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Chapter 238 A Tragic End for the People of Wu Ling

Wu Ling City Hospital.

In an office, Director Yao, who was in charge of the recovery of the Beast Tamers major injuries, was handling the documents in his hand.

On his office table, a white dandelion lay in the flower pot and yawned.

This was a plant-type pet that was good at healing.

At this moment, there was a knock on the door.

Director Yao looked up and said, “Please come in.”

The door was pushed open.

A teenager about fifteen or sixteen years old said at the door, “Director Yao.”

“Its An Chang, come in quickly.” Director Yao smiled and said, “Didnt you have class today” “Its better for you to go to school in peace now.

Dont keep coming here.

The hospital plans to organize another donation.

Dont worry about your mothers next treatment.” “Well, Director Yao, I got the money.” After An Chang entered, he said more excitedly, “Its exactly five million.

I remember you previously said that the treatment chances of a medicine are above 90%, right”

“Uh.” Director Yao was slightly stunned.

“Where did you get the money”

They were all too clear about the conditions of the An Chang family.

Although it was alright in the past, An Changs parents, who had become vegetative because of an accident, couldnt afford much treatment now.

“Dont tell me you sold the pet your father left you” Director Yao was shocked and said.

“No, I found an antique at home and successfully sold it,” An Chang said.

“Director Yao, with the medicine, my mom can recover, right”

Director Yao nodded in surprise.

He was still a little stunned.

What antique could be sold for five million yuan Why didnt he hear An Chang mention it before

“Well… When can we start the treatment I can pay the fee at any time,” An Chang said anxiously.


At this moment, the white dandelion that was napping at Director Yaos desk suddenly froze.

It floated up from the flower pot and looked at An Chang in surprise.

To be precise, it looked at his pocket.


The dandelion suddenly shouted and flew in front of An Chang, scaring him.

“Why, whats wrong”

“Uh.” At this moment, Director Yao was also a little confused by White Pu Yings actions.

But soon, White Pu Ying transferred her perception to Director Yao.

“Mu!!” The white dandelion was very serious.

In his pocket, there was a very high-level resource! Very high! “Is there… anything in your pocket” Director Yao asked.

As soon as he finished speaking, An Chang was stunned and quickly took out a white fruit.

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At this moment, when it saw this white fruit, the white dandelion directly exploded, and its saliva flowed out of its mouth.

It even hallucinated in front of its eyes and saw a cute ginseng baby waving at it.

Love, love.


It quickly turned around and told its Beast Tamer that it felt that this thing… could increase its life level and let it complete its evolution!

“What!” Director Yao was stunned and was directly shocked.

This white dandelion was his new medical pet.

He also knew the evolution conditions.

It was definitely not something a random fruit could help evolve casually.

However, the white dandelion was telling him now that it sensed that this fruit could allow it to complete its evolution

What quality resource could make the white dandelion have such a reaction…

“Yes, by the way, Doctor Yao, this fruit…” An Chang said,” The person who bought my antiques gave it to me.

He said that it might treat life loss and wanted me to show it to you.

He handed the nutritional fruit to Director Yao.

At this moment, Director Yao took the nutritional fruit and White Dandelion landed on his shoulder.

Both parties sensed it and their expressions immediately became serious.

“Although this fruit is a level-four resource, the purity of the life force is very high and very rare.

It might be more suitable to treat life loss than that five million Life Potion… Its value is very high.”

He had been a doctor for so many years, but he had never seen this fruit.

The rarest thing was that this fruit could actually help pets evolve

“Really” An Chang was stunned.

It was worth more than five million yuan

“But after all, theres no precedent for using it.

The hospital definitely wont use this fruit with unknown information as a medicine.

This fruit… No, who was the person who gave you the fruit Do you know his identity”

Director Yao said, “The value of this fruit is above five million yuan.

Who exactly did you encounter…”

“I dont know… But hes not much older than me.” An Chang was extremely confused.

He didnt expect Shi Yu to casually give him such a precious thing.

Director Yaos expression was serious.

Was he a second-generation heir or a rich second-generation heir

Such a person liked to collect strange things.

In addition, he was generous.

“Keep this fruit well.

My suggestion is to still use the Life Potion to treat it.

You can go to a professional feeding agency to appraise this fruit and give it to your pet to eat or sell to our hospital.” Director Yao handed the fruit to An Chang

Beside him, White Dandelions face was filled with tears.

Could it eat it

“If possible, Ill call the Dean over later.

At that time, please show us this fruit again.”

“Also, can you still contact the person who gave you the fruit” Director Yao looked at the confused An Chang and said.

He wanted to ask if there were any more of these fruits.

If there were, Wu Ling Hospital would definitely be willing to buy a large amount of these fruits.

“I have his number…” An Chang said.

“By the way, his name is”

“Shi Yu.” An Chang remembered Shi Yus name and phone very clearly along the way.

Wu Ling City.

Shi Yu had already come out of the park.

He had tested it with the Tyrant Dragon fossil just now.

Unfortunately, this stone mirror was really not powerful.

It couldnt give life at all.

Forget about the Tyrant Dragon fossil, he couldnt even awaken a high-level energy crystal into an elemental life form.

It really could only awaken transcendent races

Damn, no wonder in the historical scene, it was a child playing with it.

Perhaps it was really a toy prepared by some big boss for a child.

This way, if he wanted to use this stone mirror well, he had to choose the Mechanic class.

After all, only the Mechanic class could rely on assembling and upgrading to create mechanical lives of high races.

As Shi Yu was mumbling, his cell phone suddenly rang.

When Shi Yu saw that it was an unknown number, he was conflicted between answering and ignoring the two options.

A moment later.

“Who is it”

“Are you Mr.

Shi Yu Im the director of Wu Ling City Hospital, Yao Jie.

Do you know a child named An Chang”

Shi Yus heart skipped a beat.

“Whats wrong”

“Did you give him a special fruit” “Our hospital wants to buy a large amount of this fruit.

I wonder if you have the intention to talk about it… If it can be used in medical treatment, this fruit is definitely a top-notch divine medicine.”

Shi Yu patted his chest, scaring him.

He thought that something had happened to the patient after eating the nutritional fruit.

If he could eat it as a candy, others might not necessarily be able to.

It was precisely because of this that he got An Chang to get a nutritional fruit for the doctor to see first.

From the looks of it, the hospital had found him after discovering the value of the nutritional fruit

The max-level nutritional fruit was indeed extraordinary… Firstly, the nutritional fruit was condensed by the ginseng baby into its own nutrition.

It had also been modified by skills such as the level-eight Fruit of Life, the source of life of a super skill, the Dao Proficiency Sweet Aura, and Slow Healing.

In addition to the nutritional multiplication of the Dao Proficiency Fruit, the fruit condensed could be said to heal someone to death.

Its not the most amazing medicine, but it could indeed be considered a medical divine medicine.

At least, no matter how serious the injuries caused by Buggy and Elevens training were, a fruit could instantly recover to its original state.

A hole in its body could slowly recover, and it could also subtly change its physique.

It was dozens of times better than their own high-speed healing.

“Not interested.” Shi Yu rejected directly.

Although the nutritional fruit of the ginseng baby could indeed save many people, how could the ginseng baby have the energy to create in large quantities Moreover, after it flowed into the market, it would definitely be exclusive to high-level people.

The injuries and illnesses of rich people could be cured no matter what.

The reason why the illness of poor people couldnt be cured was purely because they didnt have money.

It had nothing to do with medicine, and it wasnt very meaningful to cooperate with Wu Ling Hospital.

When Baby Ginseng developed a commoner divine medicine with a high cost-effective ratio one day, it would be better to directly cooperate with the Medical Bureau of Division 13.

At that time, he could join another bureau…

[Ginseng Baby:…]

“Ah…” When he heard Shi Yus rejection, Director Yao was stunned.

Opposite him, an old man in a white coat stared.

At this moment, Shi Yus voice sounded again.

“By the way, can that An Changs mother be cured Does he have enough money”

Shi Yu recalled the most important thing.

He felt a little apologetic to have obtained a divine weapon from the other party.

Ignoring everything else, at least the money for treatment couldnt be insufficient.

“There shouldnt be a problem.”

“Should” Shi Yu asked.

“It means, not 100%”

“Is there a treatment plan for 100% recovery”

“Forget it, Wu Ling City Hospital, right Ill go take a look now.” Shi Yu glanced at the time.

It was still early, and the two seniors probably werent done shopping.

At the same time, after Shi Yu hung up, in an office in Wu Ling Citys hospital, Director Yao, the president of Wu Ling Citys hospital, and the other doctors looked at the nutritional fruits in the container on the table and fell into deep thought.

“Is the other party really called Shi Yu” Dean Bai confirmed with Director Yao again.

“Yeah, Dean, whats wrong” Director Yao asked.

“This name is a little familiar,” a female chief doctor said.

“Shi Yu, a student from Ancient Capital University, the top scholar of Ancient Capital Universitys vocation assessment this year.

Of course, these titles are nothing.” Dean Bai shook his head and said,

“Most importantly, Shi Yu won first place in this years Imperial Capital Feeding Conference.

He brought the Feeding Team of Ancient Capital University, including the legend Hua Xiajin and Dr.

Zuo Jiangyun, and researched the evolution plan of the Green Silkworm cocoon that affected the Beast Taming Domain.

He himself is also the Beast Tamer of the overlord species Butterfly of Imagination… He was evaluated by the media as an outstanding youth of the year… Could it be him”

As Dean Bai finished speaking, the doctors in the room widened their eyes.

“Of course, I cant be sure if its the real person, or maybe its just a different name”

A moment later, at Wu Ling City Hospital.

Shi Yu followed the agreed address and teleported over.

In the room, Dean Bai, Director Yao, and some other doctors were communicating around the nutritional fruits on the table.

At this moment, Shi Yu arrived under the lead of a young nurse.

After they knocked and entered, the young nurse said,

“Dean Bai, Mr.

Shi Yu is here.”

In the room, six doctors in white coats looked over.

Five of the doctors looked at Shi Yu in surprise.

Among the few of them, the older Dean Bai looked at Shi Yu and compared it with his memories again.

His expression changed in shock.

“Student Shi Yu, so its really you.


He quickly walked forward, his expression turning surprised and pleasantly surprised.

He ran over warmly to shake Shi Yus hand.

“Hello, hello.

Im the dean of Wu Ling Citys hospital, Bai He.”

“Hello.” Shi Yu was slightly stunned.

So enthusiastic

After seeing Shi Yu, Dean Bai, who had been feeling that there was something wrong with the name Shi Yu since just now, was completely certain.

He introduced him to Director Yao and the others.

“Let me introduce you.”

“This is Student Shi Yu, a top student from Ancient Capital University.

Hes first in this years Imperial Capital Feeding Conference.” Dean Bai had a smile on his face.

Under the shocked expressions of the chief physicians, he said, “I didnt expect the owner of this fruit to be Student Shi Yu.

I didnt expect…”

It was really Shi Yu himself!

Although Shi Yu was still a student, to be able to let a legendary Beast Tamer and a famous professor act as his assistant… To be evaluated as having legendary talent, how could he be an ordinary person

Many doctors and even Dean Bai showed polite and respectful expressions.

At this moment, Shi Yu discovered the nutritional fruit on the table.

Seeing this, Director Yao immediately said, “Little Chang entrusted us to appraise it.

Student Shi Yu, you just said that you came for An Chang”

At this moment, after confirming Shi Yus identity, everyone stopped mentioning the nutritional fruit.

No matter where Shi Yu obtained it, with Shi Yus identity, he wouldnt choose a city hospital in a second-level city even if he wanted to do a collaboration.

They knew their position.

“Yes, can I understand his situation”

The doctors looked at each other.

Director Yao said, “Let me explain.”

“This child An Chang… His parents are both fishermen and Beast Tamers.

His family conditions were originally not bad, but during a trip to catch fish, his parents encountered a mutated and evolved sea beast.

That sea beast was very strong and fierce.

The two of them were no match for it.

In the end, although they barely escaped, in order to protect them, their pets basically died.

In addition, they both had Fusion Talent and also fought.

After escaping, their condition wasnt very good.

After a wave of drowning and drifting, they finally became like this…”

“That was a year ago.

An Changs father failed his treatment and passed away.

His mothers condition is relatively better, but she needs continuous treatment.

In the past year, the treatment fees for the two of them have almost spent all the savings in An Changs family.”

“This child is also miserable.

He lost his parents when he was only in his teens, and he doesnt have any other family members…” Dean Bai sighed.

Shi Yu :”…”

It was indeed very tragic.

His father had Fusion Talent

It had the same talent as the beast-eared girl…

However, although the beast-eared girl was powerful, it didnt mean that this talent was strong.

In the eyes of some people, this talent was inferior to an ordinary strengthening talent.

Unless there was a mine at home to ensure that the Beast Tamers physique was too strong, the Fusion Talent was still very deceptive.

Beast Tamers with Fusion Talent couldnt avoid their own battles if they wanted to perfectly unleash their talent.

And once it involved their own battles, the chances of their bodies having problems were too high.

The pets could still barely rely on their outstanding racial advantages to withstand some serious injuries, but human Beast Tamers…

The beast-eared girls family was rich and it was a traditional martial arts family.

She had trained her physique since she was young and far exceeded her peers.

Only then could she let her be bold enough to tear apart a monarch-level pet with her bare hands.

If it were other Fusion Talent Beast Tamers with trash physiques, their own battles would be purely suicidal.

Even with the enhancement of the pet fusion, the chances of their bodies having problems were still very high.

In addition, the fishermen were in a dangerous industry.

An Changs parents should have been mentally prepared for this situation long ago.

In the end, it was still because the Fusion Talent was a scam.

This was also why many Beast Tamers with the Fusion Talent went to do irregular jobs.

At least, the danger was small and the money was high.

Now, it was too difficult to be a proper Beast Tamer.

“Like I said on the phone, how much do you need to press the 100% cure Ill pay,” Shi Yu said.

He planned to help the other party pay all the treatment fees.

Dean Bai: “Money No need.

This child, An Chang, is honest and filial.

After his parents were hospitalized, it was really not easy for him to work and study alone.

Now that it has come to this, our hospital has already planned to pay to treat his mother.”

“100% is good,” Dean Bai said confidently.

Shi Yu: “”

Why didnt Shi Yu believe that the hospital was so kind

The doctors smiled in embarrassment.

They werent that kind in the first place.

At most, everyone would donate and sponsor them.

After all, the price of the medicine wasnt cheap.

If it was like this for every injured patient, the hospital wouldnt be able to continue operating.

When the time came, the problem would be even greater, but now… Shi Yu was here.

They had to be good until the end.

They couldnt really let Shi Yu pay, right

Special people had to be treated specially.

“No, I have to pay,” Shi Yu said.

Otherwise, he would burn his hands with guilt using this stone mirror.

If it was the rich ladys thing, he would take it and treat himself as a freeloader.

In any case, he had been living off the country since he was young in his previous life and was used to it.

Unfortunately, it wasnt a rich lady this time, but a poor guy.

He didnt feel at ease doing it and felt awkward.


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