial torture and lost.

Then, it encountered Baby Ginseng.

In the beginning, Chi Tong also wanted to learn Elevens kiting strategy to defeat Baby Ginseng, not to mention that it countered Baby Ginseng.

However, Chi Tongs endurance, attack power, and defense were clearly not as strong as Elevens.

Eleven was pretty much strong without any shortcomings.

This also caused Chi Tong to directly let Baby Ginsengs energy storage beam shoot it down and shatter while trying to learn Elevens strategy.

In the end, Chi Tong was speechless when it encountered Eleven.

After failing to break through its defense a few times, it was directly suppressed.

Next was Baby Ginseng.

Although Baby Ginseng was invincible, apart from defeating Chi Tong and Susu, it still couldnt defeat Eleven and Buggy.

Of course, it didnt lose to Buggy.

Both parties fought a draw, and there was no winner or loser.

After fighting for three hours without a winner, Shi Yu shouted for a draw.

Buggys strategy was similar to Eleven.

It couldnt be helped.

This was the best strategy to deal with Baby Ginseng, who couldnt fly and wasnt good at aerial battles.

Although Baby Ginseng had accumulated the power of mutation of the spatial element through the mutated fruit skill in advance and could create the “Anti-Buggy Energy Fruit” at any time, in the face of the worm that was unwilling to fight head-on and hiding in the sky, it didnt have any effective means to shoot the fruit at all.

Even if it threw it with a tree branch, it couldnt throw it high or fast at all.

It could easily be dodged by teleportation.

The only storage beam that could attack the sky was also countered by Concealment.

It was similar to facing Elevens impregnable situation.

However, Buggy couldnt do anything to Baby Ginseng.

In the face of Baby Ginseng, who didnt go far enough to disable itself by using its trump card to go to the overlord level, it didnt have very good attack methods.

It conjured Eleven, conjured an ice dragon, and conjured Baby Ginsengs bomb to instantly teleport to the side of Baby Ginsengs main body.

They were all broken by Baby Ginseng one by one.

After all, what it conjured was definitely not as strong as the main body.

Even if Baby Ginsengs phantom self-destructed, it couldnt blow up Baby Ginseng, who had used part of the power of the Time Fruit to increase its energy level to ten million and had endurance.

The two of them fought stubbornly for three hours, hoping to get second place and not become third.

If this continued, perhaps a winner could be decided, but when Shi Yu got tired of watching, he directly shouted for it to stop…

The next night, the moon was bright and the stars were sparse.

As the team meeting completely ended, every pet was somewhat unwilling.

Team rankings: Eleven, Buggy/Baby Ginseng, Chi Tong, Susu.

Even Eleven, who had gotten first place, was a little regretful because it felt that it had won dishonorably.

Buggy and Baby Ginseng were both in second place.

If it could also crush Baby Ginseng head-on like when fighting Buggy, it would be perfect.

Fortunately, there was no restriction on the range of the venue this time.

Otherwise, it and Buggy would probably be shattered by Baby Ginseng.

As the pet with the most comprehensive attributes and the most super racial skills in Shi Yus team, Eleven deserved to be first.

It had a powerful physique, sufficient endurance, army defense skills that no one could break through, and metal and lightning were all powerful attack attributes.

The distribution was almost perfect.

On the other hand, Buggy relied on its understanding of every teammate and defeated and tied the other teammates with the weakest racial attributes and powerful racial skills and tactical arrangements.

Buggy was indeed not easy.

If one ignored the increase brought by the active skill and purely divided vitality, energy value, and physique into three dimensions of the pets racial attributes, Elevens three dimensions should be vitality (medium), energy (medium), and physique (extremely high).

Chi Tong and Susus three dimensions were vitality (high), energy (medium), and physique (medium).

Baby Ginsengs three-dimensions were vitality (extremely high), energy value (extremely high), physique (extremely low).

As for the three-dimensional aspect of Buggy, it was vitality (extremely low), energy value (medium), physique (extremely low).

It looked pretty sad.

Therefore, it was really not easy for Buggy to reach this stage.

It was all thanks to the strangeness of the spatial element and the fact that its spatial skill was not as big a side effect as Baby Ginsengs time skill.


Although it might not be able to defeat Baby Ginseng if the venue was limited, Buggy had yet to bring any equipment.

If it could bring a level-eight and level-nine dragon-element resource, its increase might not be any smaller than the Time Fruit.

After all, the Time Fruit was a high-level skill.

Without the potential of a Mythical race, the upper limit of its increase was to increase the pets strength to the overlord level.

Shi Yu was not surprised that Baby Ginseng, which had the highest racial attribute, was ranked second.

Its attributes were really strong.

Unfortunately, without teaching skills, apart from Moon Explosion, none of its racial skills were attack skills.

This was also the price of having strong racial attributes.

“A bunch of crazy little guys.”

After the team internal competition, Shi Yu began to bring them down the mountain.

Next, it was time to go to the national competition to see the situation.

With the current strength of this team, although it was still difficult for the world competition where the threshold to participate was the ability to fight overlords… It would still be courting death if they went.

However, in the national competition, they should be able to kill them, right It was like playing the baby cup… It could be said that this team internal competition was a warm-up for the national competition.

He hoped that everything would go smoothly!


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