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Chapter 161: Depressed Buggy

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Eleven had evolved to raise its growth limit, thereby successfully breaking through to commander rank.

As for Baby Ginseng, its race level was very high to begin with, and it didnt have any bottlenecks.

Now, it had broken through its growth level through the increase in its race skills and under the lead of the skills.


After Baby Ginseng broke through, an alluring energy wave surged into the sky and spread across the ruins.

Somewhere, Buggy and Eleven sensed the change in energy and couldnt help but swallow.

The breakthrough of supplements was like the appearance of a treasure.

Not many pets could resist its allure.

“Holy **, another one broke through.”

Shi Yu was shocked.

How could he bear this He was only a middle-level Beast Tamer, and he already had two commander-level pets

He would be drained dry!

Wait a minute, the ginseng baby was a supplement.

That was fine.

Eleven and Buggy, who rushed over after hearing the change, were also stunned.

Eleven was alright, but Buggy was in tears!!!

It had already sensed the huge energy wave from the baby ginseng.

This guy… this guy… This guys energy level was probably more than 20 times his!!

Now, even if he had a spatial skill, he definitely wouldnt be able to defeat Baby Ginseng.

Baby Ginseng could exhaust it to death.


Buggy didnt expect to be reduced to the bottom of the team.

“Yi…” At this moment, Baby Ginseng was still a little confused.

Sensing that the energy in its body had undergone a qualitative change and become incomparably large, it could even solidify its energy at any time to form energy crystals.

The ginseng baby was stunned.

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A breakthrough

“You broke through.” Shi Yu looked at the energy detected on the index and took a deep breath.

Energy: 77,663

Although this energy level had yet to reach the 80,000 standard of the “overlord race” commander rank, it was already relatively high among the “monarch race” commander rank, approaching the limit of the overlord race.

Baby Ginseng was indeed a pet race that specialized in vitality and energy.

Considering that his baby ginseng also knew attack skills, Shi Yu could only say that the invincible towering emperor had finally taken the first step towards invincibility.

“Ji…” Buggy looked at Shi Yu with teary eyes and asked about Baby Ginsengs energy level.

Shi Yu had a strange expression.

“Dont think too much.

Baby Ginseng has eaten the Fruit of Life.

This is a level-eight resource.

Its worth one billion at the least.

Its even more expensive than one billions worth of evolution materials.”


Tell it the number.

It could take it!


“Its more than 20 times yours, right”

It was unknown if it fainted from exhaustion or from fright because it had vomited too much silk, but it directly entered an absolute sleep state…

Buggy collapsed.

“Wuu!!” Eleven, who was beside him, revealed a surprised expression and looked at Baby Ginseng, who had an equally surprised expression.

“Wuu!!! (Fight!!)”

Eleven wanted to taste a commander-level Energy Fruit Bomb.

“Yi… (Sure!)” Baby Ginseng was also inflated.

It felt that it wasnt much worse than Eleven.

Now it was Buggy at the bottom! Great!

It wanted to protect its number two spot and challenge the number one spot!

It completely didnt realize that the skills with high proficiency were all supplement skills.

Even transcendent skills were supplement skills.

Eleven, on the other hand, had skills that purely increased battle power.

In addition, judging from the energy level alone, Eleven was playing unfairly.

Elevens body strength, which was comparable to a giant dragon, was definitely not something a plant baby ginseng could crack.

“Fight my butt.

Come, well continue increasing points.

Next, its time to add nutrients.

Perhaps after this is maxed out, your energy level can exceed Eleven.” Shi Yu didnt want it to waste meaningless time.

In this battle, both parties would probably have to rest for a long time…

Baby Ginseng:!!!

Continue to increase points!

“Wuu! (boring)”

Eleven crossed its arms.

It only knew how to add points.

Forget it, it was invincible.

You guys could do whatever you want.

However, at this moment, Eleven more or less had a sense of crisis and decided to train harder!

At this moment, Buggy was still lying down…

Before continuing to increase the points, Shi Yu and the others first figured out the effect of the max-level sweetness.

Compared to the sweetness before the Perfect level, the sweet aura at the transcendent level was in more forms.

Before perfection, sweetness aura was just a sweet aura.

There was nothing new.

After reaching perfection, the sweetness could be condensed into spices and perfumes by Baby Ginseng, and it could also limit the speed at which their fragrances spread.

It could be made into a sachet or something.

When worn on a normal day, the effect was very good.

Shi Yu had prepared dozens of them.

It was very practical to change one every day.

As for the change in the sweetness after reaching the maximum level, Shi Yu was very surprised.

Firstly, the effect was better.

In fact, apart from reducing fatigue, it could also provide the effect of calming the mind.

This was very helpful in increasing Shi Yus meditation efficiency, preventing him from being distracted and distracted all the time.

Apart from the fact that the effect was better, the special property of the increase in the max-level sweet aura was relatively special.

Shi Yu and Baby Ginseng didnt know what to say…

Maximum-level sweet aura, its nature was change and simulation.

In an instant, Baby Ginseng mastered the change in scent in hundreds of millions.

It could simulate the scent of the sweet scent into the aura of any spiritual plant or spiritual fruit, greatly increasing the temptation of the sweet scent.

“It doesnt look like its useful… But it seems to be more convenient to form a pretty good deception effect with nutrition.”

“In the future, I can let Baby Ginseng release a pile of sweet aura to attract the dragon race in the wild.

The dragon itself will come running over… The hunting skill is similar to the talent of the Dragon Blood Willow, but the range of attraction is more comprehensive!”

“Moreover, its easier to sell it for money…”

The scent that pets liked was different between each other.

The current baby ginseng could be said to be able to satisfy all customers needs… Shi Yus expression was odd.

This change was not bad.

In the future, he could do different things every day and inhale different flavors of sweetness.

This also greatly reduced his rejection of sweetness.

Speaking of which… What kind of spiritual plants did the gem cat like the most Firstly, excluding the fish scent grass…

Shi Yu and Baby Ginseng didnt linger on this for too long.

They continued to increase their points.

It was similar to Shi Yus plan.

Two days after they started adding points, Baby Ginsengs nutritional supplement skill also went from “expert level” to “Dao Proficiency”.

It was very smooth.

Initially, Shi Yu thought that he would have to give Baby Ginseng some recovery items.

Just shrinking, Absolute Sleep, the storage beam, and the Earth Chain might not necessarily be able to catch up to the consumption, but once it broke through, its energy immediately became rich.

The amount of supplements that could be provided with thousands of energy points at that time was completely different from the amount of supplements that could be provided with tens of thousands of energy points now.

The process of nutritional supplements from proficiency to perfect proficiency didnt have any special changes, which affected their quality and shelf life.

However, after reaching transcendent level proficiency, the nutrition produced by the ginseng baby was upgraded to “growable supplements”.

It could absorb the power of the outside world over time and enrich itself, even breaking through the limit.

The longer it was kept, the higher the nutritional value.

This was a divine skill, but Shi Yu felt that it was a pity that the growth speed was limited.

He had to collect it for ten, hundred, or even a thousand years to have an obvious increase.

Shi Yu couldnt wait that long.

Unless, he could transmigrate back to hundreds of millions of years ago.

When the time came, he would bury some supplements for himself.

When he returned and dug them out, he would directly become an Undying God of Medicine.

That would be awesome.

At that time, when the divine medicine was used again, forget about transcending skills, even divine-level skills would be randomly selected.

After the nutritional supplement skill reached “Dao Proficiency”, apart from the better quality and faster absorption of nutrition from the outside world, the additional property surprised Shi Yu.

The nutritional supplements produced by the ginseng baby, according to the power it provided, were none other than to help the foodie treat, recover energy, and provide growth nutrition.

And now, after the nutritional proficiency “Dao Proficiency”, according to the feedback of the baby ginseng, the nutrients were affected by the “Fruit of Life” and its corresponding skill “Source of Life”, which it ate.

It seemed to have an additional effect that could increase the pets life force and level of life!

In other words, having more could increase ones lifespan, then increase the potential of the pet race and increase the effect of evolution aptitude!

The specific effect was similar to the evolution holy spring that Eleven had entered.

However, due to the restriction on the current baby ginsengs strength, the increase in effect was definitely not as powerful as the evolution holy spring under the care of the Ancient Life Tree King!

But this was undoubtedly… also a very impressive effect.

After Baby Ginseng became a Mythical creature, its skill was an evolution specialist.

One bit of nutrient could directly allow other low-rank pets to complete evolution!

“Holy **.”

Shi Yu sat on the bed in a daze and looked at the crying baby ginseng opposite him.

“This ability is so awesome, why are you crying”

Generally speaking, this kind of nutritional supplement that increased vitality and changed the potential of his race would become worse and worse as he used it multiple times.

But even so, Shi Yu felt that he was invincible.

With Baby Ginseng around, wouldnt he be able to live for a long time

Even if it was Buggy, if it ate nutrients now, it might not be a problem to live for another two years.

Moreover, this effect could also be increased over time.

Now, Shi Yu really had the urge to transmigrate back to the ancient times to bury treasures for himself.


Baby Ginseng cried.

It was powerful, but it felt that only transcendent-level, commander-level, and monarch-level ferocious beasts coveted it.

But now, it felt that even overlord-level and totem-level ferocious beasts might want to eat it!

After all, compared to the nutritional supplements produced by the Nutritional Skill, its own body was the best nutritional supplement.

The effects of nutritional supplements could also be eaten by it, and it would be better.

Shi Yu :”…”

“Its not a big problem, not a big problem.

Now that youve almost added all your supplement skills, you can increase your attack skills with all your might… At that time, when youre stronger, no one can eat you!”

“Sob.” Baby Ginseng still didnt feel safe, but Shi Yu was right.

It needed to quickly change its profession to a battle ginseng to feel safer.

Shi Yu: “”

“Why are you “crying” like Eleven Im hitting one crying monster after another.

Youre supposed to be happy after all these upgrades… Youre really getting to be like Eleven…” Shi Yu thought.

< Name > Ginseng Baby

[Attributes]: Wood

[Race Level]: Low Class Monarch

[Level of Growth]: Commander Level

[Skill]: Sweet Air (Dao Proficiency), Slow Healing (transcendent), High Speed Healing (Perfect), Nutrition (Dao Proficiency), Earth Chain (transcendent), Origin of Life (Initiate), Multiplication (Expert), Absolute Sleep (Expert), Energy Fruit (Proficient), Energy Storage Beam (Expert)

Energy Points: 90001

At this moment, Shi Yu thought about Baby Ginsengs attributes and fell into deep thought.

Its five racial skills, sweetness, slow healing, nutrition, Earth Chain, source of life… Apart from super skills, it had already been upgraded enough.

And its growth level had also reached commander rank.

Due to the fact that its racial skills had been raised too high and its foundation was too terrifying, although the baby ginseng was judged by Grandma Li as a low-level monarch race in the beginning, its current supplement effect was probably not inferior to the supplements of those overlord races at all.

At this moment, Baby Ginsengs energy level had already overtaken Eleven… to 90,000 points.

It was almost half of the minimum energy requirement of monarch levels “two hundred thousand energy points”.

Transcendent races at the monarch level were usually around 200,000.

Commander races at the monarch level were usually around 500,000.

Monarch races at the monarch level were usually around 1,000,000.

Shi Yu felt that with the energy supplement of Baby Ginseng, perhaps there was hope for Eleven to give the weakest monarch-level pets a little bit of trouble

However, the problem was that there were really too few people who relied on extraordinary races to reach the monarch level.

There were very few.

Generally, those who could reach the monarch level had at least a commander race, so it was still a long way to go.

In fact, Shi Yu felt that it would take a long time for Baby Ginseng and Eleven to become monarchs.

Judging from their situation, if they maxed out the skills of low, mid, and high-level races, they might not necessarily reach the level of monarchs.

It probably still depended on the development of super skills…

However… Even if Shi Yus physique had reached its limit again and wasnt inferior to any master-level Beast Tamers physique, it still hadnt reached the condition to teach super skills.

This made Shi Yu feel very uncomfortable.

However, when he thought of the power of transcendent skills such as plant control, Inner Power, and Heavenly Frost Cold Energy, he endured it.

Shi Yu estimated that if these transcendent skills reached perfection and advanced into the path, they might really be able to come into contact with domains at the level of “law” and “origin”.

“Alright, its finally over.”

“Baby Ginseng, make the best perfume, spices, and nutrition fruits.

Ill rest for a while.

Later, well take the goods to exchange for Buggys evolution materials… If we dont go and exchange now, itll be so depressing.”

Shi Yu lay on the bed.

He was tired and weak.

“And Buggy, tidy up your worm silk too.

Its messy and cant be sold.”

“Yi! (Copy!)” Baby Ginseng looked at Buggy.

Buggy was silent.

“Ji!” Buggy was also lying on the worm silk.

How could it not be depressed Now, the leader had more than 80,000 energy points, the baby ginseng was 90,000, and it…

Three thousand!!! Three thousand!!! Only three thousand!! Did they know how it spent its day in depression!!

When would it evolve It should quickly change races.

It didnt want to be a Green Silkworm anymore.

This race was too lousy..

It had never seen a race that was even worse than a Green Silkworm.

It was even worse than a Radish Baby!


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