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Chapter 154: Evolution Armor Completed

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[Skill]: Energy Storing Beam (Mastery)

He added it immediately.

Skill replication was used to increase points.

In the midst of his intoxication, Shi Yus bones felt numb as he leveled up four additional points.

“Yi ~ ~”


After Baby Ginseng and Shi Yu finished adding the points, they let out comfortable sounds at the same time.

Baby Ginseng was very excited because it instantly had a pile of experience for this new skill.

As for Shi Yu, he felt very high because he sensed the rapid increase in his physique again.

After his physique reached the upper limit…

His physical strength might be comparable to a master-level Beast Tamer

Even a top-notch master

Shi Yu wasnt sure of his limit, but he just needed to add some points.

Skill index and my body, let me see your limits!


On the other side, after learning a new skill, Baby Ginseng subconsciously wanted to try it.

It turned around and looked at a rock in the distance.

Following Shi Yus hint, it stood quietly on the spot and pointed at the stone.

It looked very dumb.

In the next second, light slowly gathered on Baby Ginsengs body and fingertips.

One, two, three… After a few seconds, countless light beams gathered at Baby Ginsengs fingertip to form a small light ball.

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“Yiya!!! (Light Clearing Cannon!!!)”

After gathering its strength, Baby Ginsengs pupils suddenly constricted.

The light dot on its finger quickly lengthened, turning into a beam of light.

With a whoosh, it instantly penetrated the rock it was aiming at!

Moreover, with a bang, the stone was instantly blasted into powder by the light beam.

A deep hole that was penetrated and split open appeared on the ground.

“Yi…” After everything was done, Baby Ginseng looked at everything in front of it and fell into deep thought.

It looked at Shi Yu.

Why did it feel that this move was not as powerful as the Energy Fruit that had been leveled up twice

Why… did this skill have to store energy for so long…

Why did this skill, even though it had a very cool name, feel so similar to the skill of the Giant Sunflower that it had insta-killed

It seemed that apart from the shooting speed being fast after energy condensation, there was nothing good about it.

“Thats not a problem.”

“Next, the problem you need to solve is how to accumulate light to transform the stored energy into physical fitness under the Earth Chain state.”

“I wont ask you to accumulate light energy while using Earth Chain and Absolute Sleep for now.

Just complete two combinations first.

“Lets use the three recovery skills together in the future.

After all, only when the absolute sleep proficiency is high can there be sleepwalking effects.”

Baby Ginseng:

“Also, the proficiency level of the combination skill has been reached.

Try to integrate the accumulated light energy into the Energy Fruit.

The power of the Energy Fruit should increase a little.”

After Shi Yu finished giving his instructions, he prepared to leave the ruins under Baby Ginsengs stunned gaze.

He planned to find something to drink first.

He was a little thirsty…

Before leaving, Shi Yu looked at Eleven and Buggy.

At this moment, Eleven was happily practicing its electromagnetic force.

As for how to train, it could just create more than ten metal balls and then control them to fly at high speed in a small space.

When it could make more than ten metal balls never collide in this state, it would be considered a preliminary success.

Not only did it train its hardness, but it also trained its Lightning Palm and its supervision as well as its coordination.

Buggy followed closely behind the leader and also practiced similar abilities.

It was already very simple to create multiple illusions at the perfect level.

Just like how it created Eleven and its own phantoms at the same time back then, it could also create Ice Dragon Phantom and its own phantoms to cooperate.

During the vocation assessment, the cooperation between the two different illusions was actually very crude.

It was just hardening and the combination of the worm silk.

But now, it has a bunch of skills.

It could completely project an ice dragon and support its own ice dragon form, just like how the Sky Crystal Butterfly helped the Zonyan Rock Beast back then.

An Ice Dragon that could teleport… An Ice Dragon that could control space… When combined, Buggy would undoubtedly be even more awesome.

In addition, although the worm only had 3,000 energy points now, it was a classic example of fighting with high level equipment.

After using the new Ice Dragon Whisk, it was equivalent to a monster with lacking energy and skills, but its physical fitness was undoubtedly comparable to that of an overlord race dragon.

He could make a bunch of pets run with its physical strength alone.

In the dormitory, Shi Yu stood in front of the refrigerator.

After happily gulping down half a bottle of iced sour plum soup, he suddenly felt his pocket vibrate.

This time, Shi Yu did not think too much and directly took out his cell phone.

However, because he didnt think too much, when he saw the contact, he was stunned on the spot!

Contactant: Dean Hao.

It wasnt Senior Lu, it wasnt Senior Panda, it wasnt Sister Beast Ear.

Although he wasnt a rich lady, Shi Yu was even happier than seeing a rich lady on the phone.

He shakily pressed the answer button.

“Shiyu, tomorrow morning, the armor you customized will be almost completed.”

“I remember you saying that you would immediately evolve after creating it”

After picking up the call, a heavenly voice came from the other end.

“Yes.” Shi Yu clenched his fists and resisted the joy of jumping.

“Its been hard on you.

Ill go over at 10 tomorrow, alright”

“Alright, sure.” Dean Haos tone was also a little expectant.

“Prepare yourself, Ill continue with my work.”

He had also been busy for several days working on the evolution equipment of Shi Yus pet.

Although Shi Yu wasnt a student of his Mechanic class, it wasnt a problem for him to help with such a small matter.

When Shi Yu grew up, it would be a huge favor.

Moreover, Dean Hao also felt a sense of accomplishment to personally help a powerful pet evolve.

After hanging up the phone, Shi Yus breathing quickened.

It was at least ten times more nervous than going to the college entrance examination.

He pondered for a moment and didnt choose to inform Eleven, who was training hard, first.

Instead, he quickly contacted the few people who had specially reminded him to call them when Eleven evolved.

Actually, there were only two.

Senior Panda and her father were the only two people who were obsessed with the iron-eating beasts evolution.

Ping Cheng.

Senior Panda was making plans for the ruins space.

As a top student of the Feeding Department of the Ancient Capital University and a woman about to inherit the family business, she became the chief planner of the Iron-Eating Beast Home Plan and was temporarily in charge of the new construction of the ruins.

Senior Panda was actually very talented.

The other feeding faculty students might have entered Ancient Capital University through the professional feeder assessment, but she was different.

When she first entered Ancient Capital University, she had a professional Beast Tamer license and a professional Feeder license.

Although her results werent outstanding in each assessment, she couldnt help but learn a lot.

A few years after graduation, Senior Panda had advanced in both fields.

Beast Tamers were high-level Beast Tamers and had commander-level pets and feeders.

Because they majored in this field in university, they didnt fall behind.

Therefore, it was very difficult to find another person like her who had image, potential, ability, and time in Ping Cheng.

The Iron Eaters Village Plan that Shi Yu had imagined went around in circles and never went anywhere.

After it was put into practice, the huge flag fell directly on Lin Xiuzhu.

“Iron Bamboo, Ironheart Wood, Golden Bamboo, and other food that iron-eating beasts like during their growth period must be specially grown…”

“Well, that fellow Shi Yus growth speed will definitely be very fast.

Hes probably not far from evolution.

I have to give them a special area to plant high-level spiritual plants according to the recipes that Dads Iron-eating Beast likes after evolution…”

As Senior Panda was seriously planning, she suddenly received a call from Shi Yu.

She placed the cell phone beside her ear for a moment and pushed away the pile of information.

“These plans… are the same in the future!” She pressed her hands on the table and trembled.

She was clearly very excited.

She didnt expect Shi Yu to prepare Eleven to evolve so quickly!

How much would a billion yuan evolution material evolve an Iron-eating Beast

She booked a plane ticket to the ancient capital overnight.

She wanted to see the first huge paywall evolution in this world.

Similar to her, Bamboo Stone Dojos Hall Master Lin also widened his eyes and rushed out of the elderly lounge.

Of course, at this moment, Shi Yu himself would definitely be the most excited.

He had already entered the ruins space.

He pulled up the back of Elevens neck and forced it to sleep and rest.

He adjusted his state and prepared for tomorrows evolution.

“Huh (Evolution)” Eleven blinked and looked at Shi Yu.

Oh, that armed evolution…

Eleven nodded calmly.

It was just evolution, was there a need to be so excited

Even if it didnt evolve, it could still be invincible in this world.

The pinnacle of pampering was hard work, self-discipline, slow seeking, and perseverance.

It was growth in adversity, rising from a low position, going through unyielding struggle, and definitely not relying on that evolutionary shortcut.


After Eleven finished speaking with a serious expression, Buggy, who had always regarded Eleven as a spiritual leader, showed an understanding expression.

As expected of a leader.

Tall, it was really tall.

The thinking it had was indeed on a completely different level from it.

So this was the real reason why it had never been able to surpass its leader…

In terms of philosophy, there was always a gap between it and its leader!

“Then lets not evolve”

Shi Yu said, “In any case, the materials can be reforged and rebuilt.

The increase in value is inevitable, so it wont be a loss no matter what.

Im just worried that I dont have money to buy evolution materials for Buggy.”

Buggy was excited.

It wasnt impossible.

It didnt have as much ambition as a leader, and it wanted to evolve.

Eleven: Sob (๑ ́ ́)(.◕ˇ∀ˇ◕, thats wasnt necessary.

It suddenly felt that evolution was not bad.

At most, it would take a shortcut to evolve and try its best to make up for it.



Shi Yu had seen through the essence of the iron-eating beast…

That night, Shi Yu and the others were discussing the evolution of the Iron-eating Beast.

Eleven didnt seem to mind, but how could he not He was more or less looking forward to it.

After all, which pet could resist the temptation of becoming stronger and awakening new super skills

During the discussion, Buggy that had yet to buy all the evolution materials and the baby ginseng that had yet to confirm the evolution path drooled with envy.


They were quite envious.

It was worth mentioning that because they were too excited, Eleven, Buggy, and Ginseng Baby, who had absolute sleep, slept very well and looked forward to tomorrow.

However, Shi Yu, who did not have absolute sleep… lost sleep.

It was not until dawn that he gradually fell asleep.

“You can still sleep and laze in bed like this” The panda senior who rushed all night to Ancient Capital and came knocking on their door was speechless.

She looked at Shi Yu, who was washing up in a daze, and was very speechless.

“Wu—” Shi Yu spat out his mouthwash.

It was precisely because he was looking forward to it that he didnt rest well.

However, although he didnt rest well, it wasnt a big problem.

Shi Yu was already excited.

In addition, he took a sip of the mini bottle hanging from his neck and immediately revived.

This was a continuous fragrance bottle made of Ginseng Babys transcendent-grade sweet gas.

It was very convenient and suitable for tired people.

“I was wrong.

Lets go.”

“By the way, wheres Uncle Lin” Shi Yu said in embarrassment after the incident.

Initially, he had said that he would go and fetch the two of them, but in the end, they came looking for him…

“Hes still waiting outside.”

“Alright, dont want to keep Uncle Lin waiting.” Shi Yu hurriedly brought the panda senior out.

Outside, Lin Hongnian had indeed been waiting for a long time.

He had a very restrained expression, but in fact, one could tell at a glance that this fellow seemed to be equally anxious.

“Shiyu… Youre so slow.

You have to take this kind of important life event seriously.”

Lin Hongnian taught the young man that… he and the iron-eating beast were a relationship of true love.

They had even taken a plane overnight to rush over.

“Yes, yes, yes.

Lets go find Dean Hao,” Shi Yu said with a smile.

“Lets go!” Hall Master Lin was secretly anxious.

Soon after.

Ancient Capital University, Mechanical College.

In a huge display room, an elder spoke to everyone with his hands behind his back.

“Here, this is it.”

In his excited voice, everyone looked at the huge black armor hanging on the wall in front of him!!

Sharp claws, arms, tail, chest, back, and head.

This armor covered very comprehensive armed areas, and the workmanship was very exquisite.

Just by looking at it from the opposite side, everyone could clearly feel the simple and heavy power of the alloy armor.

And the effort the Mechanic had spent on it.

Metal Jade, Green Heart Sand, Black Purple Bronze Essence Ore, Heavenly Silver Iron, Blue Gray Pure Gold, Meteor Iron… These six high-level minerals had actually been named by Shi Yu.

Nine Li Alloy.

Generally speaking, one-tenth of the materials in front of them was enough for an Iron-eating Beast to complete the evolution of the monarch race.

And now, there were ten times more materials!!

During the period of searching for evolution materials, Shi Yu directly used his own strength to nearly empty the stock of the iron-eating beasts evolution materials in the country.

The low-level ones were still alright, but for example, after the evolution of four iron-eating beasts in a row, meteorite resources were currently very scarce.

If he continued searching, he might have to slowly buy it from individuals or other countries.

“How luxurious…” Under Dean Haos lead, Hall Master Lin Hongnian looked at the huge armor in front of him in a daze.

Unfortunately, his Iron-eating Beast couldnt undergo a huge giant transformation before it evolved.

Otherwise, he would have tried it back then no matter what.

“This set of armor, apart from craftsmanship costs… One billion” Senior Lin Xiuzhus beautiful eyes also flowed with anticipation.

Back then, Shi Yu was still a little kid who even needed to borrow money to buy iron-eating beasts…

And now, he actually so domineeringly prepared a billion yuan worth of evolution materials for that Iron-eating Beast.

The reversal was simply too strong.

Lin Xiuzhu made up his mind in his heart..

He would earn money well.

In the future, even if she didnt get a business as big as Shi Yu, she would at least get two-thirds of it to surpass his father, right


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