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Chapter 346 Pirate King Ruins (3)

“Hey, are you… newbies Do you know the rules” As they walked over, Shi Yu raised his head slightly.

“Get lost.” As soon as he finished speaking, a terrifying deterrence emitted from his pocket.

It was like a thunderclap exploded in their minds, making them instantly fall to the ground in a daze.

Xiao Qin and the others didnt take another look.

Under Xiao Qins lead, everyone walked to the street and entered a huge wooden house tavern that looked fancy.

After following Xiao Qin in, the fragrance of wine instantly came from the room, and it was very noisy.

Shouts, curses, and the sound of alcohol kept circling in the smoke-filled tavern.

“A veteran…” Shi Yu muttered when he saw Xiao Qins experienced movements.

“This is the garrison symbol of a pirate group that specializes in intelligence business.” Beside him, Huang Qi and Qin Mingzhi were also knowledgeable and introduced it to Shi Yu.

After the four of them entered the tavern, Xiao Qin walked to the front desk.

Standing at the front desk was a female pirate with a fiercer expression than Xiao Qin.

“Drink” she asked the few people who came in.

“Drink,” Xiao Qin replied in the next moment, but when she heard this voice, the fierce-looking female pirate was immediately stunned.

She looked at Xiao Qins face carefully and revealed an incredulous gaze.

“Hello.” Then, she called her companions to take her place and looked at Xiao Qin and the others.

“Follow me.”

This development stunned Huang Qi and Qin Mingzhi.

However, Shi Yu had already reacted thoughtfully.

Then, Shi Yu and the others were brought to another room by this person.

Then, they entered the underground room with stone steps.

At this moment, Xiao Qin said, “Theyre with


As soon as she finished speaking, Huang Qi and Qin Mingzhi were shocked.

Holy **, the huge pirate group that often sold information in the Chaotic Sea was one of them

This group of spies.

“Xiao Qin, you, why are you here!!” At the same time, the female pirate still looked at Xiao Qin in shock.

“Are you also here because of the rumors about the ruins of the Pirate King”

“Sister Shi, lets not talk about this anymore.

Hows the situation on the island now” Xiao Qin smiled bitterly and asked.

The female pirate named Sister Shi pondered for a moment and said, “Nothing happened.

I cant even tell if the news is true or false.”

“However, on this island, there are many extremely ferocious guys gathered.

Among them, the most noteworthy is an overlord-level snakeman on the Eight Qi Island and an overlord-level Vajra on the Great Ape Island.

They all have human servants beside them, and their strength is quite extraordinary.”

“Two overlords” Xiao Qin was shocked.

“Yeah, its fine if the pirates were attracted over, but even the overlord races were attracted over.

Its probably their human servants fanning the flames behind their backs again,” Sister Shi said in frustration.

“Two overlords…” Upon hearing the battle power distribution on the island, the gem cat yawned.

Serpentman and King Kong They sounded stupid.

If it wanted to run, the other party definitely couldnt catch up to it.

It was stable, alright

If there was really a legendary gem, it would slip away!

“This cat…” Sister Shi looked at the gem cat that spoke.

“This…” Xiao Qin glanced at the gem cat and the freeloading Shi Yu and the others.

She introduced them to Sister Shi.

“Huang, Qin, the rising stars have monarch-level pets.

Theyre my subordinates.”

After being stunned, Sister Shi cast an appreciative gaze at the two young hunks.

Not bad! The navy was getting stronger and stronger, and the master-level Beast Tamer was getting younger and younger.

She looked at Shi Yu.

This one was even younger.

He looked less than 20 years old.

Could he also be a master-level Beast Tamer

Then, Xiao Qin looked at Shi Yu and said, “This is my new superior.”

Sister Shi: “”

Sister Shi opened her mouth slightly.


Wasnt Xiao Qin General Xiaos daughter A top-notch master less than 30 years old, a former super genius of the navy.

Why, why did she suddenly have a boss around 20 years old

What was going on

At this moment, Shi Yu also narrowed his eyes slightly and said, “Theres no news about the ruins at all”

“No, theres no trace at all.

We cant even determine where the rumors came from,” Sister Shi immediately replied after being stunned.

Upon hearing that, Shi Yu looked at the gem cat and shrugged.

It meant, look.

It was most likely a rumor.

The gem cat pouted stubbornly.

It suspected that Shi Yu was targeting it!

Without the legendary gem and the ruins of the Pirate King, what good would it do!

He clearly wanted to explore it himself.

“Then, is there any ruin or stone statue related to the Pirate King on this island” Shi Yu asked.

“Also, can we sell information Can you help me spread information Lets say that in the Pirate King Ruins, apart from the precious legendary gem, theres also a legendary quality Undying Ginseng.

One whiff can extend ones lifespan by a hundred years.

If you put it in your mouth, you can even live forever…”

Baby Ginseng: Your head will explode.

Sister Shi looked at Xiao Qin in confusion.

Who exactly was he She couldnt do this anymore.


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