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Undying Ginseng!!!

Upon hearing Shi Yus words, the two overlords hearts surged.

The pirates who rushed over were instantly extremely serious.

Only Sister Shi, Xiao Qin, and the others were silent.

Was this also part of his plan

At the same time, Shi Yu stared at the two overlords and kept asking himself in his heart whether the cat was reliable.

< Name > Snake Lord

[Race Level]: Low-level overlord

[Level of Growth]: Overlord

Energy Points: 43,990,000

< Introduction > Its a hybrid race created by the Orochi Totem with its blood essence.

Its a noble of the Yamata Nation.

Its extremely dangerous!!

< Name > Earth Demon Ape

[Race Level]: Mid-level overlord

[Level of Growth]: Overlord

Energy Points: 51,730,000

< Introduction > Its one of the five overlord apes under the Seven Islands Giant Ape Totem.

Its extremely dangerous!!

Shi Yu realized that his third and eleventh bureaus could actually detect their specific origins.

Extremely dangerous…

“Its alright to deal with one person alone, but not two together.

But we can escape.

Shall we”

When the gem cat focused, it was also communicating with Shi Yu.

Shi Yu fell into deep thought.

At the same time, everyone was attracted by Shi Yus words.

“Undying Ginseng”

“No legendary gem”

On the island, not everyone immediately heard the Undying Ginsengs rumors.

The time it took for the rumors to spread was still too short.

Only some relatively powerful factions obtained this information immediately.

Obviously, the two overlords knew this news.

“Only the Undying Ginseng”

“Really I dont believe it.”

The snakeman overlord let out a sharp voice, more willing to believe that there were many treasures.

The eyes of this snake girl were surprisingly sharp.

Seeing the treasure disappear surprisingly, its gaze locked onto Shi Yus bracelet.


Its gaze became even hotter.

She quickly figured out why the treasure had disappeared.

It didnt expect that the human in front of it actually had such a treasure.

Spatial equipment!

Even in the entire Orochi Totem Country, there werent many overlords with independent spaces.

This snakeman overlord didnt expect that apart from the treasures in the Pirate King Ruins, it could actually encounter humans with treasures.

It instantly revealed a greedy expression.

“Eightfold Dance!!!”


In an instant, a strong aura erupted from the snakeman overlord.

Black clouds lingered behind it.

Under the lingering clouds, along with its own tail, eight huge black tails that kept extending danced in midair, sweeping with a terrifying deterrence as it attacked Shi Yu and the others.

“Not good!”

Seeing this, Xiao Qin, Sister Shi, and the others were shocked.

But in the next moment, the gem cat attacked.

The gem eye in its eye turned ice-blue.

As it flickered, overwhelming cold air emitted from its body.

In an instant, the cold air swept over, and the eight huge tails of the snakeman overlord froze in the sky!

Half of the snakeman overlords body was also frozen.

“Thats all” the gem cat said disdainfully.

It suddenly felt that this guy wasnt very strong.

What a joke! After all, it was a pirate cat!

Would it be defeated by a mere snake!

“Ive decided.

Ill crush them!” Shi Yu thought to himself after deciding.

Gem Cat Baby Ginseng might be able to crush them.

The Dao Validation Battle was today!

“Damn it!!”

After failing to succeed in one attack, the snake overlord revealed a ferocious expression.

Under the force of its entire body, frost shattered, and eight huge tails attacked again.

At the same time, she shouted, “Big guy, this human has spatial equipment, so he must have a pile of treasures on him.

Lets work together to destroy them first.

When the time comes, well split the treasures equally.

Dont forget, our countries were once allies.”

“Only this once.” The giant ape overlord beside her felt that it was alright.

Seeing this, Shi Yu retreated and said, “Youre bullying me with numbers.

Are you afraid!”


At the same time, the Snake Lords eight giant tails collided with the gem cats Psychic Shield, stirring up huge sand that swept across half the island.

“Hahahaha, you humans are the least qualified to say this,” the Snake Lord said with a ferocious expression.

“Yeah, in terms of shamelessness, you humans are still better!!”


At this moment, the Earth Demon Ape also completed its transformation.

Its body increased exponentially, and its entire body was covered in black and brown matter.

Its body was like dry land, and even its eyes emitted a dark light.

It cooperated with the Snake Lord and raised its fist, smashing it at the gem cats Psychic Shield.

“Holy **, I already said one by one.”

What it was afraid of came.

At this moment, seeing that the Earth Demon Ape had also joined the battlefield and wanted the righteous two-on-one, the gem cat instantly felt a headache, and its pirate hat was instantly blown away.

On this topic, the Snake Lord and the Earth Demon Ape seemed to have reached a consensus that humans were the most shameless.

This angered Shi Yu.

He was such a simple person.

“Since youre unwilling to let go, no one can get the Undying Ginseng.

I choose to eat it directly!!”

With that said, Shi Yu stretched out his hand.

A white light flashed in his hand, and a ginseng baby with its eyes closed was pulled into his hand from the ruins space.

At the same time, an incomparable fragrance bloomed from Baby Ginseng.

Every wisp of the max-level sweet aura was the feedback of his countless nourishing effects.

Almost at the moment Shi Yu took out the ginseng baby, a shocking fragrance swept out like a violent wind!

As the fragrance spread from Baby Ginsengs body, the entire sky was like the birth of the Undying Divine Medicine, condensing a very spectacular natural phenomenon in the sky.

The fragrance became clouds!

At this moment, the huge fragrance seemed to contain endless magic, instantly attracting the attention of all life!


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