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Boss Meng thought that she had already treated Shi Yu very warmly.

However, after studying the mutation evolution of the mutated tree, Shi Yu seemed to have mixed emotions.

One moment, he was happy, the next moment, he was depressed.

She didnt know what Shi Yu was thinking.

Perhaps this was a geniuss thought process!

Next, Shi Yu stayed at the Mechanical Tree Club for a period of time.

After all, he wasnt a jerk.

He couldnt replicate the skill and left after wiping his hands.

Then, he continued to study it like a model.

Only when the inspection of the two mechanical trees after evolution ended and they could be led away by the Beast Tamer to train did Shi Yu escape.

“How is it Did you gain anything Do you want to continue researching” Meng Qing asked.

“No, its been long enough.

Let them go back with the Beast Tamer,” Shi Yu said.

“The information I just obtained is more or less enough for me to digest for a period of time.

If I need it in the future, Ill definitely look for you again.”

“Alright.” Boss Meng laughed and said, “Its no big deal.

Youre welcome anytime.”

“By the way, do you want me to bring you for a meal tonight”

At this moment, just as Shi Yu was about to continue speaking, his cell phone rang.

It was a call.

“Phone Answer it,” Boss Meng said.

Shi Yu glanced at the name and chose to answer.

A questioning voice immediately came from the other side.

“Shiyu, do you want to go together Where are you now”

The person who called was that little Gu Master, Miao Dongdong.

Back then, Shi Yu and him said that they had a chance to participate in the Butterfly Meeting together.

After all, they were in the same school.

They could chat together and relieve their boredom.

The Butterfly Meeting was tomorrow.

When Miao Dongdong saw that Shi Yu still didnt update him, he couldnt help but call and ask.

He had to be with Shi Yu.

After all, he was also very curious about what Shi Yus Green Silkworm could evolve into.

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At that time, there would be so many people and cocoons there.

If he didnt stay with Shi Yu, he would probably miss the evolution scene.

“Im outside now.

Ill send you the meeting location later.”

“Alright!” Miao Dongdong said.

The two of them spoke briefly before hanging up.

Boss Meng said, “Whats wrong Is anything the matter”

Shi Yu said, “Yes, I might not be able to make it tonight.

Next time, I have something to do later.”

“Boss Meng, thank you.”

It was tomorrow, but at night, Shi Yu indeed planned to rest well and adjust Buggy.

It was better to take the opportunity to leave.

“Alright.” Meng Qing didnt say anything.

She just smiled and said, “Are you leaving now”

“Lets go now,” Shi Yu said.

“Then Ill send you off,” Meng Qing said.

At this moment, there was still a day until the start of the Butterfly Meeting.

However, the popularity of the Butterfly Meeting had already been completely raised.

At the moment, it had already firmly occupied second place on the Internets trending list.

After all, it was a guardian-level creature.

As for the first place on the trending list, it was the official love news of Heavenly King Zou of the Dark Club, which suppressed the guardian news.

This was one of the super-star Beast Tamers of Dong Huang, a top figure in the club system, a national celebrity, and a heavenly king.

This was the title given to the best Beast Tamers of these club systems.

The champion of the National League was called the national champion.

The champion of the clubs master competition was called Heavenly King.

The champion of the Beast Tamer Troops martial arts competition was called the Soldier King.

Because the participants of these competitions were all under 30 years old, the Beast Tamers with these titles were basically the best and leading figures of the younger generation.

“A top-notch master that can fight an overlord, Heavenly King Zou.” After leaving the club, Shi Yu took a taxi to Hundred Butterfly Town.

He planned to stay outside the town and wait for the Butterfly Meeting.

At this moment, he was sitting in the car, watching the news and clicking his tongue in wonder.

He was a super genius on the same level as Senior Lu.

The national competition champion, the master competition heavenly king, and the martial arts king in the army.

In terms of battle power, they were actually from low to high.

The reason was very simple.

The National League targeted students under the age of 25.

Ordinary masters were the limit.

The master competition and military arena were targeted at all young Beast Tamers under the age of 30, so it was not strange for top-notch masters to appear.

The reason why the age restriction was so strict was that, according to Shi Yus understanding, even the world competition required one to be under 30 years old.

It was very simple.

This was because before the age of 30, Beast Tamers were at the most efficient stage to increase the level of the Beast Taming Space.

After the age of 30, although they could still continue to become stronger, the efficiency would be a little worse.

After that, as the age of Beast Tamers increased, the efficiency of leveling up would become lower and lower.

When they were old, forget about advancing, it would be pretty good to maintain their current state.

Therefore, in the Beast Tamer domain, there was a saying that if one couldnt become a master under the age of 30, they would have no hope of becoming a legend for the rest of their lives.

If one couldnt become a legend under the age of 30, they would have no hope of becoming a legend for the rest of their lives.

In the legends of Dong Huang, there were a total of seven people from Emperor Shi to the Mechanical Giant.

All of them confirmed this saying.

They had all advanced to the Legendary stage before 30 years old.

Even the evolution talent big shots were legendary before 30 years old.

“Damn it.” However, a relationship scandal actually suppressed the heat of the guardian.

A moment later, Shi Yu felt that it was ridiculous.

There was no one else who could show off their love to the extent that everyone in the country knew about it.

If he had been this popular back then, the price of the Iron-eating Beast would have at least doubled.

Shi Yu then looked at the trending topic of the Butterfly Meeting.

According to the information, up until now, more than 73,000 Beast Tamers had signed up for this years Butterfly Meeting.

Most of them were Beast Tamers trainees who were led by Beast Tamers from schools, clubs, and other institutions.

“I knew it.” Although the official suggestion was that it was best to have professional strength before participating in the Butterfly Meeting, in fact, most of the people who contracted the Green Silkworm were still trainee Beast Tamers.

As for the problem of him going to the Divine Feather Mountain Range not being safe, it was easy to solve it.

He could find a bodyguard.

Soon, Shi Yu arrived outside Hundred Butterfly Town.

“Handsome, there are a lot of people.

I wont drive in.

Do you want to walk two steps” In the taxi, the driver looked at the sea of cars and people in front and said to Shi Yu behind.

“Sure.” Shi Yu nodded.

After paying a few hundred car fare, he realized that there were indeed more people today than on the day he came to register.

The number 703 might even increase before tomorrow.

They were all rushing to register on the last day… Shi Yu didnt know where they planned to sleep… From the looks of it, most people were going to pitch tents.

There was definitely not enough room in Hundred Butterfly Town.

After Shi Yu got out of the car, he yawned and randomly found a place to enter the ruins space.

“Holy **.”

He didnt hide it either.

Two or three passers-by who accidentally saw the living person suddenly disappear widened their eyes.

“He was alone just now.

Hes gone.”

“So what Look at your ignorant appearance… Do you know Instant Transmission F*ck, shameless.

He used Instant Transmission to cut the line This big boss is a little petty.”

Shi Yu definitely didnt cut the line.

In the ruins space.

Shi Yu summoned four pets.

At this moment, Buggys eyes were filled with tears.

It had, for so long, waited.

It could evolve soon.

It was bitter.

“Youre going to evolve tomorrow.

Are you looking forward to it” Shi Yu smiled at Buggy.

“Ji!!” Buggy transmitted telepathically.

Of course it was looking forward to it.

From the moment it had instinct, it had been looking forward to evolution.

It even dreamed that the Green Silkworm in its dream had become stronger through evolution more than once and defeated a group of natural enemies.

Now that it finally had this opportunity in reality, the worm was extremely excited.

Most importantly, after evolution, it might become the strongest in the team

It looked at Eleven, Baby Ginseng, and Chi Tong.


(Good luck, become stronger,” Little Eleven said.

Seeing Buggy grow from a little worm that he had slapped off a tree branch to this day, although Eleven felt that Buggy wasnt as hardworking as it was, this shouldnt be Buggys limit at the moment.

It hoped that Buggy would fight it after it became stronger.


(Dont waste the Evolution Fruit…)” Baby Ginseng looked at Buggy in pain.

Buggy had eaten a bunch of max-level nutritional fruits that it had worked hard to create.

If it didnt evolve a little harder, Baby Ginseng would feel that it was also trash.


(After evolution, it can eat!)” Although Little Chi Tong didnt know what was going on, after all, when it entered the team, the worm was in its cocoon form.

However, seeing that everyone was encouraging the worm and telling it not to be nervous, Little Chi Tong also encouraged the worm in his own way.

“Ji!!” Buggy cried.

A leader was still a leader.

Even if it could crush Eleven after evolution, it still acknowledged this leader!

For the sake of its evolution, Baby Ginseng also worked hard to help create nutritional fruits and assist Shi Yu in increasing his points.

Buggy was also very grateful.

As for the little sword spirit, Buggy showed a determined expression.

Just wait.

Soon, tomorrow, youll be able to see its true appearance! Its definitely not this miserable cocoon form.

“Alright, everyone rest well today.

Lets go see the evolution of Buggy tomorrow.”

Shi Yu chuckled.

Eleven and the other pets were excited.

The Butterfly Transformation Conference was great.

If 100,000 pets evolved together, it would be a huge scene.

Eleven and the others were very expectant.

It wasnt just Shi Yu and the others.

At this moment, every Beast Tamer with the Green Silkworm cocoon was especially looking forward to it.

Unfortunately, their Green Silkworm cocoons were all in deep sleep at this moment.

They didnt have consciousness and couldnt communicate with Beast Tamers.

Beast Tamers could only have anticipation alone.

On this night, a silver meteor shower streaked across the sky.

Countless people looked at the sky and prayed, hoping that their pets could successfully evolve.

Miao Dongdong from the ancient capital was also among them.

The person in charge of the Butterfly Meeting, Hua Xiajin, was also standing under the moonlight and looking at the silver meteor shower that suddenly appeared in the sky.

Her face was very beautiful under the moonlight.

“Butterfly God has already started preparing.”

She smiled and recalled the scene of participating in the Butterfly Meeting when she was young.

At that time, her pets beautiful figure outshone everyone.

In the end, it obtained the recognition of the Butterfly God and laid the foundation for her to become a legend later.

Then, which lucky person would it be this time Shi Yu Or could it be someone else

Under countless expectations, the sun rose as usual the next day.

Early in the morning, a large number of Beast Tamers gathered in Hundred Butterfly Town.

Shi Yu arrived at the appointed place and saw Miao Dongdong in a cotton shirt.

This young man was very energetic, but Miao Dongdongs first words were, “Did you sleep yesterday I couldnt sleep.

I meditated for the whole night…”

“Uh.” Shi Yu touched his cheek and said, “I cant sleep.

Im probably not tired enough…”

Miao Dongdong:

Why cant I understand what youre saying

“Wuu!” “Yi!” “Mi!”

At this moment, Eleven and Baby Ginseng, who had shrunk to a mini size, stuck their heads out of Shi Yus two pockets.

The hanging sword on Shi Yus neck also shook, urging Shi Yu to quickly go to the scene.

“Whats the hurry It hasnt started yet,” Shi Yu said.

“Buggy isnt even worried, so dont worry.”

The three pets :”…”

Was Buggy not worried It was clearly afraid that it would be too excited and cause the cocoon to explode, so it started forcing itself to sleep.

It was still waiting for him to wake it up.

“Cough.” Miao Dongdong looked at Shi Yu with an envious expression.

It had an explosive battle power and self-disciplined little Iron-eating Beast, unscientific university student ginseng, and a high-level race.

Its predecessor was the little sword spirit of the beautiful general sister.

How nice.

In comparison, the parasitic Gu he hid in the Emerald Tree Python and the Shadow Gu in his body were becoming less and less cute.

The Golden Wings Gu that was about to break out of its cocoon… Hopefully, there would be… a surprise.

“Lets go over too,” Shi Yu said to Miao Dongdong when he saw the large group walking towards Divine Feather Forest.

“Yes.” Miao Dongdong nodded and went over together.

Next, the first thing to pass through was the forest between Hundred Butterfly Town and the Butterfly Transformation Valley in the Divine Feather Mountain Range!

This forest was incomparably huge, like a maze.

Tens of thousands of butterfly-type pets lived inside, from awakening rank to commander rank.

They didnt like people flying above the forest, so everyone could only walk.

It would probably take a long time to pass through the forest, and they couldnt get lost.

As for ignoring the butterflies preferences and flying in the sky, they also had to see who was protecting them.

In the beginning, the Butterfly Goddesss Butterfly Transformation Conference was just to support the evolution of the wild Green Silkworms in the Divine Feather Mountain Range.

The Beast Tamers Green Silkworm was the result of the subsequent communication, it was a supplementary!

Therefore, the butterflies here were just like the citizens of the butterfly god.

It was better not to provoke them.

This forest was actually the first test the butterfly god prepared for the human Beast Tamers.

“When the Butterfly God woke up, the tens of thousands of butterflies in the entire mountain range were equivalent to the Butterfly Gods eyes.

It was already watching everyone at this moment.” At that moment, the only one flying in the sky was Hua Xiajin, who had once been blessed by the Butterfly God.

She saw that the majority of the troops had already entered the forest from various places and planned to cross the forest soon, so she flew ahead of time to the destination of the Butterfly Meeting, Butterfly Valley!

As for the others… Whether they could reach the end point was not up to her to decide.

Under normal circumstances, 99% of people could still pass normally, but there was also a possibility that some unlucky people would be expelled by the Butterfly God.

After humans and pets lived for a long time, they would be infected by each others aura.

On different Beast Tamers, different pets had their own aura.

Some pets were very sensitive to this aura.

Sometimes, some pets with strong perception could even judge a persons good and evil based on this.

They could determine whether he was loved by the pets or was enslaving the pets as tools.

Shi Yus worm had previously sensed an aura that was close to butterfly creatures on Legend Hua.

Therefore, sometimes, the butterflies in this forest would also occasionally replace the butterfly god and expel some trash Beast Tamers who werent worthy of the butterfly gods blessing.

After Shi Yu and Miao Dongdong entered, a group of Wind Crystal Butterflies suddenly appeared in front of them not long after they left.

A group of Wind Crystal Butterflies wouldnt have strong battle power, but at this moment, when he saw them, Miao Dongdong, who was beside Shi Yu, became nervous.

He said, “I heard that its not absolutely safe to cross the forest.

Sometimes, the butterfly beasts in the forest will even expel humans.

And if a battle happens, more butterflies will be attracted to join the battle, so its best to avoid battle, even if we can win…”

At this moment, the Wind Crystal Butterflies were flying in front of him.

Miao Dongdong was extremely nervous.

They were afraid that the Wind Crystal Butterflies would attack them.

At that time, neither fighting nor running would be an option.

However, at this moment, Shi Yu, who had telepathy, heard the message transmitted by the Wind Crystal Butterfly and was very surprised.

“What, you want to lead the way for us”

“Sha, sha, sha ~” The Wind Crystal Butterflies nodded.

They sensed the aura of a king from Shi Yu and felt convinced.

They hoped that Shi Yu could obtain pretty good gains in the Butterfly Meeting and be noticed by the Butterfly God.

“Thank you.” Shi Yu smiled as he looked at the cute Wind Crystal Butterflies.

Good heavens, had Buggys perfect-level deterrence taken effect Buggy didnt come out either…

“Speaking of which, why were you so nervous just now Arent they all pretty friendly They even led the way.

I heard that its very difficult to walk here.” Shi Yu looked at Miao Dongdong.

Miao Dongdong:


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