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Chapter 156: Second Stage Evolution Unrivaled Overlord

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A quasi overlord race!!!

After Shi Yu finished speaking, Director Hao and the Lins gulped.

The evaluation criteria for race level was nothing more than reference pets racial skills, racial growth potential, life force, energy value, physical strength, special talent, and so on.

Generally speaking, among the five major races of transcendent, commander, monarch, overlord, and myth, there were only three small levels: low, medium, and high.

However, according to the general division, due to the ridiculousness of certain monster races, Beast Tamers liked to call some races perfect pets.

They were pseudo commander, pseudo monarch, and pseudo overlord races.

It meant that the potential of the species exceeded that of pets of the same level and was comparable to those of the next level.

This was also applicable to the growth level.

For example, although Yin Zhengfans Sky Crystal Butterfly was a high-level commander race, due to the speciality of the spatial attribute, its abilities were too unsolvable, so it was called a pseudo monarch race by Beast Tamers.

And more than a hundred years ago, the legendary Beast Tamer with the evolutionary talent cultivated pets.

Because the racial potential was too strong, it couldnt be simply described with high-level overlord races.

Instead, it was more suitable to use quasi-mythical races.

At the moment, the number of super racial skills did not meet the criteria of the overlord race, which meant that its growth potential was a little lacking.

However, its life force, energy value, and physical strength had undoubtedly reached the criteria of the overlord race.

There was no problem calling it a quasi overlord race.

“This time, it should be quite scientific,” Dean Hao muttered.

Science was revealed in this unscientific situation.

The legendary Beast Tamer with the evolution talent had said that the evolution rules were that pets could evolve in multiple stages, but it was impossible for them to skip three levels at once.

Iron-eating beast of a transcendent race.

After evolution, the monarch race was the limit.

Shi Yus Iron-eating Beasts basic talent was so strong, and he had spent a huge price to evolve.

It didnt seem like it was unacceptable for him to reach the pinnacle of the monarch race.

Its a scientific evolution, Dean Hao thought to himself.

“Science my ass.”

“Arent all evolution materials the same Where did the lightning come from…”

“An additional two thunder-element racial skills awakened What are they!”

Master Lin Hongnian asked, his previous composure gone.

He was envious.

Having two more racial skills meant that his races potential would be much higher.

After all, racial skills were the most critical factor in raising the level of a pet.

Moreover, dual-element pets were often more advantageous than single-element pets in certain situations.

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In addition, the resources that could be absorbed were more selective.

Everyone clearly used the alloy of these six materials to evolve, so why did Shi Yus Iron-eating Beast have an additional lightning attribute

“It has awakened a total of five new racial skills.”

“Low-level electromagnetic levitation, mid-level accumulation lightning, giantization, high-level impregnable defense, and super-level convergence!”

Shi Yu said, “Although youve awakened thunder-element skills, theyre not very high-level skills.”


Lin Hongnian: w (゚Д゚) w

Electric magnetic levitation, storage lightning

Lin Hongnians eyes widened.

Although the level was not high, these two skills had super practical value, alright!!

Electric magnetic levitation could allow the Iron-eating Beast to fly, and it could also allow the Iron-eating Beast to master the electromagnetic force and control other metals to hover.

It was known as electromagnetic control, so there was no need to talk about this.

Storage lightning was also very ridiculous!

If this skill was used on other pets, it would indeed be mid-level.

In essence, it was to transform the pets body into an organ that could accumulate lightning energy from the outside world.

It could not have the effect of transforming physical fitness like the Energy Strengthening Beam, nor could it directly rely on the power of nature to increase the power of the skill like the high-level skill Lightning.

It was very ordinary.

It increased the bodys resistance and accommodation to lightning.

Although it had the effect of absorbing lightning to a certain extent to charge itself, there would definitely be an upper limit to its body and it couldnt be too heaven-defying.

Otherwise, it wouldnt be judged as an intermediate.

But the problem was that the Iron-eating Beasts evolution type had an inner power skill!!

The skill could create a source of physical strength in the body.

It could exceed the bodys load and absorb external energy almost limitlessly!!

The upper limit of this energy capacity far exceeded the pets own limit.

Then, at the critical moment, it could even multiply this power.

If there was a restrained edge and accumulation lightning, then the extreme power and upper limit of the accumulation power of the accumulation lightning skill would not be as simple as mid-level.

The so-called racial skills were really born to cooperate with other skills.

They were interlinked and could be combined!!

Including Great Transformation, this skill with high consumption coupled with restrained sharpness could completely allow the pet to fight in the Great Transformation state to a certain extent, ignoring consumption!

“Why are there more lightning skills…” Dean Hao was also very confused.

Shi Yu was very special this time.

This had never happened before when the first three iron-eating beasts evolved!

He was the one who made the evolution equipment.

The problem was definitely not on the evolution equipment, but Shi Yus pet itself!

“This… Im not sure.

Ill study it later,” said Shi Yu.

He was also very puzzled.

He had a few guesses.

Could it be the effect of the Transcendent Level Thunder Palm on Eleven

Or could it be the effect of maximal hardening on Eleven

It had to be known that compared to ordinary hardening, Elevens hardening had become easier to control and contain lightning because of its full growth rate.

After absorbing the nature of the thunder-element mineral resource, the “Flat Thunder Stone”…

It happened to correspond to the two skills, Electric Magnetic Floating and Energy Storage Lightning.

Perhaps it was because of this that Eleven obtained the attributes of thunder after evolution.

To be honest, Shi Yu felt a little regretful.

If he had known earlier, he would have made hardening maintain the element of space and time no matter what.

However, Shi Yu quickly understood.

Resources of the time and space nature were originally few, and the price was ridiculous.

He had really never heard of a metal mineral form.

Only the metal minerals nature could be absorbed, and even ordinary rock minerals couldnt!

Lightning wasnt bad either.

After all, it was one of the most violent attributes.

Shi Yu comforted himself.

“Eleven, you can transform into your previous form now, right”

Shi Yu looked at Eleven and asked.

“Wuuu, wuu, wuu!!” Armor Eleven nodded.

It could.

Using the Inner Power state, it could recover its previous state before evolution.

This skill could also be said to be free evolution.

Only in a degenerated and restrained state could the source of physical strength absorb external nutrition without restriction

Only in the state of evolution and Inner Power could the strength accumulated in his stamina explode.

“Thats good.” Shi Yu nodded, very excited.

“Theres no hurry to restrain it.

Do you want to see its new skill after its evolution” Hall Master Lin asked curiously.

“A combination skill of storage lightning and Inner Power… can it be done If it can, itll be invincible.

Its known as the bane of lightning.”

“Yes, yes.” Dean Hao and Lin Xiuzhu agreed.

Dean Hao: “I happen to have a mechanical pet that knows thunder-type skills.

I can charge it for you to see.”

Shi Yu said, “Alright, but theres no hurry.”

“Evolution hasnt been completed yet.” He took a deep look at Eleven.


“Dont forget, theres also an inscription!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the other three were stunned and suddenly remembered something.

Thats right!!

The metal piece and the special inscription recorded in the ruins had yet to be carved.

What exactly was this inscription that Shi Yu and the others guessed was a medium for second-stage evolution

Including Master Lin Hongnians Nine Li Battle Beast, the previous three evolved Nine Li Battle Beasts would have a rejection reaction when inscribing inscriptions.

Then, what about Shi Yus one

“Eleven, try”


It nodded.

It still remembered the appearance of the nine inscriptions.

It hesitated for a moment, then hardened the sharp claws of its right hand and slowly carved the special inscription on the metal piece on its body.


Under everyones shocked gazes, Eleven actually carved an inscription that the other Nine Li Battle Beasts couldnt inscribe.

At the same time, during this process, Elevens body filled with white light.

In particular, the white light on the inscription Eleven carved was even more dazzling!


Although it could be damaged, it wasnt completely carved.

Halfway through the inscription, Eleven also sensed the repulsive force that Hall Master Lin Hongnians Nine Li Battle Beast mentioned.

Its movements were forcefully stopped by the repulsive force.

“Wu.” Eleven showed a difficult expression and looked confused.

At the same time, a sudden force seemed to be awakening in Elevens body.

This feeling was like awakening a new racial skill, but for some reason, it couldnt completely awaken because it didnt fit with his body.


After failing countless times, Eleven was forced to stop carving.

The inscription that he had just carved also quickly disappeared.

It quickly tried other types of inscriptions, but the results were all the same!

Halfway through, a repulsive force appeared.

Every time, it showed signs of awakening skills of different races.

Then, in the end, it didnt succeed.

Apart from Shi Yu, who was in deep thought, the other three had stunned expressions.

So what was the situation now

It had clearly succeeded in carving half of it, so why couldnt he continue

And that white light… seemed to be the light of awakening and evolution!

“Looks like the max level of hardening is indeed one of the basic conditions to inscribe an inscription.”

Shi Yu analyzed Elevens feedback in his heart.

This definitely hid a big secret.

He had to take a look later.

“However, its impossible to complete the carving perfectly with the full level of hardness alone.”

“Looking at Elevens feedback, does it mean that the nine types of inscriptions represent the opportunity for the awakening of skills of nine different races”

Shi Yu was stunned.

In this way, if all nine inscriptions were engraved once, wouldnt Eleven have more than ten racial skills

After all, racial skills could reach the level of “Dao Proficiency”.

How much potential did this race have

However, it still depended on the level of the new skill awakened.

If it was just low-level and middle-level, it was nothing.

If it were nine transcendent race skills, Elevens race level would probably be directly approaching the quasi-mythical level.


Apart from the fact that they couldnt be considered divine beasts without divine-level skills, the number of transcendent-level racial skills would completely crush high-level overlords.

This was barely fitting for the godly Chi Yous mount..

At that time, if it evolved into a third stage, it would definitely be a Mythical Panda.


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