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Chapter 339 Shi Yu vs the Admiral

Demon Sea Star!

What Xiao Qin summoned was a very strange pet.

Of course, for Shi Yu and the others, this Demon Sea Star was not strong alone.

However, as a super genius with a top-notch master title who raised her Beast Taming level to level six, coupled with her strengthening talent, this Demon Sea Star was quite extraordinary.

If it werent for the fact that Shi Yu had two talents that could solidify the foundation of the pet through the skill index and train the skill level to a very high level… Relying on telepathy alone as he leveled up would make it really difficult for him to fight these Beast Tamers with enhancement talents.

A master-level Beast Tamer with the strengthening talent could increase the pets energy level by a million, depending on the development of the strengthening talent.

As for top-notch masters like Heavenly King Zou and Xiao Qin, once the strengthening talent was activated, it wasnt impossible to strengthen millions of energy points.

And to reach ten million, that was exclusive to legendary Beast Tamers.

The reason why the pets cultivated by Beast Tamers were stronger than wild ferocious beasts was largely dependent on the support of Beast Tamers.

“Forget it, you guys can fight if you want.

As soon as possible.”

Seeing that Shi Yu and Xiao Qin had already reached the point of hostility, the gem cat sighed helplessly and gently placed its paw on the ground.

In the next moment, its gem eye turned ice-blue, and a cold aura blossomed from its cat claws.

With a hum, in a short second, the thousand-meter range with it as the center quickly turned into hard glacier land.

Even the Silver Sea battleship was frozen inside.


In fact, Xiao Qin had long noticed this gem cat.

However, there was no information about the gem cat in Shi Yus team information.

At this moment, seeing this gem cat casually erupt with such a powerful strength, she instantly recalled something.

“Youre the cat that followed Lu Qingyi to the Dragon Palace banquet five years ago” Xiao Qin said subconsciously.

“Little girl, your memory is pretty good.” The gem cat didnt have a deep impression of Xiao Qin, but after hearing what Xiao Qin said, it estimated that Xiao Qin had also gone to the Dragon Palace banquet.

“General Xiao Qin, this Teacher Ying is the guardian overlord of Ancient Capital University, the deputy minister of the Marine Environmental Protection Department.”

Huang Qi and Qin Mingzhi, who had been to the Dragon Palace banquet, quickly explained.

Hearing this, Xiao Qin nodded speechlessly.

The blue energy wave surging around her body slowly fused into her body.

After taking a deep breath, she leaped gently onto the glacier.

When she landed, a stream of water appeared out of thin air under her feet, slowing the impact of her jump and allowing her to land steadily!

“Heh!!!” However, the Demon Sea Stars movements were much more domineering.

It bent its legs and flashed, instantly appearing in front of Xiao Qin.

A crack was even stepped onto the glacier under its feet.

“My pet is this.”

At the same time, Shi Yu also took a few steps forward with one hand in his pocket.

At this moment, Chi Tong, who was in the form of a bird spirit, flew in front of Shi Yu noisily.

“Wu Wu Wu Wu!!!” Seeing this, the little panda Eleven, who was left on the stool, couldnt do anything.

Although it also wanted to fight, it had just finished self-mutilating in the ruins space before leaving.

It was still in the resting stage and had yet to recover.

It could only hand it to Chi Tong first.

After all, the opponent didnt look weak.

“Wuwuwu.” “Yiya!!” Buggy and Baby Ginseng expressed that it was fine to watch the show.

A battle of this level was not something they could participate in.

Even if they used the Time Fruit, it would be difficult.

After all, the time it took to erupt was too short.

“Ning.” Susu lay on Elevens head and was curious why the increase in the strength of that starfish was so big all of a sudden, even greater than the Fruit of Time.

It had just arrived in the outside world not long ago, and it was still not very clear about the various situations of Beast Tamers.

“Yiya!!” The teams knowledgeable ginseng baby quickly explained.

This was a water-element strengthening talent.

Although it was a common talent, this womans cultivation was abnormally powerful!

However, there was no problem.

Although Chi Tongs energy might not necessarily be higher than the other party, its skill proficiency was high.

Moreover, it could use Shi Yu as a strengthening equipment with the same effect!

“A bird spirit Why do I remember its a sword spirit”

At that moment, Xiao Qin looked at Chi Tong who flew out and said slowly.

Although she and the Demon Sea Star could sense that this cute, harmless, and pigeon-like little bird spirit was not simple, if she remembered correctly, Shi Yus information recorded that he contracted a fire sword spirit!

“Its just the different forms of the same pet,” Shi Yu said with a smile.


At the same time, a fire spirit sword appeared under Chi Tongs tender feet.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

As it flew, it grabbed the fire sword spirit with its claws and swung out a few fire sword auras.

Little Chi Tong revealed a calm expression as if its an alternate account.

“Interesting.” Seeing this, Xiao Qin showed a very interested expression.

This was the first time she had seen such an undead race that could switch forms between sword and bird.

However, it was not important.

There were too many strange pets in this world.

As a Marine, she was especially profound about this.

After all, almost every day, there would be new deep sea species updated in the navys database.

“End the battle quickly!” At this moment, as the gem cat urged, Xiao Qin and Shi Yu nodded and entered battle mode at the same time.

Water flowed in Xiao Qins eyes.

Because the strengthening process required a high level of tacit understanding with the pet, on the glacier, the Demon Sea Star slowly raised its fingertip.

When it aimed at Chi Tong in the sky, Xiao Qin also made a finger gun posture and aimed at Chi Tong in the sky.


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