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cDivine Capital.


Below the Divine Feather Mountain Range, Hundred Butterfly Town, the venue of the Butterfly Convention.


When others registered, they would enter for a few minutes and immediately come out, followed by the next one.


Shi Yu registered and was directly invited inside.


“Please, sir, have some tea first.

Our in-charge will be here soon.”


“By the way, our in-charge is Legend Hua Xiajin.”


The registration lady made a cup of tea for Shi Yu and even used honorifics.

It was obvious how much the worm had affected her.


A commander-level cocoon with eyes… She didnt understand, but she was shocked.


“Thank you,” Shi Yu said.


At this moment, Buggy was also on the table.


When Shi Yu drank a mouthful of tea, Buggy looked at the tea and sighed slightly.

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It had not eaten or drunk for 100 days.


Although he could rely on sleeping to absorb nutrition, it was pretty light.


It wanted to change its taste!


Buggy had already made a decision.

After evolution, it would first drink ten barrels of fruit juice!


Shi Yu put down the teacup.

The registration ladys gaze was still observing the worm.


The room suddenly fell silent.


In fact, just a few minutes later, the person in charge mentioned by the register arrived.


A beautiful woman with black hair and a colorful cheongsam with butterfly wings came to the room.


“Legend Hua.”


When the beautiful woman arrived, the registration lady heaved a sigh of relief and greeted her.


Shi Yu also got up and looked at the legendary Beast Tamer with a smile.


Hua Xiajin was one of the legendary Beast Tamers in Divine Capital.

She specialized in Butterfly Beasts and had the overlord-level pet “Myriad Flower Butterfly Fairy King”.


It was said that the other pets had also reached the battle power of quasi overlords.


This was the combination of most legendary teams, one overlord plus many quasi overlords.


For legendary Beast Tamers, overlord-level pets also had it very difficult to obtain battle power.


Generally speaking, a Legendary only had one overlord-level pet.


Only those top legends had a high chance of possessing multiple overlord-level battle power.


“I just received a call.

I was wondering who it was, but its Student Shi Yu.”


Hua Xiajins legendary voice was like the warm sun in spring.

She spoke warmly after entering.


“Hello, Legend Hua,” Shi Yu also greeted.


“Legend Hua…” The registration lady looked at Hua Xiajin and then at Shi Yu.


From Legend Huas tone, she seemed to know this Beast Tamer


Then… Then… She looked at the Green Silkworm cocoon on the table.


Could this cocoon really have evolved from the Green Silkworm!


The registration ladys heart surged.

She had really lived long enough to see this!


“Previously, my student showed me the battle video of your vocation assessment,” Hua Xiajin said.

“I have a deep impression of your Green Silkworm.

Has that Green Silkworm turned into a cocoon”


This sentence confirmed in the registration ladys heart that the previous owner of this cocoon might indeed be a green worm.


At this moment, Legend Hua looked at the Green Silkworm cocoon on the table and was very surprised.


As a legend who specialized in the Worm Department, she naturally paid more attention to the Worm Department.


After learning from his students that there was a special Green Silkworm in a newbie contract, it was impossible for someone like Legend Hua not to notice.


In her opinion, Shi Yus Green Silkworm definitely had greater potential than that Ice Phoenix Moth.


She originally thought that it had been four months.

Shi Yus Green Silkworm might have immediately evolved after the vocation assessment, but she didnt expect that Shi Yu would actually catch up to the Butterfly Meeting His luck was pretty good.


“Yes, that Green Silkworm.” Shi Yu looked at Buggy.


Buggy looked at Legend Hua.

It felt that the aura on this auntie was very nice.


It smelled better than the fragrance created by the ginseng baby!


Didnt Shi Yu feel it


Beast Tamer!!! Win the favor of this rich lady!!!


“Growing eyes… unbelievable.” Hua Xiajin looked at Buggy in surprise.


“!!!” Buggy shook its body to show its friendliness.


This action shocked Legend Hua even more.


Generally speaking, after the Green Silkworm turned into a cocoon, it would enter a state of absolute deep sleep in the cocoon.

It would quietly absorb the power of evolution and fall into a complete sleep.

It was a very quiet state…


Then, after absorbing the power instinctively, it would naturally break out of the cocoon and evolve.

In the end, Shi Yus could still maintain consciousness in the cocoon state Moreover, it even broke through to the commander rank and obtained nearly 40,000 terrifying energy points


How exactly did Shi Yu nurture it…


With her many years of cultivation experience, she actually couldnt tell what this cocoon would be after it evolved…


In addition, with eyes, it was already completely different from other Green Silkworm cocoons.

Could it still be called Green Silkworm cocoon


At this moment, the registration lady silently retreated and left the room for Legend Hua and Shi Yu.


“This cocoon form… is it like this after it turned into a cocoon” She looked at Shi Yu, wanting to ask him something deeper, but she didnt know if Shi Yu was willing to answer.


“Yes, and…”


“I think, compared to the form of an ordinary cocoon, its actually more like a new race that has evolved too much.”


“Oh” Legend Hua was rather curious.


Shi Yu looked at Buggy, and at that moment, Buggy looked at the teacup.


The next moment, a blue Psychic wave enveloped the teacup out of thin air.


Then, the water rose from the tea cup and floated quietly in midair.


Under Legend Huas shocked expression, the water changed several forms and turned into water butterflies that fluttered before falling back into the teacup.


“In this state, apart from the worm silk, it can still use other skills.

Apart from that, it has also awakened a new racial skill.

Psychic power… has replaced the worm silk as its limbs at this stage.”


“From the energy value, perhaps its cocoon form is a commander race.”


After Shi Yu finished speaking, Hua Xiajin couldnt react for a moment.


However, after careful consideration, she suddenly looked at Shi Yu and suddenly realized what he meant.


It was one of the rules of racial evolution.

A pets evolution couldnt exceed the level of two major races.


However, if the cocoon was also considered an overly evolved race, and compared to the Green Silkworm, it had already crossed a race level.

When it broke out of the cocoon again, in theory, the greatest possible race was not a monarch, but an overlord!


Of course, it was still too difficult to evolve to an overlord race.

The overlord races were all the pets of the natural world and werent so easy to be born.

But even so, the commander species cocoon undoubtedly strengthened the evolution potential of the Green Silkworm, making the race it might reach after evolution even higher!


“Ridiculous.” She stood up.


“Its said that your Green Silkworm obtained the inheritance of an overlord-level Dream Shell in the ancient ruins” She looked at Shi Yu and muttered, “This… Could it be the key to its evolution into such an excessive race”


This cocoon state was too important, it was greatly increasing the potential of the Green Silkworm race after their first evolution.


Although after the Green Silkworm turned into a butterfly… According to the evolution rules, it could still evolve infinitely, from a butterfly to another form…


However, subsequent evolution was undoubtedly more difficult than the first evolution.

From worm to cocoon to butterfly, it was a natural law.

However, from butterfly to another butterfly or creature, it was considered a racial mutation evolution.

There were very few Beast Tamers who could nurture it to this extent.

For most Beast Tamers, a single evolution was the limit of the green worm.


However, if other Green Silkworms could also evolve one more time like Shi Yus Green Silkworm, awaken another racial skill, and increase their life level two times in a row, it would definitely be a major discovery that crossed the era for the Beast Taming Domain.


This meant that the green worm had completely stood up!


The cost of ordinary people becoming Beast Tamers was greatly reduced, but their growth potential increased greatly.


However, considering the specialness of Shi Yus Green Silkworm, she also felt that it was almost impossible to replicate.


“Thats a possibility.

Im also researching it,” Shi Yu said.


In fact, he felt that the form of the worm might not have anything to do with illusions or spatial skills.

The most likely related skills were Absolute Sleep and deterrence.


The cocoon was a special sleeping state, and because his Green Silkworm could sleep too well, had absolute sleep, and its spiritual power was off the charts, it was not that difficult to understand if it could control its lucidity in the cocoon state and transform its spiritual power into Psychic power.


“You have an idea” Legend Hua was surprised.


“This is a very meaningful study.

If there are any results, it will be a revolution for the entire Beast Taming Domain of Dong Huang.

If you need any help, Student Shi Yu, you can contact me at any time.” Legend Hua smiled and said, “By the way, what evolution plan is your Green Silkworm using”


Legend Hua didnt suspect that this wasnt the Green Silkworm cocoon, but she was more curious now.

Which path did Shi Yu choose to let the Green Silkworm evolve


“The Space Crystal Butterfly”


When she thought of the nature of Shi Yus Green Silkworm, she couldnt help but judge.

With Shi Yus potential, getting the Space Crystal Butterfly evolution plan shouldnt be difficult, right It was the same as that little kid Yin Zhengfan.


Shi Yu smiled awkwardly and said, “I didnt prepare evolution materials for it according to the known evolution pathways.

Instead, I plan to study the evolution path myself, just like the seniors.”


Legend Huas expression froze.




“After all, it has already mastered attack skills before evolution.

Breaking out of the cocoon shouldnt be a difficult task, so its better to choose some evolution materials that it likes.”


After Shi Yu finished speaking, Legend Huas expression eased.

This made sense, but was this really scientific


He was using evolution materials to awaken new racial skills.


Was he someone who had mastered the cocoon breaking skill before evolution and then fed a bunch of materials that you liked to evolve No, this was definitely against common sense.

It was an exception! After all, the Green Silkworm was one of the races that was least likely to learn other skills.

Legend Hua looked at Shi Yu and Buggy in silence.


Talent appeared in every generation…


“Legend Hua…”


“Just call me Aunt Hua,” said Legend Hua.


Shi Yu was stunned before saying, “Aunt Hua.”


At the side, Buggy glanced at Shi Yu.

She asked him to call her auntie, and he called her auntie Call her sister! Shi Yu!


“It shouldnt be a problem for me to bring it to participate in the Butterfly Meeting, right”


“No problem.” Hua Xiajin Legend nodded and said, “Even if you dont want to participate, Ill drag you along.

Right now, I might want to know more than you what race it will be after it breaks out of the cocoon.”


“Moreover, it might even have a chance to obtain the only gift of the butterfly god.”


In the Butterfly Convention, every insect cocoon could obtain the Butterfly Gods Feather Blessing and increase its evolution potential.

Under the Butterfly Gods blessings, it could accelerate the evolution process.


It was said that the creature with the greatest potential after evolution would also receive additional gifts from the butterfly god.


Shi Yu asked curiously, “Do you know what this gift is”


Hua Xiajin smiled and said, “Of course, because Ive received a gift once.”


“MyMy Myriad Flower Butterfly Fairy King evolved to an overlord race because of that gift.”


“At the same time, its also the first and only Myriad Flower Butterfly Fairy King in the world.

I even named it.” Hua Xiajin smiled.


Shi Yu was stunned.


“You should know that the Butterfly God was a pet cultivated by that senior with the evolution talent.

That senior had tried many times on the Butterfly God to let it break through to the Mythical Race.

Therefore, he prepared many evolution materials.”


“Of course, the final outcome was still failure.

Some of these evolution materials were used, and some were left behind.

The remaining evolution materials were the gifts prepared by the butterfly god.”


“Although its already useless to it, through its modification, these evolution materials can allow the evolved creatures to have the opportunity to evolve again.

After all, they are materials prepared to break through to the Mythical Race.

Even if some of their strength dissipates and only remains, they are still a rare treasure for races below high-level overlords.”


“Is that so…” Shi Yu was shocked.

Evolution materials prepared for evolutionary Mythical races


He was suddenly even more interested in the so-called gift.


But then again…


Shi Yu suddenly looked at Buggy.

After Buggy broke out of its cocoon, would the remaining cocoon shell be an extremely rare material


Could it be used as fertilizer for Baby Ginseng




“In short, I look forward to the day you appear in the Butterfly Meeting.” Hua Xiajin smiled at Shi Yu and the others.


“Ill definitely go.

Thank you for coming specially,” Shi Yu said.


“Youre welcome.” Hua Xiajin smiled.





Shi Yu and the legendary Hua Xiajin chatted a little more.


A moment later, Shi Yu finished registering and left.


Next, Shi Yu only had to wait for the opportunity to replicate the mutation in two days and the Butterfly Meeting in three days.


However, there were still a few days.

Shi Yu did not plan to stay idle.


After chatting with Legend Hua for a while, Shi Yu suddenly had an idea.


Could he really develop an evolution plan to let other Green Silkworms evolve into cocoons


If it could be researched, this might be super rare knowledge that was not inferior to the Iron-eating Beasts final evolution plan.


The power of the iron-eating beasts evolution plan was that it could evolve into an overlord race and become the only channel to stabilize the breeding of overlord races.


However, the disadvantage was that the restriction on evolution materials belonged to the middle and high-end markets.


The evolution plan of the Green Silkworm cocoon was popularization.


As long as the materials needed werent that expensive, the popularization would definitely be very good.

After all, the Green Silkworm was everywhere.

There was no difficulty in capturing it, the difficulty of feeding it, or the difficulty of contracting it.


It was indeed as Legend Hua had said.

If such a pet could have an additional evolution potential and reach a low threshold, it could definitely have a huge impact on the current Beast Taming Domain.


It would greatly increase the basic strength of the Beast Tamer domain.


Sometimes, universalization was the rarest.

Quantitative change could cause a qualitative change.


What many people lacked was an opportunity to become a professional Beast Tamer with a relatively low threshold.


If a country could achieve a nationwide number of Beast Tamers, the probability of producing strong people would definitely be much higher than before.

When there was a war, it could also have more wartime power, so that some people wouldnt be completely unable to resist the invasion.


After leaving Hundred Butterfly Town and entering a small path, Shi Yu entered the ruins space.


He opened the skill index and flipped to the page of Absolute Sleep.


“If I give an ordinary Green Silkworm as an evolution ingredient to teach Absolute Sleep and some other materials for strengthening mental skills, will it also be able to transform into a cocoon race first”


As he thought about it, Shi Yu felt that he could give it a try.

After all, if he succeeded, an Iron-eating Beast and a Green Silkworm would directly change the power of Dong Huang in the future.

It could greatly prevent the disaster that had happened in history from happening again!


During the war of totems, the rations of ordinary people and wild beasts were no different.

This was also a country with many disasters.


Shi Yu shook his head.

Although he wasnt from this world, or to be precise, his soul wasnt from this country, after staying here for so long, he didnt feel that unfamiliarity anymore.

After understanding the history here, he slowly integrated into it.


“You guys are all mocking me for being an Iron-eating Beast Knight, but when the time comes, everyone will have an Iron-eating Beast and a Green Silkworm.

This is the mainstream…!”


“Alright, skill teacher, evolution planner.

Looks like I really have to become a feeder.”


Shi Yu felt that if he hadnt gone to find that stone statue and been caught by Lu Qingyi, he might have already carried out his initial plan.

He would sell the worm silk and become rich.

Then, he would become a legendary feeder and retire happily.


After digging another pit for himself, Shi Yus gaze returned to his green worm.


As it approached evolution, Shi Yu confirmed its information again.


[Name]: Green Silkworms cocoon


[Attributes]: Worm


[Race Level]: In evolution


[Level of Growth]: Commander Level


[Skill]: Worm Silk (Dao Proficiency), Absolute Sleep (Perfect), Illusory Phantom (transcendent), Deterrence (Perfect), Super Sight (Perfect), High Speed Healing (Perfect), Space Shackles (transcendent), Instant Transmission (transcendent), Concealment (Perfect), Psychic (Dao Proficiency)


Energy Points: 388,69


These were all the gains Shi Yu had gained in the past three months.


Shi Yu had upgraded its mid-level skills, Super Sight and High Speed Healing, to Perfect Level.


The high-level skills “Absolute Sleep”, “Deterrence”, and “Concealment” had also been upgraded to Perfect Level.


As for the two offensive skills, “Phantom Illusion” and “Spatial Shackles”, as well as the spatial divine skill, “Teleportation”, they had even reached perfection, which was the maximum level of non-racial skills.


In these three months, among Shi Yus pets skills, the transcendent level was finally not limited to low and intermediate skills.

It was finally time for high-level skills.


Under the perfect level, the skill actually wouldnt have much changes.

It still belonged to the skills own abilities and scope of effect.

It belonged to the peak of a skill.

After reaching the transcendent level, it would upgrade to have some other characteristics.


Buggys new ability was probably…


Perfect-grade super vision: Energy Vision, Illusion Counter.

It could see through the size of the opponents energy and determine the strength of the enemy.


Perfect Level High Speed Healing: After paying a huge amount of energy, it can recover all ordinary injuries in one second and ordinary injuries in a designated group.

The word High Speed is completely reflected, almost instant healing.


Of course, this skill only targeted ordinary physical injuries.

It was useless against mental, soul damage, and some special states.


Perfect Level Absolute Sleep: At a faster speed, in less than a minute, digest the nutrition in the body, unearth the hidden limit of the body, and transform it into physical fitness.

Of course, it can only be used once in a short period of time or once in a battle.


Perfect Level Deterrence: Can cause substantial physical damage, even interfere with the weather, and stimulate the battle intent of teammates.


Perfect Level Concealment: It can be in a Concealment state for a long time until the physical fitness is exhausted and the duration is maintained to the limit.


These all made Buggys strength undergo a qualitative change.

However, because there was too little time, Shi Yu didnt have time to max them out.


He looked forward to the concealment after transcendent.

At that time, not only could Buggy hide itself, but it could also bring items and teammates to hide.


What really made Shi Yu feel that the change in Buggys strength was the three transcendent high-level skills, Instant Transmission, Space Shackles, and Illusion.


Transcendent Level Instant Transmission: It can teleport over a long distance.

With enough energy, it can instantly let the worm bring a large number of items and life forms from one end of the city to the other end of the city.

This distance will continue to grow as its strength increases.

This is only a conventional ability.

The most exclusive feature of transcendent Level Instant Transmission is that the worm can teleport skills!


Creating a Psychic team and teleporting the Psychic team to descend a thousand meters away!


To attack the enemy across super long distances!


The premise was that there was an accurate lock-on method.

On this point, there was a super strong Psychic perception domain at the maximum level.

It could be used together.


Transcendent-level spatial shackles: Apart from the strength of the spatial shackles and the increased damage of the spatial oscillation, the spatial shackles can be preserved for a long time.

They can be upgraded to a seal skill.

Buggy can let the spatial shackles escape its control and stay in the outside world for a long time.

As its strength increases, it can even be almost permanent.


It could use the spatial shackles to seal certain things in an alternate space.

If creatures inside tried to struggle, they would suffer the damage of spatial oscillations.

If outsiders tried to open the shackles, they would also suffer the oscillation attack of the spatial domain.


At the start, the first thing Shi Yu thought of was to use this skill to regularly preserve the nutrients of the ginseng baby and make ruins treasures for future generations to play with…


Transcendent Level Phantom Illusion: It can allow the created illusion to leave the main body and exist in the outside world for a long time.

Its equivalent to a program that can allow it to complete a certain amount of protective missions.

Even after the main body dies, as long as the energy isnt exhausted, the illusion still has a chance to be maintained.

Back in the Ping Cheng ruins space, the Dream Shells Phantom should have belonged to this level.


Shi Yu felt that he had the potential to build ruins… Now, he even had a guardian illusion.


At the moment, with so many divine skills added to its body, it created the rich foundation of Buggys foundation.


Perhaps nothing could be seen from the cocoon state, but Shi Yu believed that his investment was worth it.

All its heritage would erupt perfectly during evolution!


Thinking about the luxurious attributes of Buggy, even Shi Yu, the Beast Tamer himself, couldnt help but sigh… His cocoon was indeed unscientific…


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