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Chapter 237: Its Time to Do Gundam

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“Youre saying… you want to buy it”

‘As Shi Yu appeared, the young man, An Chang, was stunned.

Then, he was instantly pleasantly surprised.

“Really” He was suddenly a little excited.

This money was not a small amount.

Not only was An Chang stunned, but the other passers-by were also stunned.

Someone really bought this thing

With this money, why couldnt he buy a house and a luxury car… What family was he from

“Yeah, can I transfer the money”

Shi Yu had already taken out his cell phone.

The young man opposite him hurriedly waved his hand and said, “Well, can, can we go to the bank to transact”

“I dont have a cell phone.”

Shi Yu:”…”

It was troublesome.

“Then lets go,” Shi Yu said after a moment of silence.

Forget it, he couldnt let Buggy materialize a box of cash for him, right

That would be too much.


An Chang, seeing that Shi Yu indeed wanted to buy it, couldnt help but be overjoyed.

He immediately got up and wanted to clean up the stall, but he seemed to have forgotten that his legs were about to go numb.

When he got up, he fell and fell forward.

An Chang: ¥ (° A*| |)

“..” Shi Yu.

“Its not a big problem.” He quickly supported him with his hand and patted his clothes.

A moment later, under the stunned gazes of passers-by, the young man setting up the stall left with Shi Yu.

For a moment, passers-by couldnt tell if the young man setting up the stall was a liar or if Shi Yu was a liar.

Shi Yu and An Chang left Antique Street.

As the two of them walked to Wu Ling Bank, An Chang observed Shi Yu carefully from behind.

After his joy, he suddenly felt a little nervous.

He was afraid that Shi Yu was a liar.

It was mainly because Shi Yu was too young.

Could five million be taken out so easily

“Do you know the origin of that stone mirror”

Shi Yu walked in front and asked without looking back.

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“Idont know… But according to my family, its a very precious treasure, but the usage… was lost in the flames of war.” He asked Shi Yu, “Do you know what it is”

“Tknow, but I dont know,” Shi Yu said.

An Chan;

“Is indeed a treasure, but Im not sure if it can be used or how.”

“Then are you still buying” he asked nervously.

He only wanted to know if the stone mirror could be sold.

“TIl buy,” Shi Yu said, Five million wasnt a lot.

Buggy, Baby Ginseng… they could easily earn it.

What really made Shi Yu feel that it might be a loss was that he knew the use of this stone mirror in advance.

At that time, if he bought it and couldnt use it, would he lose five million yuan No! He would lose a divine weapon! He would lose billions.

He was an old capitalist.

If he couldnt earn, he would lose.

“Thank you,” An Chang hurriedly said.

“Excuse me, whats wrong with your mother”

After chatting with the other party for a while, Shi Yu sensed the other partys mental fluctuations.

In addition to the value of this stone mirror, he already believed that what was written on the other partys wooden board was real.

“Life force loss…” An Chang said after a moment of silence.

“Your mother is a Beast Tamer”

Shi Yu stopped and looked at him.

That made sense.

With such a family heirloom, it would be strange if there were no Beast Tamers at home.

Life loss was a very common disease among Beast Tamers.

It wasnt accurate to say that it was a disease, but it was more like an injury.

This phenomenon usually occurred after many Beast Tamers died.

If the Beast Tamer was in perfect condition when the pet died, it would be basically not a big problem.

But if the Beast Tamers state was extremely poor at that time, and the pet died, the contract would backfire on the Beast Tamer himself, causing the Beast Tamer to lose his life force.

Which refiner genius created this mirror

Seeing the caterpillar in front of him complete its awakening and become a level-one transcendent life form, Shi Yu instantly stared at it.



” The green worm was shocked.


Shi Yu raised the stone mirror again and aimed at the Green Silkworm.

Under the light, the green worm was shocked.

However, this time, the Green Silkworm didnt change at all, and the stone mirror didnt take Shi Yus physical fitness anymore.

As expected, the stone mirror was the same as the awakening talent.

It could only awaken things that werent transcendent life forms to evolve into transcendent life forms, but it couldnt let them transform again.

“Jil!” After being played by Shi Yu consecutively, the Green Silkworm was so scared that it hurriedly crawled into the flower and ran away without a trace, leaving Shi Yu silent on the spot.

This thing

Shi Yu stared at the stone mirror.

He felt that this thing should have been made by a big boss who had awakened his talent during a totem period.

Just like General Mu Huiyin, he extracted his Beast Taming power.

The creator of the stone mirror was also a legend.

“This is not a loss.”

Soon, Shi Yu confirmed that he would make a big earning.

Although this thing couldnt directly increase strength, its value was ridiculous.

If that An Chang knew the use and sold it to the association and the financial group, the other party would buy it for tens of billions.

Not to mention treating the loss of life, the entire hospital could even be gifted to him.

“Lets go take a look at him later.”

A stable tool to create cubs of monarch species.

With this, he could be like a Beast Tamer with awakened talent, wholesale high-level pets.

Of course, it wasnt a zero price.

‘When activated, it would consume the physical strength of the Beast Tamer.

It would probably be the same as the awakening talent.

The greater the potential of the awakened target, the greater the consumption of the body.

Helping a caterpillar evolve into a green worm had consumed some of Shi Yus physical strength.

If he awakened a mountain, Shi Yu estimated that the physical strength consumed would not be small.

In addition, not everything could evolve through awakening talent.

Awakening evolution also required a certain aptitude.

In the historical records, there were also Beast Tamers with awakened talent who wanted to evolve their snot into transcendent life forms.

They wanted to evolve their ** into a ** monster to fight against enemies and disgust them, but they directly ended in failure.

This was considered very crude.

There were also records that Beast Tamers with awakened talent wanted to evolve the meteorites falling from the sky into life forms, wanted to evolve high-level resources into life forms, wanted to evolve the ferocious beasts from the ancient era into transcendent life

forms, and let the ancient creatures revive… but they all ended in failure.

Perhaps it wasnt that these things didnt have the aptitude for evolution, but that the ability to awaken talent was limited.

It could only evolve specific batches of beasts, plants, and elements.

It was precisely because of the limitation of the awakening talent that the awakening talent only became a powerful talent in the top ten, when someone in the modem era discovered a Mechanic that could awaken steadily.

“Twonder if this Awakening Mirror can be effective against ancient biological fossils…”

“What about the phantom illusion that uses the ancient biological fossil as the core Can it reverse the phantom and awaken it into life… If it can, this is considered cloning, right”

“Wait, dont be happy too early.

After all, this is an inanimate object.

It cant grow as a Beast Tamer grows like an awakened talent.

What if theres an upper limit thats just a toy and can only awaken transcendent races” Shi Yu calmed down.

At that time, forget about the fossil life forms, the commander race would be inaccessible.

“However, even if it can only awaken transcendent races, its not useless.”

At this moment, with history as an example, Shi Yu held the stone mirror and suddenly felt that the best use of this thing might be to use it in the mechanical domain.

‘The greatest characteristic of Mechanics was that they could fuse and arm themselves to evolve.

They could rely on upgrading the mechanical beasts parts to make their mechanical pets stronger.

They didnt have to do it in one go, so it wouldnt consume too much physical strength for Beast Tamers at


It wasnt impossible to upgrade and assemble a monarch race machine with ten thousand transcendent race parts.

Up until now, there had been no record of Beast Tamers who had awakened their overlord race pets directly.

However, Mechanics could awaken different parts through awakening their talent and upgrade and assemble overlord race machinery.

This was the most impressive thing about Mechanics.

Shi Yu could not sit still anymore and imagined it.

“With the ancient fossil and phantom illusion as the core energy source, what about equipping it with the mechanical life shell Mechanical Tyrant Dragon Beast Mechanic class, ancient species Is this considered opening a new mechanical beast faction”

“Now, does this mean that he even has the capital to join the fourth bureau”

Shi Yu slapped his thigh.

He would fight anyone who said that the archeology Department had no future.

Who else could join the Mechanical Bureau with archeology!

No matter what the upper limit of this stone mirror was, awakening a transcendent race was definitely not a problem.

For Mechanics, this was enough.

At that time, with additional points, it might not be impossible to create powerful mechanical lives.

He had decided.

Next, he would collect various mechanical materials and create a Gundam like creating the Ice Dragon Blade!! He wanted to change departments and study in the Mechanic class!

“Change, change!”

“Mommy, look, theres a fool.


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