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Chapter 162: Exchange for Evolution Materials

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In the resource warehouse of Ancient Capital University.

In order to prepare the evolution materials for Buggy, Shi Yu came again!

This time, he came prepared.

Apart from the huge sum of 130 million yuan, there were also three large boxes of supreme-grade worm silk, ten supreme-grade spiritual fruits, and five supreme-grade fragrance bags.

For the time being, Shi Yu only had time to prepare this.

He just didnt know how much the latter could be sold for…

“The best news now is that the nutrition produced by the ginseng baby can increase its races potential and change its evolution aptitude!”

On the way, Shi Yu was in a good mood.

Although it was impossible for the Ginseng Babys nutrition to upgrade Eleven due to the limitation of the nutritional level and its own racial potential and evolution aptitude, it was more than enough to increase the potential of the Green Silkworm, which was only low-level transcendent at the moment.

It could be said that among the evolution materials of the worm, a large number of baby ginseng nutrients were locked.

This thing that could increase ones lifespan and increase ones racial potential was too suitable for the Green silkworm with an extremely short lifespan and huge potential.

Shi Yu did not have to worry about his evolution potential for the time being.

Therefore, next, he only needed to find suitable spiritual and spatial resources for the worm to stabilize its evolutionary attributes.

His current goal… was to spend 300 million yuan.

There was no need to compare the value of the evolution materials with Eleven.

This was really not decided by the amount of money, but by the compatibility.

Moreover, there was basically only one way for the green worm to use evolution materials.


If the level of the evolution materials was too high and there were too many of them, the Green silkworms would explode.

After all, the body of the Green silkworm was too weak.

Therefore, generally speaking, after the Green Silkworm finished eating the evolution materials, it would immediately use its racial talent to form a cocoon, transferring the huge amount of nutrients and energy that it couldnt absorb onto the cocoon, and slowly absorb it, letting this energy change its body and complete its evolution.

Ordinary green silk bugs could only use level three and four evolution materials.

However, Shi Yus goal was to lock onto higher-level materials.

This was also because the level of the worm silk was high enough and its growth level was high enough.

It could absorb more energy and nutrition.

If it were another green worm, it would be very difficult to replicate such a magnificent feat.

“There are quite a lot of people today…”

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Unlike the previous time, there were many people near the resource warehouse.

After all, school was about to start soon.

Whether it was the new students or the older students, they had already come to school.

At this time period, the end of the first semester, was the time when the resource bank was the most lively.

At the entrance of the resource bank, in the small house that looked like a security room, Shi Yu took a few looks and couldnt find the overlord-level gem cat.

However, a female teacher was sitting at the reception desk lazily, yawning as she helped the students register.

After Shi Yu saw that there were no students around the female teacher, he quickly registered and went straight to the Appraiser Building.

This was the place where students sold various rare materials to exchange for credits.

After arriving, his gaze swept across the dazzling and spacious hall.

It was a coincidence.

When Shi Yu arrived, it was cold and quiet.

A bespectacled teacher with sparse hair received Shi Yu directly.

Behind the appraisal table, the bespectacled teacher smiled at Shi Yu, who was wearing a mask and hat.

This child was really hiding his face.

Why did it feel like he had won the lottery

No, it even looked like the bad guy in the TV series who sold stolen goods…


Im exchanging materials.”

“What type Take it out.”

He looked at the backpack Shi Yu was carrying.

“The first is this.”

Shi Yu took out the worm silk sample from his backpack.

As for the more boxes of worm silk, they were in the ruins.

At this moment, on the appraisal platform, in an exquisite jade box, a layer of transparent insect silk was neatly placed.

After the worm silk reached the maximum level, its color could be white, its texture could be transparent, and it could be completely invisible.

All of this depended on its mood.

As for its nature, it wouldnt change.

“Transparent silk…”

“Transcendent level!” The appraiser saw the materials in the box and asked, “What kind of pet is it”

The Green Silkworm wasnt the only species that knew worm silk skills.

This teacher hadnt realized the seriousness of the problem.

“Green Silkworm.”

The teacher was speechless.

What the hell

That low-level transcendent race with a pitiful short lifespan

“Teacher, its a king of green worms that has awakened a special bloodline and mastered deterrence.

It has reached the transcendent level.”

“In its life, it has absorbed rare spatial resources such as the Space Crystal Fruit and the Space Spirit Flower, which are worth one billion, and shaped the worm silk into a supreme-grade spatial worm silk that exceeds perfection.”

“And these are the few high-quality threads that it took a long time to condense.

Each of them contains extremely special power, is strong, and has strange effects.

Not only can it break skills such as air defense concealment, but it can also break the illusionary ability of a legendary Beast Tamer at will.”

“Even if its a quasi-monarch species that evolved, it cant even survive one move from its insect silk.”

Shi Yus tone was deep as he explained in detail.

“Rare in the world, unique!”

“Huh” When Shi Yu finished speaking, the teacher opposite was stunned.

Was this guy really not kidding

Special bloodline, transcendent-level Green silkworm A spatial worm silk formed from a billion worth of spatial resources


The teacher was about to refute, but suddenly, Shi Yu took off his mask and hat.

When he saw Shi Yus face, the teacher cursed in his heart.

He suddenly felt that it might be true.

This was because he knew Shi Yu.

He also knew Shi Yus Green Silkworm.

The vocation assessment had not even been a month.

This teacher from Ancient Capital University naturally knew that there was a magical Green Silkworm in the first place of this years Ancient Capital vocation assessment.

Just now… he didnt expect it!

“Student Shi Yu…” The appraiser cried.

Holy **, what he said was true.

It was clearly real, so why did he have a ridiculous feeling just now

Speaking of which, it turned out that such a worm silk was cultivated with one billion resources.

No wonder it was so strong.

So that was the reason.

He believed it…

“Teacher, how much can it be estimated”

Shi Yu said, “You should know how powerful the worm silk of this Green Silkworm is.”

“It can simulate sword aura from afar, go deep, and snatch the parasitic Gu from within a controlled puppet corpse.

It can even do advertisements.

Its invincible.”

Shi Yu had to brag.

Because the growth level of the Green Silkworm was too low.

Even if its worm silk proficiency exploded, the worm silk it made was not a high-level resource.

It could only be said to be a super rare resource.

“This…” The appraisers forehead was covered in sweat.

He was also someone with an “appraisal index”.

He was confirming the value of the worm silk through the appraising glasses index.

To be honest, it was very difficult to estimate the value of this rare super resource.

“How much do you have”

As the appraisal teacher was analyzing, on the side of the appraisal table, a big white cat that was as soft as a doll, big, and had a V-shaped head and smooth fur jumped up from somewhere and walked towards the worm silk.

Its fluffy tail swayed.

After walking to the worm silk, its sky-blue gem eyes stared straight at the box of worm silk.

Good stuff!!

Although the material level was a little low, and according to the energy level, it was only level three, it had never seen a worm silk of such quality!!

If the worm silk was also divided into racial levels…

Then, the worm silk Shi Yu took out was comparable to a mythical race in its eyes!!

The evaluation of resources depended on the energy level, not the rarity, but the energy level did not represent the final value.

The value of resources was determined by energy, nutritional level, function, and rarity.

This was also why some low-level spatial materials and dragon-element materials were more expensive than high-level resources.

As for the worm silk, it was almost equivalent to a level-three spatial resource, but the powerful thing was that its rarity was peerless!

Now, looking at this box of level-three worm silk, the gem cat was tempted.

The level didnt matter.

It was mainly rare and had extremely high collection value!

“Teacher Yao.” The white gem cat appeared, and the appraiser and Shi Yu greeted it.

The guardian of Ancient Capital University, the overlord-level gem cat that had lived for more than a hundred years was here!

“How much do you want” Shi Yu kicked the question back.

He could make as much as he wanted.

“You have a lot” The overlord gem cat screen recalled Shi Yu.

Wasnt this the boy with the ruins space from before

Its ears twitched, and the hair on its neck that looked like a “scarf” stretched out.

“Follow me, well talk inside.”

“Alright!” Shi Yu was excited.

Initially, he had come to the resource bank with the intention of looking for this person.

Now, he didnt expect that the other party would take the initiative to come to him.

Under the teachers confused expression, Shi Yu followed the gem cat without any reluctance.

“Good heavens…” The appraiser looked at their backs and muttered.

The materials for sale had caught the attention of the overlord cat

This time, Shi Yu should be rich!

This billionaire gem cat cost much more than the school!

In the Appraiser Hall.

Facing the gem cat, which he didnt know whether it was its clone or its main body, Shi Yu took out the three large boxes of worm silk that Buggy had spent a lot of effort to condense.

This kind of resource-level exquisite worm silk was even more tiring than manufacturing it in battle.

It couldnt be vomited out just like that.

In two days, Buggy ate a pile of nutrients provided by the ginseng baby to create this much.

“Meow…” Seeing this worm silk, the overlord gem cat was stunned.

It was as if it could see a drained Green Silkworm through the worm silk.

(Buggy: I really dont have any left…)

“Any more”

“The worm silk is gone for the time being, but there are other materials I plan to exchange with.”

Shi Yu also took out the spiritual fruit made by the ginseng baby to combine the sweet aura with the nutrients.

This spiritual fruit used the full-level sweet aura and nutritional supplements skill.

It was a combination of the two.

As for the smell, because it was originally prepared for this overlord gem cat with a goal, Shi Yu and the others chose the gem cat races favorite “gem mint” spiritual plant as the main scent and integrated the other three flavors that the gem cat liked, allowing their characteristics to be perfectly preserved.

This was a delicious spiritual fruit with a very high-level aura.

Of course, the attraction effect of the sweet aura was definitely many times stronger than the aura of the original plant!

Shi Yu placed a green fruit on the table.

Initially, Shi Yu only wanted to give it what it liked and sell it for more money… However, the sudden change stunned Shi Yu.


A huge aura erupted from the gem cat.

Shi Yu took a step back in confusion.

He saw the gem cats eyes brighten.

After smelling the aura, it looked at the fruit in surprise!!

“Meow!!!! (Yay!!! Its delicious!!)” The overlords gem cat paw immediately pressed on the green fruit.

Its gaze was excited, and saliva flowed down the corners of its mouth.

“This, this is…” It asked Shi Yu.

“A special nutritional substance.”

Shi Yu didnt expect the other party to have such a big reaction.

He felt that he had underestimated the attraction of the super nutritional fruits created by the ginseng baby…

Although according to energy classification, this was only a level-four resource, it seemed that the special effect of the full-level sweet aura and full-level nutritional supplements was enough to increase its temptation by several levels to specific people!

“It can increase the pets life force, change its evolution aptitude, relieve fatigue, and let the consumer enter a state of meditation and calmness.”

After Shi Yu finished speaking, the gem cat did not hear much.

“Its edible”

“Its edible…”

“How much is there I want this too.”

The gem cat patted the fruit.

Although it felt that the nutritional value inside couldnt increase it at all, it was so fragrant.

With such a nutritional-level spiritual fruit coupled with this taste, it almost couldnt help but swallow it directly.

“Wait, where did you get this” It looked at Shi Yu.

Shi Yu: “My pet.”

“Meow!!!” The overlord gem cat exploded.

Youre telling me you can produce this thing

“Teacher, if you like it, Ill send you one every month,” Shi Yu said generously.

Gem Cat:


Did this guy think it was a stray cat Its a gem cat!

“…How about 30 a month” If it could eat such fruits every day, the gem cat felt that its cat life had reached its peak.


Shi Yus eyelids twitched.

It wasnt easy for Baby Ginseng to create this either…

“Of course, I wont freeload.”

“Are you in a hurry to get credits by exchanging these” The cat licked its claws gracefully like a lady.

“Pets just happen to need an evolution ingredient.”

The gem cat said, “I understand.

Ive collected a lot of materials in my private warehouse.

There are all levels 1 to 8.

You can also take any materials from the schools resource bank in the future.

Ill reimburse you.

In the future, youll send me some of these spiritual fruits every month.

How about that”

“Of course, take whatever you lack.

Dont take away all the high-level materials in one go, or itll be difficult to explain to the school.

Moreover, my little vault is less than ten billion.”

The gem cat looked at the green fruit and told itself that money was just a worldly possession.

Cats valued food above all.

At this moment, Shi Yu was stunned.

That worked too

He originally only wanted to sell some resources, exchange some money and credits, and then buy evolution materials…

Now, the gem cat told him that it could choose any materials from the schools resource warehouse and the overlord gem cats private warehouse.

It would reimburse it

He only had to provide this kind of spiritual fruit every month

Shi Yu was at a loss.

He calculated this transaction in his heart and once again felt that he had underestimated the attraction of the spiritual fruits created by the full-level sweet aura and full-level nutritional combination skill to specific pets.

In addition, this transaction was definitely worth it.

This was because although it required a lot of physical strength to create such an attractive-level spiritual fruit, it could freeload energy from nature.

In addition, if all the resources could be reimbursed, Shi Yu could immediately replenish the energy consumed by the ginseng baby with enough energy crystals.

Therefore, this was basically a free deal.

“How is it!” Seeing that Shi Yu was silent, the gem cat asked again.

“No problem.” With that said, Shi Yu hurriedly took out the remaining nine spiritual fruits, afraid that the gem cat would regret it.

Seeing the ten spiritual fruits, the gem cats eyes lit up.

“Youre not bad.

Youre the most promising student Ive seen in more than a hundred years.

In the future, Ill protect you at Ancient Capital University.”

Shi Yu :”…”

Seemed like he had a big shot to protect him now.

Also, this was a cat.

Although it was female, it shouldnt be considered a rich woman like the others…

However, this gem cat was really too much… Was this a cat or a dragon…

“Crack.” At this moment, the gem cat had already used its mental strength to control a green fruit to float in front of it.

It took a bite and chewed it patiently.

Its face was filled with happiness and a little regret.

Unfortunately, it was too strong now.

If it had eaten this kind of spiritual fruit before the monarch level, it would have been even happier.

“~ ~” After eating a spiritual fruit in a few bites, the gem cat was a little intoxicated.

After it savored it again, it confirmed that it wasnt wrong.

This spiritual fruit was indeed delicious, even more delicious than the level-seven and level-eight resources it had eaten.

It could almost be said to be the most perfect food it had ever eaten.

“Choose it yourself.

The list in the black folder is the materials from the schools resource bank.

The white folder contains the materials I collected.” The gem cat summoned a laptop out of thin air and flew in front of Shi Yu.

At this moment, Shi Yu trembled slightly.

He didnt expect everything to go so smoothly.

It meant that not only did he not have to spend the pile of credits in the card, but he could also directly take away a pile of evolution materials

“Buggy, if you dont evolve into a quasi overlord race, youll be letting Baby Ginseng and me down…”


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