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Chapter 155: Elevens Evolution

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At this moment, the real protagonist of the room, Shi Yu, kept his gaze on the armor under the gazes of the three.

After a long time, Shi Yu took a deep breath and said, “You guys come and take a look too.”

After saying that, three white summoning formations instantly appeared beside him.

Eleven, Worm, and Baby Ginseng instantly walked out of the summoning array, their expressions extremely overbearing.

However, when they came out and saw the super armor hanging on the wall in front of them, with just the chest armor even bigger than their current size.

They immediately swallowed their saliva and were shocked by the pressure of the super armor.

“Sob…” Eleven looked at the huge armor in a daze.

It was huge.

Was it going to wear this

“Ji!!” “Yi!!”

Buggy and Baby Ginseng were also shocked.

Eleven wanted to rely on this big guy to evolve

Too extravagant!

In the end… what would happen!

At this moment, the three pets were all shocked by the huge armor, while Dean Hao looked at the disappearing white array and baby ginseng in a daze.

When did Shi Yu… break through again

The third pet had actually contracted… Moreover, baby ginseng

With Shi Yus current identity, he couldnt understand why Shi Yus third pet would choose a ginseng baby.

In fact, Lin Xiuzhu and the others couldnt understand why Shi Yus increase in speed was so unscientific.

However, they were used to it, so it was alright.

“This ginseng baby… seems unusual.” After carefully observing the baby ginseng, Dean Hao discovered that this baby ginseng seemed to be a little different from the ordinary baby ginseng.

It wasnt as simple as it looked.

He took out the reconnaissance lens that was originally prepared for the evolution of the iron-eating beast and wore it in advance.

He observed the energy value of Shi Yus three pets…

Then, in an instant, the beeping energy value made the top-notch Mechanical Master, Dean Hao, almost hoarse.

A ginseng baby with nearly 9,000 energy points, an Iron-eating Beast with nearly 8,000 energy points, and a Green silkworm with 3,000 energy points…

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Wh-what the hell!!!

“Lets begin!!”

At this moment, before everyone could have any more questions, Shi Yu could not wait any longer.

He glanced at Eleven.

The one-meter-tall Little Eleven immediately ran under the super armor under Shi Yus signal.

It had seen the evolution of Hall Master Lins iron-eating beast, so it was very clear about the evolution process.


Eleven looked at the huge armor in front of him.

It first slowly enlarged to the point where it looked like it could wear the armor.

Then, it slowly picked up a component and put it on its body.

The first part was similar to a helmet.

Then, under the sound of metal colliding, Eleven quickly put on all his armor and multiplied it, adjusting his compatibility with the armor to the most compatible state.

It was almost seamless!!

“Wuu!!” Through the sealed head armor, Elevens black eyes looked at Shi Yu curiously.

Meanwhile, Shi Yu was also looking at Eleven.

Its whole body was wrapped in hard black armor…

It was the same for its face.

Its head and face were covered in nearly sealed armor, revealing only black eyes, nose, and mouth.

As one of the weaknesses, its head even thickened the armor structure, looking like it was wearing a helmet, impressive and domineering.

Its neck and back were also covered in double armor.

Its shoulders were long and protruded, making its entire body look more three-dimensional.

However, after careful consideration, it looked more like the armrests used as mounts.

From the overall structure, the armor protecting its body seemed to be made of countless pieces of metal alloy.

The area near its neck was like an iron circle, and its abdomen was like a vertical square steel plate.

As for the area near its two legs, it returned to the iron circle structure that wrapped its whole leg.

In addition, the most important parts of the armor were the hard vambraces armed to sharp claws.

The heavily strengthened vambraces made Eleven look rather strong overall.

Shi Yu was very satisfied with the armed monster in front of him.

The only pity was that there were no extra materials to be used as weapons.

However, this armor had already protected Eleven tightly.

In this state, its entire body would be its weapon.

It was the strongest war weapon!

“Quite domineering…” Master Lin muttered as he looked at Eleven, who had put on its evolution equipment.

Was he going to take the heavy armor route The kind that was used in multiplication!

“Gulp…” Although Eleven had yet to evolve, the panda senior was already nervous.

She placed her hands on her chest and prayed.

As for Buggy and Ginseng Baby, they were already filled with anticipation.

“Eleven, stop waiting.”

Shi Yu looked at Eleven and smiled.


After putting on the evolution armor, he used Transcendent Level Hardening to cover the entire body of the armor and connect itself to the armor.

Only after there was no barrier between the two could the two be considered to have truly fused into one.

Only then did it trigger the evolution opportunity!!



As Shi Yu finished speaking, Eleven immediately used Hardening to cover its entire body.

Even though it was very large and the armor was very complicated, it still completed it in an instant.

Its use of Hardening had reached an unimaginable level!!

It was impossible for Hall Master Lin, Dean Hao, and Senior Panda to think that this wasnt Transcendent Level Hardening.

Instead, it was the hardening of a higher level of proficiency that Shi Yu had mentioned to them a long time ago, something that they felt was impossible!!

It was “Dao Proficiency” level!


Under Elevens roar, it hardened and armed its entire body.

Its armor became even darker, making it look like it was wearing a layer of black armor.

At this moment, Shi Yus heart suddenly accelerated, and his body suddenly trembled.

This was because a stimulating scene appeared at this moment!!

A strong white evolution light instantly enveloped Elevens huge body!!

However, what shocked everyone was that the iron-eating beast, which was different from Hall Master Lins that grew larger again when it evolved.

Eleven, who had evolved in the giant state, was actually shrinking under the light of evolution!!

As its body shrank, the armor on its body also seemed to shrink in proportion!!

It stabilized after reaching a height of two meters.

However, at this moment, no one felt the pinch about the materials.

That was because, although the evolution armor had shrunk as it evolved, Elevens aura was really increasing at a terrifying speed.

It was condensed into essence.


Under the light, a terrifying deterrence erupted from its body.

The instant Elevens life potential rose to the level of a monarch, its deterrence skill became even more oppressive.

In addition, in the next moment, an invisible white flash of flames blossomed from Elevens body, which was covered in white light, like an erupting volcano.

Blue electric arcs were flashing in the huge flames that were several meters tall, stunning everyone.

The evolution scene of the three iron-eating beasts previously, even Lin Hongnians intermediate monarch race evolution scene, wasnt as magnificent as this.

“Not only is it evolving, its growth level is also trying to break through to commander rank!”

At this moment, Dean Hao was detecting through the energy detector that Elevens energy level was also increasing at a terrifying speed with its aura!

“Commander rank”

Lin Hongnian and the panda senior were shocked.

Shi Yus Beast Taming Space was only level three.

At this moment, Dean Hao seemed to understand the reason why Shi Yu contracted this strange ginseng baby.

Shi Yu seemed to have expected that after the iron-eating beast evolved, its increase would be very terrifying and would increase the consumption of the Beast Tamer.

Therefore, he contracted a ginseng baby in advance that could feedback to the Beast Tamers physical recovery speed

It had to be said that this guess was already very close to the truth.

Everyone was stunned the whole time, but in fact, Elevens evolution process was very short, less than ten seconds.

At this moment, under the shocked expressions of Buggy and Baby Ginseng, Elevens appearance after evolution finally appeared in front of everyone with the receding evolution light.

Seeing Elevens evolution form, everyone was shocked for the second time.


This was because after the Iron-eating Beast evolved into a Nine Li War Beast, theoretically speaking, apart from its size, it wouldnt be much different from the armor form before evolution.

However, this experience was ineffective for the first time with Shi Yu and Eleven!!

Eleven was still covered in hard black armor…

However, the armor covering its face and head had already turned into the color of white lightning.

In addition, the places where its limbs connected to its body, the iron-wound thick armor also turned silver-white.

This made its overall color look even closer to that of ordinary iron-eating beasts.

It also made its overall impression look more mysterious, domineering, and honorable.

“Wuu—” In fact, apart from the armor, Eleven had another very important change!

In its evolution form, its original black eyes had completely transformed into a sky-blue color that seemed to contain lightning.

Coupled with its black and white armor, it looked fierce and arrogant, like an overlord that could suppress everything!!

“Commander rank…”

At this moment, Shi Yu looked at Eleven, who had evolved, for the first time.

He had already sensed that Elevens strength could easily break free of the contract and attack the Beast Tamer.

But clearly, Eleven didnt do that.

Instead, it suppressed his strength.

Although it had changed appearance and looked even more impressive in armor, Eleven was still that Eleven, the Eleven that Shi Yu had slept with.

There were no changes.

At that moment, it was looking at him in surprise that only Shi Yu could understand.


“Congratulations.” At this moment, Shi Yu spoke slightly in excitement.

The invisible mirror index he wore also instantly detected the initial energy value after Elevens evolution.

However, before Shi Yu could recover from his shock, Dean Hao, who was beside him, spoke with a stunned expression.

“Energy value, 8… 81964, 81964, how is this possible!!!”

“This is the standard of an overlord species pet among commander ranks!! It only just evolved and broke through!!”

“Could it be…” Dean Haos eyes widened.

On the side, Hall Master Lin, who heard Dean Hao reciting the energy value, also had a stunned expression because this energy value could already crush any main force except his two monarch-level pets!

At this moment, looking at the shocked gazes of Dean Hao, Hall Master Lin, and Senior Panda, Shi Yu pondered for a moment and said,

“His race shouldnt have become overlord yet.”

“This time, it only awakened a super skill.

Its Inner Power.”

“However, compared to ordinary Nine Li War Beasts, for some reason, Eleven seems to have an additional attribute, lightning.

Because of this, it awakened two additional thunder-type skills!!”

“In addition… Without a doubt, in this state, its physical fitness doesnt seem to be inferior to some overlord races.”

After Shi Yu received Elevens feedback, he didnt care how much his strength had increased.

He was only immersed in Elevens current strength.

“Although it hasnt reached the threshold of the overlord race having multiple transcendent skills, at this time, due to its powerful physique and initial energy values, it might be more suitable to call it a quasi overlord race than a high-level monarch.”

A quasi overlord race!

In the true sense, a ferocious beast that could tear apart dragons of the same level was born!

During this evolution, Eleven had five new racial skills!!

Skill: Electric Floating

< Level > Low

< Introduction > Its a thunder-type skill.

It can fly freely using the magnetic force generated by electricity.

This skill directly solved the problem of Eleven not being able to fly.

After increasing its proficiency, it was indirectly training Elevens control of the electromagnetic force!!

Skill: Lightning Storage

[Level]: Intermediate

< Introduction > Its a thunder-type skill.

The body can be immune to the damage of lightning to a certain extent and can store lightning in the body and release it!

This was actually a skill similar to modifying the body.

It could allow the pet to have excellent resistance and adaptability to lightning!

Moreover, it might be effective if it was combined with the reserved edge that could be almost infinitely charged!

The third skill… was Giant Transformation.

This was actually the same as the slow healing of Baby Ginseng.

It was very easy to be covered by high-level skills.

However, because of the existence of superior skills, the initial proficiency of this skill would not be low.

The fourth skill was the Nine Li Battle Beasts standard, impregnable.

Skill: Improvement

Skill Level: Advanced

[Introduction]: A metal-type skill.

The user is protected by the metal-type power, increasing resistance to all types of skills.

This move could be superimposed with hardening, making Eleven even more meaty.

He wouldnt be as afraid of soul, mental, and elemental attacks as before.

The fifth skill was naturally the metal-element surmounting skill, Concealment!

Skill: Inner Power

[Skill Level]: Level


< Introduction > Its a metal-type skill.

It can enter a reserved state and create a physical source.

It can accumulate power that exceeds its own limit and wont affect its own state.

Under the sharp state, it can multiply the power accumulated and increase its attack power by several times, but it will pose a certain burden to the body.

This was the skill that Shi Yu looked forward to the most and felt was invincible.

Eleven suddenly had so many racial skills and became so strong.

Shi Yu was so excited that he was about to explode.

The pets of the older students were only so-so.

Soon, he seemed to be invincible below the monarch level

Wasnt this enough to sweep through Imperial Capital University

What made his heart tremble even more was that it seemed like the inscription had yet to be carved


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