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After signing up, Shi Yu fell into deep thought.

How was he going to use it in the next two days

Start researching ways to let ordinary Green Silkworm evolve into a cocoon race now

Or should he continue to increase points, meditate, or study

If he gave it a try, he might be able to maximize Buggys skill.

However, Shi Yu felt that it didnt mean much.

The evolution big boss had said that if one wanted to be powerful after evolution, apart from some exceptions, it was fine to train racial skills.

The other big bosses had also said that if they wanted their pets to grow faster, they just had to train their racial skills.

Race skills were the foundation of a pet.

It concerned growth and evolution.

No matter how well one cultivated non-racial skills, it didnt have much impact on the growth and evolution of the pet.

It only added battle power.

It didnt matter how much the energy value of the three months worm had increased from more than 20,000 to nearly 40,000.

But actually, most of the energy was added when increasing Psychic power.

Shi Yu maxed out the three high-level skills.

The upgrade to the worms growth was not even as big as a low-level skill.

This was the difference between racial skills and non-racial skills.

This was also why leveling up to the level totem required transcendent-level super racial skills, and not just any transcendent-level skill.

After convincing himself, Shi Yu understood.

Work and rest!

He had been cooped up in school for three months.

It was time to relax in front of a big event.

He summoned all his pets and said to Eleven, Buggy, Baby Ginseng, and Little Chi Tong,

“In the next few days, how about we eat all the unique delicacies in Divine Capital”

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It was time to reward himself.

“Wuu!” “Yi!” “Mi!”

At the mention of food, Eleven, Baby Ginseng, and Little Chi Tong werent sleepy anymore.

To be honest, although Shi Yu was giving them the most nutritious and suitable food to absorb now,

But eating this kind of thing, having nutrition didnt mean that 100% of it matched the taste.

It didnt mean that it wouldnt get sick of it.

For example, ginseng baby liked to drink nutritious sodas.

The food Shi Yu mentioned was definitely not nutritious food that could promote growth for them, but it was definitely food that could satisfy their mouths and pleasure their hearts.

The few pets, even Eleven, felt that they could squeeze out the time to eat.

However, when Shi Yu finished speaking, Buggy revealed a confused expression.

It wanted to say something, but unfortunately, it didnt have a mouth.


But it couldnt eat!


Buggy hated it.

Wait a minute, Little Chi Tong didnt seem to be able to eat traditional food either

It suddenly looked at Little Chi Tong.

Little Chi Tong also looked at it.


It was not a big problem, not a big problem.

After it burned the food with flames, it could still vaguely feel the taste.



Was this scientific

It had seen burning paper money for undead, burning clothes for undead, but it had never seen burning food for undead!

“Then its decided happily.

Buggy, dont be anxious.

Bear with it for three more days ~” Shi Yu comforted.

Buggy: T.T

For the next two days, Shi Yu really brought his pets to various places to eat and eat.

Every region had its own unique delicacies.

Shi Yu was also a rich person.

It didnt matter if it was expensive or not, he just had to eat it.

He ate it himself, and so did his pets.

For two days, there were twelve meals, breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon dessert, dinner, and supper.

After the entire process, Shi Yu felt very fulfilled.

He suddenly felt that this was the correct way to transmigrate life.

Mechanical Tree Club.

When Boss Meng saw Shi Yu again, she was a little shocked.

“Student Shi Yu, are you a little fat”

“The delicacies in Divine Capital are very good,” Shi Yu smiled and answered.

Actually, it wasnt that much fat.

It was only ten pounds.

It didnt matter much, because when he added points later, his body would automatically adjust to the most perfect state due to the training effect.

Because of this function, Shi Yu had been gluttonous for a long time in the ancient capital.

It wasnt considered gluttony… Because his physique far exceeded his peers, there was indeed a little too much nutrition needed to maintain his physical fitness every day.

Eleven and the others were the same.

Although Eleven and the others ate a lot and absorbed a lot of nutrition, these things were sometimes not used to become stronger, but purely to maintain their bodily functions.

It was not like some totem creatures wanted to sleep for several years or decades.

Instead, with such a powerful body, even if they didnt fight or train, just maintaining their life activities required a lot of nutrition every day.

“Ah, is that so”

“Why didnt you look for me Ill treat you.”

“How long do you plan to stay in Divine Capital How about I treat you to a few meals later” Boss Meng said generously.

“Ill look at my itinerary later.

Ill definitely do it when I have the chance.” Shi Yu smiled and nodded.

He decided to forget about this.

After all, he was treated to a meal, so he wouldnt let go when he was eating.

“Alright, but you came pretty quickly.

The delivery guy just left, and those mechanical devices are in the warehouse now.”

“I rushed over when I received the call,” Shi Yu said.

“Well, when the rookies are ready, well start the mechanical modification of the mutant tree,” said Boss Meng Qing with a smile.

The mutant tree was only a transcendent species creature, but after its mutation evolved into a mechanical tree, it was a high-level commander species.

Generally speaking, this kind of modification opportunity was reserved for the newbies with potential in the clubs green training camp.

This time, Shi Yu happened to be in time for the Mechanical Tree Club to help the clubs new Beast Tamer evolve.

His luck was pretty good.

A moment later, the preparations at the club were completed.

Boss Meng brought Shi Yu to watch.

This time, Shi Yu also brought some things that feeders should bring.

Otherwise, if he only touched it later, he would have looked weird.

It was too fake.

In the huge modification room, as a bystander, Shi Yu was slightly shocked the whole time.

There were various dazzling complicated machines everywhere in the room.

The two transcendent-level mutant trees stood at fixed positions nervously, nervously, and expectantly.

Before the mutated tree evolved, it was very ordinary.

It was like a dry, bald, leafless tree with only one eye on the trunk.

At this moment, beside the strange tree, the two Mechanics were communicating with their Beast Tamers.

Obviously, the one in charge of helping the strange tree transform and evolve was not the Beast Tamer himself, but the professional Mechanic in the Mechanical Tree Club.

“The mutation and evolution will take about half an hour.

The two mutated trees have to undergo a physical examination before and after evolution.

Student Shi Yu, do you want to record some data” Meng Qing asked after bringing Shi Yu over.

After all, Shi Yu said that he wanted to study mutation evolution, so he definitely had to collect the data before and after the evolution of the mechanical tree.

“Sorry to trouble you,” Shi Yu said bluntly.

He had to put on a show.

Otherwise, if he just said that he wanted to touch it after evolution, he would be regarded as a pervert.

In fact, this kind of tree was still alright.

In the future, if the skills that they liked appeared on the elves, dragon girls, angels, and succubi, what would he do

With conflicted emotions, Shi Yu and the others arrived.

The four people in the modification room looked over.

The two young and middle-aged Mechanics said, “Boss, youre here.”

“This is Student Shi Yu, the one I told you to observe and study.” Meng Qing smiled and introduced.

As soon as he finished speaking, the four of them smiled and nodded at Shi Yu.

However, this smile didnt look like that kind of warm smile at all.

Instead, it looked like he wanted to show a polite smile, but he couldnt help but laugh even more crazily.

“Ive heard so much about you, Ive heard so much about you.” Because of Meng Qings introduction, it could also be a reminder from their club partner.

Even if they didnt know Shi Yu at the start, they would definitely investigate later.

This investigation was good.

Shi Yus expression was indifferent.

So quickly did they do their research.

The old matter of riding the Iron-eating Beast and sweeping through the enemy had been investigated!

Even the Beast Tamers who were playing antiques next door felt that they werent as good as Shi Yu… at playing this type of thing.

The Iron-eating Beast Knight was awesome!

However, the few of them had to admit that as the top scholar of the Ancient Capitals vocation assessment, the genius archeologist who discovered the evolution of the iron-eating beast was really impressive.

They felt ashamed of their inferiority.

Such a genius actually came to visit the Mechanical Tree Club.

What a rare guest.

“Youre welcome, youre welcome.” The corners of Shi Yus mouth twitched.

He gritted his teeth gently and smiled.

Are you all holding in your laughter

Their pets skills were very good, but in a while, theyd be his!

“Lets begin.” Boss Meng coughed dryly.

“Alright,” everyone replied.

The preparations were done quickly.

Soon after, the preparations were almost done.

After the physical examination of the mutant tree, the mechanical armor-like device was also ready.

During this period, Shi Yu also learned a lot of information about mutation.

This skill was undoubtedly very strong.

At this moment, the mutant tree was only a wood-element creature, but through these special modification devices, it could give them the three-element tri-colored bullets with the ability “Fire, Ice, and Electricity”.

Shi Yu believed that Baby Ginseng was very likely to be able to use this skill to mutate a second powerful attribute if it could even give this attribute skill a mutation.

“There!!” “There!!” A moment later, the mutant tree was ready.

Then, under everyones gaze, the two Mechanics began to install mechanical armor for the strange trees.

This process took more than 20 minutes.

Shi Yu and Boss Meng were also talents.

They discussed various things.

From the initial skill of the mutant tree, to the modification device, and to which of the five major consortiums was more profitable.

In the end, the two of them reached a common conclusion.

As the five major consortiums of the Beast Tamer Market, no matter how much money they earned, they couldnt compare to the officials who monopolized tobacco and real estate.

The annual income of the Dong Huang Tobacco was all towards trillions.

It could easily defeat a single financial group.

The price of houses made ordinary people feel even more despair.

What was even more uncomfortable than Earth was that the more expensive a house was, the further away it was from danger.

Therefore, even though they knew that the houses were expensive, many ordinary people still worked hard to save money, hoping to live in a relatively safe place.

It didnt matter if he was a Beast Tamer, but he had to live in a place where Beast Tamers were strong to feel safe.

It could be said that this income had supported countless overlord pets…

“Its still strength.” Shi Yu sighed.

Without strength, the Dong Huang Association couldnt monopolize these profitable businesses.

“Its evolved.” At this moment, Meng Qing suddenly spoke.

Shi Yu also looked at the arena.


White evolution light blossomed on the mutant tree.

A moment later, a brand new armed mechanical tree appeared in front of Shi Yu.

Shi Yu looked at the changes in the information on the index.

His mood surged and he was tempted.


“Theres finally a commander species pet!”

The Beast Tamer of the two mechanical trees was the most excited at this moment.

His joy was already difficult to hide.

“Masters, its been hard on you,” they said to the two Mechanics who helped modify it.

The two old men from the club chuckled and said, “Thank you, Boss.”

The two young Beast Tamers hurriedly nodded.

“From today onwards, the Mechanical Tree Club is my second home.”

“Boss, feel free to ask us to do anything from now on.”

The two of them looked at Meng Qing gratefully.

After all, both the mutant tree and the evolution equipment were provided by the club.

They only needed to follow the contract and work for the club for a period of time before they could change their fate.

For most Beast Tamers with poor financial conditions, this was a very good path.

“Look at how happy you are.

You can be happy when the pets growth level also breaks through to commander rank.” Meng Qing smiled and turned to look at Shi Yu.

“Lets go and take a look too.”

“Yes.” Shi Yu had been waiting for this sentence for a long time.

In the arena, the owners of the mechanical tree were happily patting them.

After Shi Yu passed by, he also patted them.

[Confirm recording]

Skill: Mutant

[Skill Level]: Advanced

< Introduction > Its a wood-element skill.

It can collect the power of mutation through external stimulation.

Whether it can perfectly absorb the power of mutation to complete the racial mutation depends on the skill level and the pets growth level.

Initially, Shi Yu had some concerns about the mutated skills because in the information that had been announced, there didnt seem to be any mutated trees that mutated to above the monarch race.

But now, after seeing the description of the mutants in the skill index, many of Shi Yus concerns disappeared.

It seemed that this was clearly an ability that was extremely difficult to increase proficiency and difficult to achieve with mutation conditions.

At the moment, no one had indeed systematically concluded the method of the mutant tree to increase the level of the mutation skill.

However, Shi Yu didnt mind because he could directly increase his points until they reached the maximum level.

At that time, no matter how strong the mutation power was, Baby Ginseng could still perfectly absorb it.

“Damn.” But soon, Shi Yus face fell.

This was because after confirming that the mutated physique was used on the ginseng baby, it would probably cost a lot to modify the mutated environment.

Mutated light, mutated water, and mutated soil didnt seem to be cheap at all.

If he wanted the monarch species ginseng baby to evolve, Shi Yu definitely wouldnt be willing to give in.

He had to mutate towards the overlord race no matter what.

He even wanted to charge at the high-level overlord race.

In nature, such a pursuit was probably very difficult to find a mutated environment that perfectly matched the ginseng baby.

It most likely had to rely on itself to shape it, like the materials of the worm.

It would be best if they could find it in nature.

Even if they only fulfilled one of the requirements, it would save a lot of money.

If they couldnt find it…

It seemed to be another billion, and it might not be just that… Shi Yu felt that even a certain rich cat might feel dizzy.

Eleven and Buggy had just finished when Baby Ginseng came again.

Moreover, it seemed to be the one sucking in gold.

“But everything is worth it, worth it… Constructing an overlord-level battleship requires 100 billion lives.

I wont invest even a fraction of that.

Ill change my overlord potential.

Its worth it.

When the time comes, after Baby Ginseng is powerful, I can earn it all back…” Shi Yu comforted himself.

This was a strategic-level supplement.

In the future, it had to withstand the damage of super skills for him.

He had to spend this money!

“Student Shi Yu… Your expression…” Meng Qing suddenly realized that Shi Yu, who was staring at the mechanical tree, had a bitter expression.

“Its nothing.

I just suddenly feel that mutation is too difficult.

I dont understand…”

Everyone: “”

Calm down, your archeology is already very outstanding, theres no need to dig into the horn of the feeding industry!


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