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Chapter 323 Mechanical Tyrant Dragon (1)

A legendary Beast Tamer was only equivalent to a half-god.

As for befriending Dragon Palace City and the Blue Sea Sprite, it was more like two and a half.

After all, the Blue Sea Sprite still had many hidden guardians in the sea!

Moreover, the former had a chance of less than 1%, and it might be life-threatening.

As for the latter, it was almost 100%.

It was a very simple mathematics problem.

“I understand.

Thank you, Tyrannical Sea Legend.” Shi Yu humbly accepted the seniors suggestion, but he still planned to consider it carefully when he returned.

This Shi Yu mainly wanted to see his strength at that time.

If he didnt have the corresponding strength, he wouldnt go even if the Tyrannical Sea Legend wanted him to participate by pointing a knife at him.

On the same day.

Ping Cheng

Shi Yu returned alone.


As for the gem cat, it had not returned to Ancient Capital University for a long time.

It was afraid that its working clones would be exhausted, so it wanted to go back and euthanize them before creating a new batch of clones to replace its work.

Therefore, this time, only Shi Yu returned to Ping Cheng himself.

Shi Yu returned silently and didnt inform anyone.

The moment he returned, he lay on the bed lazily.

As for the pets, they didnt need Shi Yus instructions at all.

They started to do their own things.

Eleven continued training.

Although it was exhausted from fighting for three days and three nights, it recovered quickly.

After all, it was just fighting

On the other hand, Buggy and the others were in trouble.

They no longer had the strength to train.

For example, Buggy had continuously visualized the Dragon God Statue and drained its energy.

In addition, it had created so many Ice Dragon Phantom badges, so it had yet to recover.

It was the same for Baby Ginseng.

After creating so many Time Fruits and supplements for the team members to fight for three days and three nights, the exhaustion level could be imagined.

It was also half-dead tired.

As for Chi Tong, its consumption was relatively normal, it was one of the ones in the team who could move normally.

As for Susu, after returning, Shi Yu had it eat the last resource, the Sea Flame Sprite core..

The Tears of the Mermaid helped it awaken the rain and the steam explosion.

The million-year-old turtle shell awakened the water guardian.

Shi Yu was very curious about what skills the Sea Flame Sprite core could awaken this time.

As expected, after eating this, Susu fell asleep again.

After returning, Shi Yu slept for a whole day and night.

After all, he had not slept in Dragon Palace City for a few days.

He was staying awake on supplements.

This time, with Chi Tongs clone possessing him and the support of the recovery effect, he slept for another day before feeling completely energetic.

On the ground, Shi Yu, who was covered in fiery flames and looked like he had just come out of the cremation furnace, slowly got up and opened his eyes.

“Ha ~”

Shi Yu got up with sleepy eyes.

Chi Tongs clone quickly separated and disappeared.

After waking up, Shi Yu glanced at the time and suddenly recalled something.

He wore his pajamas and arrived at a certain place in the ruins space with a thought.

This was the Mechanical Stone Research Institute.

It had always been used by Shi Yu, Buggy, and the others to study the mechanical modification of the phantom beast species.

The so-called phantom beasts were pets created with illusions.

Shi Yu took a look at the motionless dragon circle and knew that the group of little Tyrant Dragon illusions they raised had exhausted their energy and disappeared.

“Sigh.” Shi Yu entered the research institute and glanced at the Mythical fossil that Buggy had yet to conquer from Dragon Palace City and the Tyrant Dragon fossil that, although it had been conquered, couldnt be modified mechanically.

He felt a sense of loss.

“Buggy, lets try again.”

After Shi Yu shouted, Buggy, who was lying on the ground and fighting the Dragon God Phantom in a dream, opened its eyes.

Tiredly, it instantly teleported to Shi Yu.

“Youve visualized the Dragon God Statue for three days and three nights.

Theoretically speaking, the Dragon of Imagination skill should have improved.

Lets create another mechanical Tyrant Dragon to try!”


Buggy nodded, although it still felt that there was no chance.

Soon, Shi Yu took out a set of golden and silver armor from the fossil mechanical research institute.

This mechanical armor was clearly not prepared for humanoid creatures.

From the structure, it was clearly for creatures like the Tyrant Dragon.

However, the size of this mechanical armor was not big compared to the real Tyrant Dragon.

It was only about a meter tall.

It was mainly because it was still in the experimental stage.

Shi Yu didnt want to use expensive materials to experiment.

[Dream Mechanical Alloy), this was the name of the material for this mechanical armor.

This mechanical alloy could transform electricity into dream spiritual energy.

It was the core material of the mechanical beast [Mechanical Dream Beast).

Mechanical Dream Beasts were mechanical beasts that could help life forms improve their sleep quality, were good at hypnosis, and created various dreams.

They mainly relied on charging to maintain their activity.

Buggys illusion was essentially a dream illusion.

The energy was also dream spiritual energy, so it shouldnt be wrong to use this dream mechanical alloy that could be converted into dream spiritual energy as a shell.

The current armor was something that Shi Yu had bought and assembled with a pile of basic materials after investigating various information.

However, he only prepared armor materials and intelligence chips.

For things such as skill chips and even more complicated battle equipment… He definitely didnt prepare them.

After all, what he wanted to create wasnt a mechanical dream beast, but a mechanical Tyrant Dragon.

Moreover, it was only the initial stage of its birth.

Everything was still in the experiment, so there was no need to pursue perfection.

In Shi Yus concept, illusions were the chips that carried all skills, so what he needed to do now was to connect the illusions to these mechanical parts as a whole and awaken it into an intelligent life form.


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