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On the island, after being stunned, all the pets trembled.

Their genes were shouting and breathing hard.

The pirates who originally wanted to watch the battle between the three overlords instantly sensed the crazy reaction of their pets.

At this moment, be it commander-level pets or monarch-level pets, their brains were excited to the extreme as they smelled the fragrance.

Even smelling it made them feel comfortable.

If they could swallow the Undying Ginseng in one bite, they even felt that they could directly evolve and reach the overlord race.

It wouldnt be a problem for them to break through levels!!

This rich life aura was an incomparable taboo for any life form.

Even overlord-level pets had the same reaction.

When it was in Imperial Capital University and evolved, the guardian overlords of Imperial Capital University were unsurprisingly attracted by the newly evolved ginseng baby, thinking that some Undying Divine Medicine had appeared.

At that time, if it werent for the principal of Imperial Capital University stopping them, it would definitely have become a battle between overlords.

And now, Baby Ginseng was even stronger than before.

Under the enhancement of the power of time, its nourishing effect had increased countless times.

After all, just a perfect Time Fruit condensed by Baby Ginseng had the chance to let a commander become an overlord.

Although the price was a little tragic, its own effect was definitely many times better than a Time Fruit.

Under the enhancement of the power of time, the nourishing effect of Baby Ginseng itself increasing its evolution aptitude and lifespan would be raised to the maximum.

Therefore, the moment Shi Yu took out the ginseng baby with “full battle power”, the Snake Lord and the Earth Ape Demon stopped attacking the gem cat.

Their gazes were both attracted by the thing in Shi Yus hand.

They widened their red eyes and gulped.

They also felt the trembling of their bloodline power.

Holy **, there was really an Undying Ginseng.

This Pirate King was a good person.

He really left behind such a treasure!!

Usually, Baby Ginseng didnt even dare to “go all out” in the team, afraid that its teammates would crush it.

But now, it finally didnt feel any pressure and tried its best to show its temptation.

Unfortunately, Baby Ginseng had yet to be enhanced to the overlord level by the power of time.

Otherwise, it would really be no problem to say that its level was comparable to a legendary resource.


“None of you can get it.”

After Shi Yu took out the ginseng baby, he opened his mouth wide and subconsciously wanted to stuff the ginseng baby into his mouth.

“Human!! Stop!!!”

“Let go of that Undying Ginseng!!!”

“Youre courting death!!!”

The eyes of the Snake Lord and the Earth Demon Ape were red.

Under extreme anger, their battle power even directly increased.

They shattered the gem cats Psychic Shield together, causing the gem cat to somersault several times and eat a mouthful of dust in anger.

“Youre too much!”

At the moment, the Snake Lord and the Earth Demon Ape only had one thought.

Stop Shi Yu!

They definitely couldnt let Shi Yu eat the Undying Ginseng.

These humans were very bad.

It was actually unwilling to give them the Undying Ginseng and would rather start destroying it.

Yes, in their opinion, it was no different from destroying such a treasure if it was eaten by a human.


“Well snatch it too!!”

At this moment, the few big pirates hidden in the crowd who had the ability to fight against the overlord finally couldnt hold back under the strong trembling of their pets!

How could they tolerate it After all, the information their pets gave them was that they were confident of becoming overlords after eating this fruit.

Among these great pirates, there was no lack of quasi legends whose Beast Taming Space levels had reached level seven, but their pets had yet to reach the level of overlords.

Now, this fruit was definitely worth fighting for with their lives.

Shi Yus act of eating the Undying Ginseng Baby immediately made Shi Yu the public enemy of the entire island.

However, at this moment, the ginseng baby in Shi Yus hand suddenly opened its eyes.

Its entire body erupted with power, and with a boom, it bounced Shi Yu away from its side.

Then, the plant turned into wings and flew into the sky!!

Seeing this, everyone was stunned.

Shi Yu also shouted in disbelief, “Not good, the Undying Ginseng is a living creature.

It ran away!!”


No one expected such a change.

However, at this moment, many factions no longer cared about anything.

Their first goal was to move from Shi Yu to Baby Ginseng, who was flying in the sky.

After all, the current baby ginseng was still emitting fragrance, and it was even getting stronger and stronger.

“Yi!!!” Under the lock of countless auras, Baby Ginseng, who flew into the sky and fled, almost ran with tears in its eyes.

Although it had made the decision to find an opportunity to self-destruct…

However, was there a need for such a big scene This was crazy.

[Go, Baby Ginseng.

The future belongs to you.]

At this moment, Shi Yu, who was sent flying by Baby Ginseng, supported his body with both hands.

He looked at Baby Ginseng in the sky and muttered in his heart.

At that moment, no one cared about Shi Yu anymore.

Even if Shi Yu had spatial equipment, they didnt care.

After all, after Shi Yu was sent flying, the gem cat almost instantly created a “clone” to protect Shi Yu, and its “main body” also participated in the battle for the ginseng baby.

Under the obstruction of an overlord clone, no one was confident of hurting Shi Yu.

Obtaining his spatial equipment was also a difficult quest now.

In comparison, the Undying Ginseng could be eaten directly after being snatched.

There were immediate benefits, and it was obvious which one to choose.

Moreover, the array of the Undying Ginseng was even larger.

Of course, at this moment, there were also people who felt that it was strange.

They felt that this Undying Ginseng looked like a ginseng baby, but it wasnt a big problem.

Which ginseng baby could emit such an alluring fragrance It was too normal for the Undying Ginseng to look like a ginseng baby.

After all, they were all ginsengs.


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